Gang Stalking – Heavy set women as gang stalkers.

In Lady Godina's Rout (1796), James Gillray ca...

Fat Is A Four Letter Word

Fat Is A Four Letter Word (Photo credit: Jym Ferrier)

Sausage Trio, Mash and Cabbage with Onion Gravy

Sausage Trio, Mash and Cabbage with Onion Gravy (Photo credit: avlxyz)

One day I was taking a walk.  As I walk, I always look down at the sidewalk because I don’t want to fall into some hole the gang stalkers dug.  As I looked up, I saw a heavy-set woman wearing short-shorts.  I could not believe the sight in front of me.  She looked like a sausage with all the fat coming out of every part of her body.  The shorts went all the way up  to her crotch. She, of course, thought she was a beautiful sight.  Well, she saw me looking at her. How can someone not look at such a sight?!  I think she took my staring at her as a compliment, because from that day forward, especially during summertime, I have to look at a parade of fat women with short-shorts always coming in my direction.  The sights I see would make you sick!  So now summer is here, and I have to put up with the sight of  fat, fat women, looking like sausages, headed in my direction.  Not only do I have to put with sausages, but I also have to put with fat, fat women, with extremely large breast coming out of their bras, headed in my direction.  Most of my gang stalkers are women.  Every time I turn around, there’s some s–t trying to get my attention.  These women will do anything they’re told.  I guess their big breasts make them stupid.  That’s how they judge themselves.  By their bra size, and nothing else.   The men are not as annoying as these women.  All you have to do is give them a nice smile and they’re okay.  But the women, what b—–s! I’m sure it must make them feel superior that they finally have someone they can dump on instead of being a “dumpee.”  And I apologize to  women with large breasts who might be insulted.  I know you’re not all alike.  I’m just insulting my gang stalkers.  The sausages!

I’m sure that after writing this, I will have twice as many fat women coming out wearing short-shorts.  But who looks like a fool?  Not me.

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6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Heavy set women as gang stalkers.

  1. Hello,
    Your post made me understand a situation that was a real puzzle for me, being harrassed by women that looked rather like escort girls , in France and later on in New Zealand. In day times those girls had short skirts , long legs, high heels, and what I considered a rather heavy make up for day time. Most. of them came close to me and made noises like caughing, to be noticed.
    Your post made me realize what perps who sent the girls for their show , mean, what they think of me or what they would like me to think I look like or am.

    • The cough they do is something they always do. It’s to let you know that they’re around. That they control you. That they’re watching you. I’m glad that something I wrote made you aware of what happened to you. I thought twice about writing it, but I’m glad I wrote. If it helped you, I wasn’t wrong in writing about the women. If you think back to when your gang stalking began, I’m sure that you can figure out what was happening. Thanks for letting me know that something I wrote helped you.

  2. I can assure you the gangstalkers come in all sizes and shapes. You may have a good point, people that are obese often have self worth issues and are easily minipulated because they do not feel worthy. I feel sorry for people that are struggling with their weight. This is an area of life that only you can control and when you are overweight: You are out of control. So, I look at them and feel, you are unable to control yourself, but you want control over me?????

    I have large breasts and do not take offense at your remarks. I have often wished I did not have
    large breasts, because I never wanted the attention they bring. There is always an up side and a down side to everything. Size 8, working on a size 6.

    • Sorry I said what I said. But now that it’s summertime, it’s worse than ever having to put with these women. I’m not a mean person, but I have to get my anger out some way.

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