Gang Stalking…it just never ends.

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Missoula, MT Albertsons (Reserve St.), former ...

Missoula, MT Albertsons (Reserve St.), former Buttrey Food & Drug (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Open Mouth

Open Mouth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m proud of myself today. For the very first time since my gang stalking began, I managed to keep my mouth shut around gang stalkers. Usually, no matter how hard I try, I always end up reacting to some freak. Today, was the first time, I was able to keep my mouth shut and keep walking, even though there were a few gang stalkers I wanted to slap. Telling myself to ignore them, ignore them is really working for me.  I didn’t think I would ever be able to take a walk and not keep my mouth shut around the freaks, but today I did.  And it keeps getting easier every day.  Pretty soon, no matter what they do to me, I’ll keep my cool. And believe me, as a former New Yorker, you don’t know how hard that is!

I told you recently how things have gone at Albertsons, the supermarket.  For about three weeks now, things have gone very well every time I go into Albertsons. Well, that niceness lasted 3 minutes.  They’re back to their old way of  treating me.  I went into Albertsons today, and within 3 minutes of  being  in the store, it began again.  The public address system began playing deafening music; everywhere I went, loud laughter and talking.   And bad service at the deli with the woman who gave me terrible service the last time I complained to Albertsons.  As soon as I get off this blog, I’m going into Albertsons’ website and give it my feedback again.  No one is going to get my money and treat me rudely.  As I wrote recently, don’t let anyone abuse you.  Don’t put with it, especially if they’re taking your money.  In my opinion, money speaks.  I’m sure Albertsons doesn’t want to lose customers, especially the way the economy is in Las Vegas, Nevada.  And if someone at Albertsons gets fires, maybe they’ll learn how to treat customers.  Or maybe some of them should think about working somewhere where they don’t have to deal with people. I should really stop going into the stupid store.

One of my readers gave me feedback on how my blog looks.  I’m thankful to him.  He wrote  me that my blog title was in French, and there was some Chinese writing directing my blog to a Chinese site which went nowhere.  If any of you readers see any strange things in my blog, if you get a chance, please let me know.  I would appreciate hearing from you.  Thank you. And thank you, Nico.

WordPress, thank you so much for all your help. Hugs to all of you.

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19 thoughts on “Gang Stalking…it just never ends.

  1. This is a great blog. To anyone targeted just remember the mental illness that a gang stalker is usually afflicted with, diagnosed or undiagnosed. Their is a high percentage that have Narcisstic personality disorder and/or are egocentric.The same types that join cult religions/organizations are often involved in this activity. They tend to be self righteous, and when told something about a T.I. it makes them feel better about themselves. Its subconcious and because of their rigid way of thinking, they cannot truly look at themselves or even imagine that what they are told could be a lie. Nope they are the ignorant. Also know that these people are very likely to have early onset of dimentia, have a higher rate of suicide, as well as other maladies. They tend to be miserable in their selves and rely on others to take care of their self esteem issues, hence the cult religion or other organizational memberships where people feed off each others egos. They tend to join civic organizations or volunteer once again so that their inner being is never revealed. They cannot help themselves. Sit back relax and get creative. I did and boy did it work. Attack Attack Attack. Turn it around, take photos and go with your imagination. It can really be fun. You are now a wolf, not a sheep. You can do it. No violence just use their tactics against them. If they amp it up, you amp it up.

  2. Well, she didn’t always ask me where I was going, but there were a lot of no show / no call’s when we were supposed to meet up, so after about 4 times I just decided to forget it. And anyway, who knows what she might have been telling people about our meetings when she was there? Good suggestions though. I’ll remember them for the future. Thanks

    • One of the first things I noticed when my family began harassing me was they were suddenly always interested in where I was going. And I also noticed it with people I spoke with. They were always asking me where I was going. I knew the woman was a perp right away. And even if they’re not perps when you first meet them, the government gets to them right away.

      • I get people asking me every time they see me if I’m still working where I work, which may seem like just conversation to an outsider, but they always ask it as though they are hoping or expecting me me to say “no” People have anonomously made a lot of attempts to make me lose my job, but fortunately, my bosses are 2 of my friends. They don’t believe crap they hear about me. I did get mobbed out of my last one though.

  3. At this point not enough people in the world believe this is really happening and it is so easy for them to make us look like crazies. This site is the best hope you have in getting the word out. The people who do believe it’s happening, just laugh because they don’t believe they’re doing anything wrong.
    Unless of course you try to post a truth about them. Then they know it was the wrong thing to do because the fact they don’t let you post shows their guilt.

        • When I began my blog, I knew nothing about blogging. I decided I was going to blog, and I did. If you want to blog, go to and sign in. has a tutorial you can read. I didn’t even read it before I began blogging. I signed on and began to type. I knew not what I was doing, but after a while, you’ll get the hang of it. Get yourself a blogging name, mine is neverending1, and think of a password of at least 18 letters, or symbols before you begin. Sign in and start typing. You can do it! Good luck. Let me know what your blogging name will be.

            • Just go to and read the tutorial. It will tell you how to do everything, media, etc. Just get used to getting into the site first and then just roam around the site. It’s like anything else you have to get used to. Don’t be scared. It’s not going to bite you.

  4. I’m sorry to hear they’ve gone back to that again. You’re right to be proud of yourself. Good job! I think going onto their website is an excellent idea. Maybe it will embarass them into making their employees be nicer to you. I hope so. BTW, about your post about going to protest in Washington DC, I would love to go but I live in Montana and I don’t have the money for a trip that far. I really really wish I could though. I’d love to help put a stop to all of the crap we get! Keep fighting!

  5. i solved that problem. I do not talk to anyone. Not my neighbors, not anyone on the street, not anyone in a store. I only answer with short one or two word sentences. I turn my head away and do not give eye contact.

    • I don’t talk to any of my neighbors, either. They’re all gang stalkers. I don’t say anything whatsoever. I have a problem when I go out, though. I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut, but I’m getting better.

    • I don’t talk to anyone either. I know my neighbors are all GS’ers too. They aren’t friendly like real people. If I say hello to them they lift their heads like they’re looking at the sky above me and don’t say anything. I’ve just started going out for coffee with someone I work with but I’m even fearful of that going wrong somehow. You can’t trust anyone in this situation. I haven’t had a social life for years until I started going out with her. A lot of other people in this town are GS’ers too. No matter where I go, people attack things in my car, even if I lock the doors! I guess we’ll find out one way or another whether this new friendship is real or not. All of my other friends are online, mostly on facebook and now here. If someone’s a real friend it doesn’t really matter how far away they are.

      • One way of making sure if she’s a gang stalker: is she always asking you where you’re going? Also, purposely do something that only she’ll know about. If it gets out and gang stalkers do it to you, she’s a perp.

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