Gang Stalking – Don’t be fooled by a man in a wheelchair, targets.

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Yesterday, as I walked around my complex, a black man watched  and followed me wherever I went.  I began to feel my hair stand on its end.  I know this feeling well.  An intuition I get that someone is up to no good.  So I went into the office and complained about the man.  He does not live in the complex.  The complex manager  immediately got up  and acted solicitous (big phony).  I knew right away I should’ve  handled it myself.  So she got her radio and walked around to find the man.  I met her halfway and she said, “I didn’t see anybody.”   She implied that there was no man and I was making it up.  Of course, I knew what was going to happen the next day.

So, today is the next day.  I step out of my apartment, and what is the first thing I see?  A creepy looking, tall, black man wearing all black and a scarf tied around his head.  He wasn’t just walking by.  He purposely walked by.   If they know you’re coming out of your home, they’ll put gang  stalkers outside your apartment.  These people will be told to wait until you come out and play their part of just walking  by.  They act like extras on a movie set.  When they’re told to walk on, they walk on.  It’s an act they do.

I don’t care what color someone is.  If my hair stands up on end, I’m going to be very careful.  A  man can be white, green, yellow, blue, and if  my hair stands up on its end, I’m going to watch him.  It has nothing to do with color.  A lot of black men  gang stalk me, but I never got the feeling I got yesterday.  The man following me would have given anyone the creeps. So now I know that everywhere I go, a black man will be following me.

The complex manager reported what I told her to the monitor right away.  The monitor passes it on to every gang stalker who works for  him.  It doesn’t take long for something that happens to a target to get around.  Within minutes, all the gang stalkers know what the new  thing  is they should do  to a target.  And everything new  gang stalkers report, they get paid for.  Their job is to gang stalk a target, and to report anything new about a target. They get money for reporting every little, new thing.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  It’s new and it’s something else they can harass you about.

Today, I also passed a white man who always comes out when he knows I’m outside. He’s in a wheelchair and  makes believe he just happened to be outside.    He saw me and said, “Why, hello.  How are you doing?”    At that moment, I just got so pissed off putting up with these lowlifes,  I looked at him and said, “Don’t talk to me, you phony.  Why don’t you go drown yourself somewhere?”   That might seem like a mean thing to say to someone who is in a wheelchair, but you have to be in my shoes to know how I feel putting up with phonies like these.  They’re worse than people who we know are gang stalkers and act like gang stalkers.  The ones who are “real nice” are despicable.  They want to get to know you so they can report everything  you do.  So as I said, I hope he goes and drowns himself.  And don’t think because someone is in a wheelchair that he’s not a gang stalker.  There are plenty of people in wheelchairs who are gang stalkers.  And they’re just as evil as the ones walking around.

And tomorrow when I go out, I expect to see a wheelchairs.

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11 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Don’t be fooled by a man in a wheelchair, targets.

  1. what happen to the other bloggs you posted from months ago. they are not visible anymore. Did you remove them? Anyway..all who succumb to gang stalking will go to hell. How they try to make our lives here on earth like a living hell, they too will get their living hell when it’s time. But at that time, their living hell is more times worst than what they are subjecting us too. It would come from the evil one. So, I know that they are annoying..try to ignore them. But the one that you just witnessed just recently who was following you seem pretty darn evil. that is an evil spiriti if your hair stands up and you begin to feel like it’s what it is. Believe me you can determine who is and who is not. So, you have to be very careful. it’s time to bring a bear spray or mace (check on legalities) with you. Do not walk alone especially in corners. Please be very careful and as soon as you witness something like that get out of the area and go to where it’s safe.

    • Thank you for your advise. I’m from New York, let one of those freaks try to attack me. They won’t have any “balls.” And I mean this. I know how to protect myself. I have a little weapon I bought which will take care of the problem. And it’s not a gun. This weapon will paralyze someone for some time.

    • Maybe they’re messing with your computer. Today, I’m writing my 600th blog. You should be able to see 600 blogs of mine. They show up on my blog. Maybe you should have your computer checked. I can’t recommend any place for you to get your computer repaired.They’re all gang stalkers.

  2. margaret cone, i admire your insight on this. I can’t agree with you more. I felt that way too. This is what the gang stalkers do, exactly what neverending1 was stating after she reported it to her supervisor. They like it when we report, because it gives them an opportunity to claim that what we see is in our thoughts. they also an expert in voiding our real experience to make us doubt our selves so that it would confuse us and make us believe that we are crazy or mentally ill. They know what we are going through, they premeditatedly plan the stalking, harassing and prepare the stalkers to harass you by just hovering around you until you get pissed and make a comment. the moment you open your mouth, it’s gold to them. then they begin to take out their cell phones to record or videor record everyting you say. two things they get from that, they sensitize their victim with a cell phone and then they record what you say and God knows as to who they give the recordings too. they like for us to be scared, to feel confused, to think and assume, to get mad or to feel anything that makes us look crazy, snap and get angry. Just like what you said, they forbid what’s not forbidden, but they allow what is forbidden. They are not even the law, but the police and other perpetrators that are posing as police or fbi are actually breaking the law and allows them to act the way they act. They commit the crime but they like for us to feel like there’s something wrong with us. THERE IS NOT ANYTHING WRONG WITH US. we are beautiful, smart, kind and sensitive, . They target us for a reason and I know that God will help us all targets get out of this even it seems impossible, because there is nothing impossible with God.

  3. Do you think that Occupy began at the grass roots, like, hiding in the bushes of regular people’s houses? They seemed to have a lot of practice when they got to Wall Street.

    People are not sadistic? Maybe not some. Have you ever seen a prison? Not everybody is as perfect as Jesus. Welcome to the real world. It ain’t preschool no more.

  4. It is difficult for me to imagine individuals having so much hate in their hearts, they deliberately, with malice of forethought, get together for the sole purpose of taunting a targeted individual to sadisticly amuse the group.

    They who forbid, when there is nothing to be forbidden, and forbid not, when there is something to be forbidden, walk the path of evil.

    • Believe me, you don’t know the hell I go through every day. Living on the bottom floor and in front of a parking lot, the things I have to put up with every minute would drive you crazy. I don’t want to write down what they do to me because it would just add to my harassment.

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