Gang Stalking – Gang stalkers on “power trip”.

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Sometimes I think the life I’m leading is worse than anyone else’s.  And then I find out someone else is going through  horrible things.  I’m going through horrible things, but imagine what I’m going through plus having other problems added to it.  It makes me feel foolish to be feeling sorry for myself.  I know a lot of people who are suffering in silence.  Who have no way out of their situation.  They have to put up with a bunch of creepy gang stalkers plus deal with a family that mistreat them.  My heart goes out to them.  There is just so much hate in the world, and people who enjoy stepping on other people. I wish I could get a magic wand and make the world a better place for everyone to live.  To those who are going through really bad times, take heart, those people who are abusing you will get what’s coming to them.

Today I was in Albertsons, the store I hate.  I was in the vegetable section trying to pick out some broccoli and the water that’s sprayed on the vegetables went on.  I got wet.  At first I thought it was just time for the sprayers to go on, but only the one I was standing by went on.  So it was purposely done to me.  Every time I go into Albertsons something’s done to me.  A man who works in Albertsons was standing not too far from me.  He must’ve turned it on. I looked over at him and he quickly turned away, so I know he did it.  He even had a smirky look on his face.  But I decided he was not going to get away with what he did to me.  I did my shopping, and then when I was at the cashier, I asked for the manager.  The manager came out and asked me what the problem was.  I explained to him exactly what happened.  He told me that all the sprayers go off on a set timer.  I told him that no other sprayers were on except the one I was standing by and it was purposely done.  He told me he would have a talk with the man in the vegetable section.  Some of you who read this might think  I’m paranoid, but this is the kind of treatment I get when I shop at Albertsons.   The people who work at Albertsons are all gang stalkers.  And they know that they can do whatever they want to me because management allows them to do it.  If management were not in on it, it wouldn’t happen.  They’d be too scare to do it.

A target always has to put up with stupid people who have nothing better to do with their lives. We have to put up with abuse from people who hate themselves and want to beat us down so they can feel better about themselves.  They have low self-esteem and treating someone else badly makes them feel powerful.

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14 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Gang stalkers on “power trip”.

  1. I have spoken to a few other individuals who are targeted. Maybe we should pool our resources and get our own safe house on five acres. It is a good way for better security and for there always to be someone on guard. Isolation is to their advantage. California has some areas that are affordable and good weather.

    • Believe me, I’m with you. If you’re for real, write me again. The only worry I have is that I’m afraid that they’ll do a “Waco” thing. Remember what they did to those people in Texas years ago. The government burned them all up. I’m afraid it’ll do the same thing if we get a group together.

  2. Your experience in the grocery store is very real. The managers and all of the employees are in on it.
    And the bread delivery drivers, UPS, FedEx, Att, Comcast, the big banks BofA, WellsFargo, Chase. The firefighters, police, EMTs, apartment managers you were right on there too

  3. This is one of the first time I’ve heard anyone talk about the Gang Stalkers using their cars as weapons. I’ve been accosted in parking lots and on sidewalks, they veer their automobile toward me then veer away or come to a screeching stop. On the freeway tailgate so close, inches away from my bumper. In CA I drove 150m a day round trip to work and back. I took a two lane highway part of the way home and their favorite game was to run me into the ditch. This has gone on in one way or another for 15 years. In one of their fake accidents set-up’s my husband had to slam on the brakes so hard my neck was injured and I still suffer from intermittent pain in my neck and shoulder.

    Gang Stalking:The gift that keeps on giving.

    BTW: I especially like your blog when your writing or the writing of a follower creates a discussion.

    • I wish it was a gift that didn’t keep on giving. I could do with a lot less giving. I never know what readers will like. Sometimes I think I’ve written an awful piece and everyone responds to it. So I never know what readers will respond to. I just write about what is bothering me, or some subject I find interesting.

