Gang Stalking – Run for your life.

Dinosaur family sculpture, south of I-25 off C...

Dinosaur family sculpture, south of I-25 off Cerrillos Road, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Hotel / Casino New York-New York in L...

English: Hotel / Casino New York-New York in Las Vegas. Français : L’hôtel-Casino New York-New York à Las Vegas, dans le Nevada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning (Photo credit: jspaw)

As I told you,  a lot of heavy women are showing up wherever I go.  But it’s worse than I thought it’d be.  On Sunday, I did not feel like getting dressed, so I went to throw out my garbage without my bra on.  Well, guess what, today everywhere I went, fat women with short-shorts wearing no bras.  Just imagine this picture:   very heavy women  with size D bras wearing none.  You want to see a nasty sight, this is it.  As I said, I’m not the one who looks like a fool, they  do.  And these are not young women, they’re 50 and older, and not the most attractive women I’ve ever seen. What a sight!  What is wrong with women that they have no respect for themselves and will do whatever some idiot tells them to do?  It’s like they all have a 1950s mentality.  I thought we women were a lot more advanced than we are.  It’s disappointing to see women act look so trashy.  But then, I have to remember, this is Las Vegas where women are nothing but sex objects.  Will we women ever progress to be more than ass and tits?  It’s kind of disgusting to see women sell themselves short.  We seem not to have learned anything from the past.  We’re still letting other people tell us how to live our lives.  Too bad.   We’re still in the dinosaur stage. (Read the article below on women.)

Today I discovered that  the light in my kitchen has a very small alarm type thing attached to my bulb.  It’s the thing that’s making the high pitch sound in my apartment.   Just two days ago, I looked at the light and it wasn’t there.  But today, it’s there.  It must have been put there on Saturday when I went out for more than two hours.  Anytime I’m away from my apartment for more than a few hours, they do something in it. It really helps to live with someone else; someone can always be home. I took a few pictures of it.  I’ve never seen this installed in a lightbulb before.  But then, I haven’t seen a lot of the things done to me done anywhere else.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned from living in this place, is, a target should never, never live where the complex manager and her husband live.  Never!  Never!  Never!  They can come in and out of your apartment anytime they want without arousing suspicion.  Plus, they recruit everyone in the complex to become gang stalkers.  Never will I live in a complex that has a husband and wife living in the same place. NEVER!  And my advice to anyone looking for a place to live, find out if the people who work in the place live in the place, and RUN for your life! And don’t look back.

6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Run for your life.

  1. I’m not moving for at least 2 years. I am looking for a condo in Italy or some European country. We are planning on taking a trip to Italy in Feb. 2013, to look at places and at least make a decision on an area. Then, we will start living in LV 6 months and Italy 6 months. We have to take it slow because we are tied to our health insurance and Medicare.

    We live in a huge complex near the airport. I know they are everywhere, so I do not have a hope of getting away, but it is peaceful here and near everything we need. Of course it is 24/7, as you know.

    Take Care.

  2. Can you take a picture of the item you found attached to your light bulb and I’ll try to find a likeness of it on the Internet, also, how was it attached to the light or light bulb?

    • With wires that attach to the lightbulb. I’ve taken a picture, but I can’t get it into my computer. It’s on my phone and they keep messing with it every time I try to upload.

  3. I walk around my house without a bra, but put one on when I go out. I have been known to empty the garbage W/0 my bra. I never wear shorts outside. I do attempt to keep up my appearance. I’ve seen both men and women submit to their obedient master since I’ve been Gang Stalked.

    Gang Stalking is not actually about us. It’s about training the members of the group to be obedient to the master. It is about excising individual moral responsibility and their conscience. Allowing the group to decide what is moral and what is not. The Gang Stalkers are only part of the group, they are the boots on the ground, they are the enforcers. They need to be good soldiers and not question orders. Gang Stalking is the training ground for the army of the future.

    I like your photos and your blog. It shows that you are well traveled.

    BTW. I am planning on running for my life.

    • Where are you running to? Are you moving? I have a month left on my lease. I just don’t know what to do. If I move it’ll just be the same hell. But if I stay here, the complex mgr. and her husband will really, really get on my last nerve.

      I’ve been rethinking about getting together with you. I just have to let myself trust. I don’t trust anyone anymore. I feel they’ll just try to screw with me.

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