10 thoughts on “Stop Organized Gang Stalking

  1. BTW: My cat is a Tuxedo. Her name is Sweetness and most of the time she deserves the name.
    Do you have any animals? She helps me when I feel down.

    We live in a very quiet, clean and well maintained complex filled, with fellow cats for sweetness to socialize with. We love our complex and the management is great. The maintainence men keep everything clean and working. The area is called Paradise.

    • I also live in Paradise. I thought I lived in Las Vegas, I do, but I don’t, but I was told by the Board of Elections I don’t. There’s the City of Las Vegas and then there’s Las Vegas, which include many unincorporated areas. Paradise is one of them, but still, we’re part of Las Vegas.

      • We’re not allowed to have pets, even though the complex manager and about five other people have pets. And I wouldn’t get a pet. I know what the gang stalkers do to pets.

    • how can I post something to both you and neverending’i and make it not public? please respond thanks.

      • Sorry about what’s happening to you. You wrote about your husband beating on you and having an adulterous affair, plus you’re being gang stalked. How terrible! My problems are nothing compared to yours, but, yet, you find it in your heart to make me feel better. You have a lot of courage. Please stay in touch with me. I want to know what’s happening to you. By the way, I’m Neverending1 and I write this blog. Take care. Don’t let anyone beat up on you. If there’s anything I can do to help, please get in touch with me at gldysmrcd@yahoo.com. It’s my email address. No one can see it, but me. You know, there are social services that help someone in your situation. Take care of yourself.

  2. I have no interest in starting a blog. Poetry does not lend itself to blogging. Poetry takes very strong feelings, lots of research on the wording and syntax, each stanza is a paragraph. Where prose follows the writer’s thought pattern. Very few think in terms of poetry. None as far as I know. This poem tells nothing of the group, yet you are supposed to get the idea they feel very strongly in what they do and work together as one in their endeavers. A sycronrized group, that takes committment, to an overwhelming belief that what you are doing is right. We’ve seen groups like this many times in the past, groups with ferver, groups that are willing to commit evil deeds because they feel the end is worth the evil committed in the process. This type of thinking is not new, but often times proceeds a social, culture, and political movement. My thesis is this is not a group, but a movement.

  3. The End Justifies the Means

    A myth of spiritual magnitude
    allows the oracle to coerce the cult
    into the service of the myth.
    The followers are the enforcers of the myth.

    The cult maintains the supremacy of the myth
    and heralds its belief to outsiders.
    Belief in the myth’s utopia,
    becomes all encompassing.

    Predatory coercion is applied
    to a person outside the cult,
    with the aim narrowing,
    the outsider’s behavior.

    This is the first three stanzas of a poem I wrote regarding the unity of the Gang Stalkers.

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