Gang Stalking – Wells Fargo customers, watch out!

Customizing a debit card

English: A Wells Fargo bank on College Avenue ...

English: A Wells Fargo bank on College Avenue in Berkeley. This branch office is typical of older Wells Fargo facilities in inner-city areas in the state of California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Bank (Photo credit: 401K)

Today I’m  writing my blog in “safe mode.”  They totally screwed with my computer.  They removed my internet access, but I was able to get it going.  That’s how I got on.  I bet they thought I couldn’t get it started, but I’m getting better at repairing my computer.  Someday, they won’t be able to get in it.

On Wednesday, I lost my debit card. Immediately I headed to the bank to close out my card.  I told the persona banker  to cancel my debit card.  She went into my account and told me she canceled my card.  And I reminded the banker to order a new card.  She kept saying she would.  And I waited.  I again said, “Did you order a new card?”  She said “yes.”  I didn’t really trust her, but I left.  Today, since I no longer have my card, had to go into the bank to get money out.  When I was at the teller window, I asked the teller if the card I’d lost would be arriving soon.  He said, “It looks like it hasn’t been ordered, but we don’t have all the information the personal bankers have on their computers.”  So I said “thank you” and went over to the personal banker.  I asked the banker to check to see if my new card would be arriving soon.  She looked and said, “It says here you lost your card and it’s been canceled, but no new card requested.”  I explained to the banker that I had been at the bank on Wednesday and told the  previous banker to order a new card for me.  The banker replied, “Well, she didn’t order a new card.  I’ll order it for you.”   I was suspicious that the first banker did not order a new card by the way she acted.  So I let the new banker order the new card.  I was really angry because the first banker flat-out lied to me.  I went over to the bank manager and told her about what happened. I told the manager that if I hadn’t checked to see if my card had been ordered, I’d be waiting and waiting for a card that was never going to arrive.  I told her that she should have a talk with the personal banker I’d spoken with.

I walked out of the bank and decided I’d better check to make sure my card had really been ordered.  So I got on the phone and called the 800 number of the bank.  I got a banker on the phone and explained the situation to the banker.  I asked him to please check to make sure  my new card had been ordered.  He checked and said that “yes” the card been ordered.  I told the banker that I wanted to lodge a complain about the bank.  This was not the first time something like this occurred to me by the bankers.  I was sick of their treatment.  He asked if I wanted to lodge a complain, and I said yes.

But can you imagine if I hadn’t checked to see if my card had been ordered?  I would have waited, waited, waited for my card.  It really annoys me I have to put up with such nonsense.

I’m telling you targets about this because it probably has happened to you, or will happen to you.  I just want to give you a warning to keep checking on things you order at your bank.  Make sure that the things the personal banker says they’ll do, they do.  As usual, they feel they can treat targets any way they want.  I sensed the first woman was not telling me the truth, so I checked.  And I’m so glad I did.  So don’t take what someone says to you at face value, double-check everything.

I put in a complaint with the head office.  I’ve had it with Wells Fargo and the idiots that work there. And if anything else happens to me that I think is not “kosher”, I’m taking my money out of the stupid bank.

Read the article below. It’s funny.

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6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Wells Fargo customers, watch out!

  1. Thank you for the heads up. Bankers are definitely (as a general rule); not to be trusted.
    They have most of the money in the world, and yet they want more and more. Greedy to the core!
    Can’t trust greedy, selfish and unethical people.

  2. i’m sorry, but this is Text book GS, to make your life as difficult as possible. When you are being GS you must live a life where you check, check and re-check. I say it is constant harrassment punctuated with acts of violence. Try to stay as unemotional as possible, they are vipers that feed off your emotional distress. Once you get to the point where you just go through the motions of living, they can no longer get the sadistic pleasure they crave.

    I like the fact that you complained, we had an incident with CITIbank (shitybank) where we opened an account and the person that filled out the paperwork refused to place my name on the account. We did not realize it until we received our new checks. Without my name on the account I could not transfer my SS or my teacher pension and of course we need that money to live on. I’m sure they got sadistic pleasure listening to me complain about the mess.

    This is also about control. Control is a big thing for abusers. They must feel in control and make you feel as small as possible. The smaller you feel the more in control they feel. Remember you are not a human being to them you are a tool they use to derive sadistic pleasure. When they are done with you they will seek another target to control, harass and abuse.

    • I ordered new checks when I moved into my new address, and they purposely set it to the old address. I mean, how evil can these people get? You made me laughed when you referred to Citibank as “shitybank”. Thanks for the laugh. Well, they’re not people to me, either. They’re pieces of human waste.

    • Dear Margaret,
      Thanks for your very astute comment. You seem to “get it”.. Yes, you are so-o right.
      They feed upon our anxiety, fear, and stress. Like you said, it gives them sadistic pleasure, and they love to get together and boast, mock and exaggerate about their negative effect on our lives.
      They are actually rewarded for their most vile, demonic and purely cruel deeds. Behavior Modification has been reversed with these criminals, and they are rewarded for doing evil. How twisted!
      They do the most bizarre things to us that we cannot imagine a person would do, and they love it when we talk about it to others. They know that we will sound like an insane person.
      Sadly, most animals have more dignity, integrity and a sense of what is right than these gang stalkers.
      These GS seem to have more demons in them; then they have humane emotions. I pray for them daily, but some of them seem to have gone beyond repentance, i.e. Esau. However, where there is life; there is hope, and so I continue to pray for them.
      My prayer for the TI’s:
      Dear Heavenly Father,
      I pray for all of the Targeted Individuals that You will build a fiery hedge around them, and You will protect them, heal them, deliver them, and You will bring justice and judgement for them as vengeance is Yours; You will repay.
      Please bring physical, financial and every kind of restitution that is needed for each TI. Please give all of us a new beginning, new love, new faith and new hope for our future.
      Please expose all of these evil deeds of darkness, and destroy all of these works of Satan, and please raise up Your mighty standard against this evil covert crime. Everything hidden “will” be revealed. Thank You, Father in The Name of Your Son Jesus Christ. Amen and amen.

      Lord bless all of you.
      In His love,
      Margaret (Peggy) Kannaday
      Regent Park
      Fort Mill, SC
      803 547-2164

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