Gang Stalking – The filthy dogs will get their day in hell.

English: A payload surveillance camera made by...

English: A payload surveillance camera made by Controp and distributed to the U.S Government by ADI Technologies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The incandescent light bulb

The incandescent light bulb (Photo credit: Anton Fomkin)

02 Dr. Hervey Milton Cleckley

02 Dr. Hervey Milton Cleckley (Photo credit: Image Editor)

Modern kitchen

Dog sunny Day Afternoon

Dog sunny Day Afternoon (Photo credit: allert)

Yesterday I wrote about finding something that looked like a small alarm in my light fixture.  Well, I discovered it’s not what I think it is.  It is even worse.  It’s a small surveillance camera.  Can you imagine having a camera in your kitchen and it can send out what’s happening in your apartment to whomever is watching?  I’ve walked around naked in my kitchen after getting out of  my shower; I’ve undressed to go to bed; I’ve studied myself in a mirror; I’ve put my make-up on; I’ve danced like a crazy woman, and other things I’m too embarrassed to mention here.  The filthy dogs who do this filthy work  all belong in a kennel like the filthy dogs they are. They should be put in a small cage without room to move.  They should be water boarded.  That’s where a victim’s  tied up and  water’s  forced into their mouths and goes into their throats.  It prevents victims from breathing.  This should be done to the scumbags who have no moral compass. I’m sure the filthy dogs if they could water board me would do it.  They’re all psychopaths.  How do these psychopaths get this way?   Is it some childhood  trauma that’s made them that way?  Or is it ego that creates people like this?  Really, what do I care how the psychopaths get this way?  They seem to have no redeeming value whatsoever.  They’re a bunch of evil people who do what they want without consideration to what’s happening to a victim.

I told the maintenance man about the thing in my lightbulb and I asked him to remove it.  He fixed my lightbulb, but did not remove what I thought was a fire alarm.  He probably put it in the light.  Oh, his day is coming.

I’m sure these filthy dogs have had a lot of laughs during the time they watched me.

As I’ve told you before, check out things around your apartment.  Check your lights, oven, refrigerator, bathroom, closets, air conditioner, light sockets, especially light sockets, who knows what they’ve done to your light sockets?  I know there are sensors all over my apartment: in the floor, in the walls, refrigerator (where the gauge is),  kitchen shelves; just check everywhere, or else, you might find a camera in your apartment as I did.

The filthy dogs will get their day.  No one gets a free ride in this world. No one.  And the filthy dogs won’t get a free ride.  I know one day we’ll be released from the hell we’re living and their hell will begin.  I know the filthy dogs think that this will go on forever and they’ll get away with what they’re doing to us, but karma is a bitch!  I can tell you, I’m going to stick around to see them get their karma. Filthy, filthy dogs.  Go to hell every one of you.

Oh, by the way, I was afraid to cut the wires connected to my lightbulb, so I covered the camera with tape. If I knew what to do, I’d do it.  I don’t know too much about electricity and I don’t want to start a fire, or barbecue myself.  That’s the only option left to me.

Filthy, filthy, dirty dogs!  And my apologies to dogs everywhere.  I love dogs.

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6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – The filthy dogs will get their day in hell.

  1. For many years, I could only lay in my bed and scream obcenities at them. I had no words for their behaviors. I was frightened out of my mind. Then one day without warning, I began to write poems about how I felt about the behaviors, and why I felt they were learning the behaviors. And this was after 13 years of being unable to do anything, being frozen with fear. For me, focusing on their behavior has saved my sanity. I think each of us TI’s must find a way of dealing with the Gang Stalking behaviors. I believe this blog is your way and I’m glad you are able to write about your experiences. I know reading your blog has helped me, greatly.

    • Thank you. I write my blog for two reasons: to get rid of the anger I can’t let out any other way, and to perhaps help someone who doesn’t know what’s happening in his/her life. I want to stop someone from committing himself/herself to some mental facility, and forever after be considered crazy. I know a man in Las Vegas who committed himself to a facility 2-3 times because he didn’t know what was happening. He found out years later what the truth is. He’s currently on Social Security Disability. A man who did nothing to anyone and suffered for it. Again, thanks.

  2. This is interesting, whenever I hear about the peeping tom behaviors, I think about what the peepers are doing while they are watching and listening to us. One day I was on the Internet and suddenly
    a porn page appeared on my screen. I yelled to my husband to come and look at the pictures.
    By the time he entered the room we could hear a nervous, exicited voice through our speakers.
    [I have since removed the speakers and the camera from my computer]

    So, what do you think this young man or old man was doing while he was playing out the behaviors of a Peeping Tom.? Are these the behaviors you would want your son to be acting out? What do these behaviors say about the young men or old men who are committing them? Nothing shocks me when it comes to the deviant behaviors of a Gang Stalker.

    Please do not feel in any way that you are responsible for the behaviors of others. This is their shame, not yours. Do not feel embarassment for what you are doing in the privacy of your home, this is their shame, not yours. You have been emotionally and psychologically raped. This is their shame, not yours.

    • True, I never considered it rape, but now that you say that, I agree. I don’t feel it’s my fault. I’m living my life as best as I can and the freaks are having fun at my expense. With the porn, that used to happen to me almost every day. I would get naked pictures sent to my blog, but not once did I open them. So they stopped doing it. It shows you what sick minds these people have. Thanks for your support.

    • I agree with you 100 percent. keep being bold, strong and psychologically and spiritually strong. I admire you for that. We will overcome this. God is not asleep, He is seeing everything that’s happening. Live the life he gave us, the freedom the beauty of just enjoying every little moments. See these perps as nothing and do not allow your time to be consumed by them. lIve, laugh even if it’s hard. you will find healing I promise you once you draw yourself closer to God. Have they forgotten that God is their creator and us victims too are God’s creation. As the Lord watches our sufferings, He watches their devious deeds. Just please be very careful and do not approach them. always document, video record and as much as possible have witnesses on every events. their bystanders are their false witness who will witness falsely against you. Accoridng to the lawyer I spoke with, though what is happening is a fact, without a proof, it’s invalid. Proof, such as witnesses, video etc will help. and when they aggravate you, keep your calm (recite “Be still I am with you” which is a verse in the Bible that the Lord want’s us to mind when we are fearing. have a wonderful day you and neverending 1.

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