Gang Stalking – Everybody still thinks we’re all crazy.

Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, smok...

Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, smoking cigar. Español: Sigmund Freud, fundador del psicoanálisis, fumando. Česky: Zakladatel psychoanalýzy Sigmund Freud kouří doutník. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fire alarm - St Athan's hotel

Fire alarm – St Athan’s hotel (Photo credit: markhillary)

heavy sound bag

heavy sound bag (Photo credit: earsaregood)

Lately, I’ve heard a really high pitch sound in my apartment.  It just goes on and on.  And I thought to myself  “where is it coming from?”  So  turned I off the circuit board.  It didn’t involve the circuit board because the sound was still in my apartment.  So I thought and thought “what does it sound most like?  The sound was very similar to a  fire alarm.  Sure enough, it was the alarm from where the sound came.  It is not an ordinary fire alarm sound.  When your battery gets low, there’s a beep, beep kind of sound to warn you that the battery is low. This has nothing to do with an alarm.  It’s a sound made to drive you crazy.  I took out the battery, the sound stopped.  So if you’re  getting a high pitch in your apartment, turn off the circuit board first and see if it stops.  If it doesn’t stop, take the battery out of your fire alarm.  If it goes off, it’s the fire alarm.  If it doesn’t go off, it might be coming from above you, next door, refrigerator, walls, sockets, your lights.  It could be coming from anywhere.  Turn the circuit board off, and turn each circuit on one by one and see what happens.  Just keep trying.  Don’t give up.

This morning I also discovered the light in my kitchen is a mess.  They took the part where I put the bulb out.  They connected the bulb directly to electrical wires, red and green. The maintenance man probably did it while I was out. They can do these things because they always know where I am and when I’ll be coming home.  So there’s no longer a place where I can put a bulb.  Something told me to look into my light.  My instincts kicking in.  It’s amazing to me that when they mess with something in my apartment, something tells me that I need to check things out.  It’s just an example of the things they’ll do to things in your apartment.  Make sure you always check your lights, refrigerator, oven, etc.  Believe me, they’re always trying to make your life more miserable than it is  already.  The words I want to use to call the maintenance man and his wife are not printable. Oh, for the day to see both of them in handcuffs!  I dream of the day!

From what I’ve read of gang stalking, nothing seems to be changing.  No one believes that what is happening to us is happening.  Everybody still thinks we’re all crazy.  And so many articles written by psychiatrists  say that we’ve all convinced ourselves that we’re experiencing these things because we’ve gotten a mob mentality.  We’ve convinced ourselves that they’re really happening and they’re not.  I’m sure these articles have been put out there by the U.S. government.  So I don’t see  much help in the future;  only more torture and control of us. Bastards!

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10 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Everybody still thinks we’re all crazy.

  1. googled “gangstalking beeping noise” and led me here, exactly what is going on here where I live, same noise like when the battery is low on a fire alarm. replaced all batteries and this still goes on. I’m convinced there has been something planted within the house somewhere that is making this noise amongst all the break ins food poisoning etc. they are getting away with murder.

    • It’s probably coming from within the walls, or it’s being done by your next door neighbors. It can also be coming from your phone, t.v., etc. Try everything. They sure are getting away with murder. They’re a bunch of psycho Nazis. I must be thankful to google for sending you my way. I hope I’ve helped you in some way. Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you find what’s causing the beeping. If you have a fan, it could be coming from the fan, also. I disconnected my fire alarm. I’d rather take a chance with a fire than with the noise.

  2. We know you’re not crazy and so do the perps. Unfornunately, no one will say so, and even if they do, they will be ignored. My Mother and Husband tried to tell a stupid psychologist and a Nurse practioner that I wasn’t delusional but she refused to believe it. In the end I quit the meds they had given me to mess me up and stopped seeing them. I’m a lot better now, Thank God! I’ll never touch their freaky drugs again. It’s not us who are crazy. It’s the people who do those things who are crazy!

  3. I think their form of mind control is behavior modification, including the same tactics that are used on prisioners of war: Isolation, mental torture, emotional torture coupled with acts of violence. If this goes on for years the target will do anything to make it stop. Co-opt, submit, die, or go insane. Sounds are usually are part of this kind of torture.

  4. The name for this behavior is “Gaslighting” it’s easier for them to do this to you because you probably live alone. When I was first Gang Stalked 15 years ago this was one of their main behaviors. I find this to be an insidous behavior. BTY, People who are delusional do not move because of their delusions. And I always say: “Just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean no one is after me.”

    We live in a huge complex, so I assume all the people around me are Gang Stalkers even though I know some probably are not, I do not want to be bothered sorting them out. I would rather not talk to anybody. They are schooled in the art of deception from birth and I always keep in mind that the only reason they talk to me is to find a way they can further hurt me. I also, do not use any of the facilities here, like the Jaccuzi, pool or the small excercise room. I’ve had very bad things happen in those kind of places in the past.

    Take heart, you are not crazy, but some one wants everyone to think you are. That way when you say you are being Gang Stalked, the Gang Stalkers will say, Oh ya, “We know her she’s crazy.” What they say about me is that I’m a bad neighbor and a trouble maker and I’m probably crazy,also.
    I have already resigned myself to the fact that I will never be able to make another friend. So, I don’t care what they say about me. Because I know one thing and one thing for sure: Nothing stays hidden forever.

    • They say the same thing about me. I don’t talk to anyone, either. I know for sure that they’re perps. You would think all these people would have some empathy for you, but none of them do. They’re cold, uncaring people. It is true that it’s easier to do this to me because I live alone. When I leave home, there’s no one to watch my apartment. And if the perps see someone come into my apartment, they could care less.

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