Gang Stalking – FBI (Federal Bureau of Idiots), I know where you are.

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English: The Seal of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. For more information, see here. Español: El escudo del Buró Federal de Investigaciones (FBI). Para obtener más información, véase aquí (Inglés). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Be careful when you make a phone call.  The number you call is probably right, the person you reach on the other side might not be the person you want.  Your phone is probably hacked as your computer is.  Every time you call, a gang stalker is hired to answer the phone to fool you into thinking you’ve reached the right number.  Most of these people are so unprofessional that it’s laughable.  They are so unprofessional that it amazes me that anyone would take them seriously.

I remember one time I called my insurance company and a woman answered and then passed the phone to someone else.  The woman who came on tried to sound professional.  She answered using the insurance name, but I could tell she was a fake. I asked the woman “is this so and so company?”  She answered “yes”.  The problem was that I didn’t give her the right name, so I knew she was a phony.  I told the woman  I was getting  off, but I didn’t.  I stayed on the phone and listened.  While listening I could hear the two woman talking and a baby began to cry.   I heard the woman tell the baby to be quiet, but it was too late.  That’s how unprofessional these people are.  When you make a call, your call is re-directed to a gang stalker’s home, who  sits by the phone, and makes believe they’re whatever company you’re calling.  You can always tell a professional by how they sound and what they say.

Yesterday, it happened again.   I tried to reach my internet access company to tell them that I’d gotten a new debit card.  The company automatically takes the money out of my account, approved by the bank, of course.  I forgot to tell them I got a new card.  Without the new number, the company can’t get access to deduct the amount from my account.  I dialed the number and got a man who answered “hello.”  The company never, never has live  human being answer the phone.  All my transactions with the company are with phonebots.  So right away, I knew it wasn’t the right number.   I hung up.  I redialed again.  Again, I got the same man.  I redialed a third time to make sure I hadn’t dialed the wrong number.   The man answered again.  I asked the man “is this so and so company?”   He answered “yes.”   It was not the right name of the company.  He stuttered trying to convince me that I’d reached the internet access company.  He had a southern accent, and I remembered the man I had seen going into apartment 203.  He doesn’t live here, but I could tell he was another gang stalker hired by the government.  He definitely looked like one of the people who works for the government   Very crisp looking slacks, a very neat shirt and a tie.  He was taken into the apartment by a man similarly dressed.   I think apartment 203 is used as an office.  I don’t miss anything.  I always have my eyes open.  I’m sure if I were to break into the apartment,  I would find an office set-up with  a lot of technical stuff all around. FBI (Federal Bureau of Idiots!), or whoever you are, I know where you are. Maybe you need a new place to do your spying?

So, as I was writing, make sure you get the right company when you make a phone call.  At one time, I used  a pay phone when I had personal business, but they soon took care of that.  They hacked almost every phone I used to have the calls directed to them.  I was always able to use the  800 number for the company when I used the public phones, but soon the 800 number no longer worked.  I’d be on the phone for about 5 minutes and the voice would come on telling me to add money.  So I knew my days on the  public phones were over.  So, again, be careful, wherever you make the call from, and make sure you’re not being re-directed to a government flunky, or gang stalker.  If you doubt it’s the right company, get off right away.

They sure didn’t want me to tell you this; they kept erasing my blog.

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11 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – FBI (Federal Bureau of Idiots), I know where you are.

  1. Glad tidings and blessings be with you… I thank you for your blog keep fighting the good fight. After reading this one today memories started coming back from when I was 1st realizing that I’m a TI, but back then(the late 90’s) I didn’t know what a TI was or what was really happening to me and all of us TI’s in the world ALL the stuff that happend to me… It was all the stalkers, even back when I was little I thought I was having a nightmare/bad dream at times, but Now that I know about the devices/still being attacked w/these perps devices and all the effects/affects feelings… It was them when I would have a bad dream where in I couldn’t move & felt like I was shaking it was the devices, when (mid-late 90’s) I would go back to StarBucks to complain that someone had to have put something in my Frappucino and I want to speak to a manager and I want my money back and I was so mad and fighting the effects of what ever poison/drug they got the persons behind the counter to put in their… But after all they put me thru I’m STILL here they haven’t taken me down and NEVER will for by the GRACE OF GOD I’m still standing. We must continue to expose this evil (I know they are watching/monitoring me right now as I type) perps/could be or soon to be lied to people are walking behind me I know everyone is not a stalker/perp- In the end they will not win but be defeated. I was checking my emails after a long time of not being able to make it to the library before they close here and do you know about Agenda 21 I’m looking into it more…

    God bless us all

  2. I think with most things regarding Gang Stalkers we are on the same page. We both agree that telling our storiies is the way to touch others that are going throught the same experiences. I know you never said they are training themselves, that is what I believe. Why else would anyone have any interest in me or my life? I am totally an ordinary person. I really don’t care what they do to me, I worry more what they are going to do to others. What is our country going to look like as they gain more and more power?

    • I don’t know what this country is going to look like, but this gang stalking is not new to the U.S. It’s been going on for a long time. I read a letter recently from 1974 and the man wrote it to let others know what was happening then. And it seems things hasn’t changed much.

  3. I believe that to the Gang Stalker, we are nothing, our lives are nothing, our families are nothing, our values are nothing, we are but a tool they use to teach the art of covert urban warfare against whomever they decide is an undesirable. This money is not being spent on training us, it’s being spent on training them, to be “the boots on the ground” for the new regime. They take great pride in being able to track us wherever we are in the United States. We have as much value as a cocaroach.
    Ever look at their face while they’re doing you harm? It’s pure sadistic pleasure, followed by the smugness one has when, one has killed a cocaroach.

    • I guess we can agree to disagree. I definitely know the look you’re talking about. It looks as if they’re possessed by the devil. I never wrote that they’re training us, but a lot of money is wasted making our lives miserable.

    • The majority of stalker/perps recruits are ignorant to exactly what they are doing they’ve been lied to and as you know some(i think alot cuz would a normal person Just go along with doing the tac-tics and stuff?) are being forced and are Mind control victims too but once you know right from wrong you have a choice

      God bless

  4. Salut,

    c’est hard mais ça diminue ici… te tiens au courant….. Benja

    • Il ne s’est jamais amélioré pour moi dans 15 ans. Je crois qu’il est destiné d’être pour toujours, mais je demande un injuction sur un d’entre eux. Espérez qu’il travaille.

  5. Gang Stalkers invade every areana of the TI’s life. Our homes are monitored by listening devices, our computers are monitored and we often experience denial of service. We recieve prank phone calls, denial of telephone service, and mis-directed calls. One of they’re favorite ploys is to tell you what you said or did the night before in the privacy of your home, in front of others, designed to humilate and make you feel worthless and powerless in public. These people believe they do nothing wrong because they believe, they can do anything to you, because you are nothing.

    • I know you and I are worth plenty. If we’re nothing, why would so much money be sent on us? Money is worth something and a lot of money is spent on us. Therefore, we are worth quite a bit.

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