Gang Stalking – Damn the U.S. government!

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I just had my computer repaired,  but every day when I turn on my computer, I can feel the acid in my stomach.  Will the computer work today?  Or will it crash again?  I don’t know from minute to minute if  I’ll able to use it. It’s really stomach churning to wonder if in the middle of my blog  it will just die.  Or will I be able to finish my blog?  And how long will it take me to finish my blog today?  And how many times will I have to restart it because it’s been deleted?  This is what I experience every day. Sometimes, I’m tempted just to just say “the hell with it” and give up on my blog.  I say to myself  “is this blog worth writing?”  Is the acid building up in my stomach worth it? [The bastards just deleted (3 times) what I typed, but thanks to WordPress, a draft saved] My answer is always “yes.”  I remember when my gang stalking began, it was another blogger  who helped me through a very difficult time.  He no longer writes his blog because of all the hacking of his computer.  But I can tell you, I’m going to continue writing.  No jerk is going to knock me off my computer.  They can delete my blog a hundred times and a hundred times over I will rewrite it.  If the blogger hadn’t written about gang stalking, who knows what might have happened to me?

I write this blog to help those who have no idea what is happening to them.  I know a few targets who didn’t know about gang stalking and ended up in a mental health facility.   They were put on pills, and treated like crazy people.   All the time, they were not crazy.  They were just convinced they were crazy.  So if I can prevent some one from having that happen to him, I’ll put up with the stomach acid and keep retyping my blog. It’s  a small thing to suffer in the scheme of things.

I sometimes wonder if there’s a God.  And if there is a God, why does he let things like this happen? Why does he let things like this happen to good people?  People who  never harmed anyone?  People who lived an ordinary life and did no harm?  People who cared about the less fortune.   People who paid their taxes.  People who didn’t steal. People who lived their lives without judging others?

I know we targets are not angels, but most of us are decent, hard-working people.  And for living a life of decency, this is what we get in return.   We get abused by the U.S. government.  Damn the U.S. government!  Damn it!

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7 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Damn the U.S. government!

  1. Targetguy, If you think AVG works for you, you’re just plain lucky. I’ve tried it and a whole lot of others to no avail. If they want to hack you they hack you. If they don’t want to they won’t. It’s that simple.

    Neverending, Thank you for carrying on. Like that other blogger helped you cope, reading your’s helps me cope.

    • blackbird, thanks for all your comments. I’m glad you got to read a lot of my previous blogs. And more than ever, I will keep blogging. Whatever info I can give targets to help them, I will. And all of you readers really make my day. I know more than ever how important you all are.

      • I think they removed your comments about meds. I was looking at it and it disappeared. I’m glad you got off the meds. They try to get everyone on meds so no one will believe what we say. Every time you complain, they’ll reply that you’re on meds and everyone just takes their word for it.

  2. Hi,
    I’m glad you were able to write your blog today. Yes, denial of service is one of the ways the Gang Stalkers use to make our lives more difficult and they love it when the acid churns in our stomach.
    People are doing this to us, a person makes the decision to do us harm. It is an individual decision.
    That same person is sitting somewhere listening to you and smirking while you are in pain, because that person is a sadistic sociopath who enjoys watching and listening to you suffer. They especially enjoy relating our pain to other like minded sadists, that way they relive the fantasy over and wver again. All sadists enjoy their fantasies and these sadists have found each other. Each of us is responsible for our own actions and they are responsible for theirs.

    Keep up your blog, I admire your diligence.

    • They’re after me because I write my blog. They want to stop me from writing it. If I were not writing a blog, I don’t think I’d be bothered that much, either.

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