  4. I’m glad you saw the positive side of what you have despite of your struggle with the daily abuse from the group stalkers and harassers. Keep seeing the positive side in your life and begin counting your blessings one,by one. Kind of that children’s songs count your blessings name them one by one. I am saying this because you need to be psychologically strong to deal with this. Otherwise, it will wear you out. Remember the things I have posted on your other comments about including prayer in your life, daily. Prayer is a form of meditation. Always remember that you are not alone. Have you checked it’s a good site. Check it out. As well as the “gang stalking now public”?
    What you have explain on your writing dated 6/11 is absolutely right regarding them singling you out.They make us victims feel that way. What they want you to do is to get you to snap by making you mad, angry, discouraged and feel discriminated against. Then that’s when they accuse you with false accusations that you are difficult, violent, crazy, mentally ill, paranoid just to justify their false accusations against you. they even tell you to get out of their property and claim a no trespassing on you. then the bystanders (already predetermine bystanders who are in their game)will be their false witnesses. the more they recruit the better for them because then they have many false witnesses who could testify on their behalf and against you. They also lie and cover up each other. I’ve experienced this. I am not even doing anything wrong,then the person I would be talking to, out of the blue gets angry and claim that I made him/her angry for something I did not even do. They are so good at it and they treat it like it’s their job.Sometimes and many times, they tail gate so close on the back of my car, with their lights on. They even make sure that I take notice by turning on their lights and making noise so that I will pay attention to them. Sadly, the other cars around will show anger at me when I react with frustration with the vehicle so close on the back of my vehicle. If it gets out of hand, they then call the police or if you call the police all the false witnesses (fake bystanders) will linger around to serve as witnesses that it’s the victim’s fault and not the one who harassed. If you make a comment, the police then will show a frustrated atittude towards the victim and then God knows what they will do next. The Lord is my strength. I will not succumb to their ways. God has protected the oppressed and He will protect them again from the oppressors. Psalm 37, is a good reading and an encouraging one. I just take it one day at a time. As they harass and stalk me, I learn how to predict what they are going to do and then just ignore them. I whisper a prayer then I move on. Mind over matter. Go to the website http://www.women‘ It is a good site.

    • Yes, I know about I’ve heard good and bad things about them. One of the women who worked with the group killed herself about two months ago. And I heard that they’re really not a help group, but part of the government. So I don’t know what to think. I’ll go into http://www.women' Thanks.

      • I did my prayer today. I hope you all will too. it is very important aside from expressing our experience online through a blog. you all know that this gang stalking thing is a job that is diablolica (so, no matter how much paycheck they will earn, it won’t save their sould if they gain it from doing wicked thingsl. these peeps who succumb to this type of doing are influenced of something that is unGodly. take note on their smile, their way of lying and scheming, their devious tactics. That is not from God. Our God is pure Love, kindness, peace and justice. It is the God of the US who blessed the US and made it powerful and strong. Whoever is in this type of diabolical “hell on earth game is not for God. For God is kind, merciful and will not subject any human beings to do what is wrong. It is very important that we victims pray daily about asking God for Mercy to get more help and strenght. That they cannot take away isn’t? It is also important that we count our blessings even if we are in the midst of this gang stalking victimization. At three oclock, there is a prayer called the “Divine Chaplet of Mercy.” THis is when the Lord pours out his mercy..pray and tell the Lord that you trust in him. accept the fact that they are targetting you , me and others, then do not succumb to it although it’s hard to do. the most that you could do is save your sanity and your self, mainly your soul. What good will it do a man, if he/she gains everything but loses his/her soul? He/she gains nothing! When we are done wrong because of what we have done right, the Lord knows. If we have done wrong, my question is, why can’t these perpetrators or gov. officials who are involved in it be upfront with what we have done wrong if infact we did wrong? instead, they deceive, scheme, lie and continue on to dehumanize us victims of gang stalking. We are all people just like them. It’s sad, but at the same time, I find it (I might sound silly here) an honor to be chosen because of trying to do what was right by being truthful to myself and God. I am slandered, God knows what they have told so many lies about me that makes those who are innocent believe and harass and stalk me. But my relationship with God is stronger. I wish I could meet with you and margaret. I don’t live far from both of you. By the way, I am not a terrorist, or criminal of any kind. I am just a simple person who believes in marriage, family and education and mostly believes in the Lord, Jesus Christ. They are targetting me because of asking for help from the military and the police regarding my better half’s violence towards me and my family. I also was set up as the violent one, although I am actually the victim. My husband has had an affair with another military person and together they were able to set me up along with their loyal military peers and supporters. But despite of all this, God has protected me, strengthened me and guided me. do pray a lot and pray for other victims and you will see God’s divine work little at a time. My heart is saddened that adultery has ruined my family, but still I have hope and faith in God that he won’t leave me and my children no matter what.

        • I know it’s your life, but how you can up with a man who abuses you? And what will happen if things don’t work out the way you want? Save whatever money you can just in case.

      • actually, this site is a bit helpful. they really do make an effort to support. try again. they have a way of putting names together to file a petition to congress to get help for the victims of gang stalking. at least they are trying.

  5. Actually studies have been done on bullies and they have high self esteem and believe they are better than everyone else. Don’t you just hate that predatory smile, that denotes contempt for you, that concieted smile after they feel they have defeated you and proved to themselves that you are nothing. That smile of arrogance and narcissism, they ALL display that smile, when they’ve struck a blow to you. I remember the smile the day I was driven out of my teaching position of 11 years. People whom I thought were friends were smirking at me as I packed up my belongings and took them to the car. I particulary remember the secretary at the school, smirking as I handed her the keys to my room. In fact I’ll never forget her standing there with that self satisfied smugness and air of conciet.

    Just because your paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you!

    • I do hate that smirky smile. I’d really like to slap them, but I control myself, because if I didn’t they’d put me in jail for striking someone. And they’re also psychopathic with that high self-esteem they have.

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