Gang Stalking – We targets can’t get anyone in the media to listen.

China is Human Suffering

Human Rights

Three monkeys.
Three monkeys. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I guess all the monkeys must have nothing to do.  Lately, they’ve declared war on my computer.  They’ve always screwed around with my computer, but sometimes now I can’t even type in the site I want to get into.  I guess there must be a monkey somewhere, hiding, just sitting in some god forsaken apartment waiting for me to get on so they mess with my mind and stress me out.  Sometimes I wonder who has it worse, me or them? Just think, they have to sit around waiting for us to get on the computer so they have something to do.  We can come and go as we please.  They can’t.  They have to sit in an apartment like a rat in a corner just sitting and waiting.  They can’t take a shower, cook, go to the bathroom, or leave when they want.  They always have to get someone to watch us,  or else they are stuck wherever they are.  Just think of  all the movies of FBI and police doing  stakeouts.  They sit in a room watching, watching, watching for something to happen.  Once in a while, if they get a chance,  go out to eat, or bring something in to eat.  That’s exactly what these perps experience.  They chose to do this work.  I feel absolutely no sympathy for any of them.  We have no choice in how we live life;  the monkeys have taken over the zoo.  So we’re stuck losing a lot of our freedom.  But we still have more freedom than the perps do.  To me, they’re prisoners as much as we are.  Or perhaps even more than we are.  We have a little freedom, they don’t!  And how good can they feel about themselves being such bastards? I think not too good.  But, of course, there are psychopaths everywhere, and I’m sure many of them are psychopaths, probably enjoy the sick life they’re leading.  They’re all nazis and lowlifes.

In the last two days, I’ve found a white powder on my counter.  I’ll be standing by the counter and a white substance appears from nowhere.  I think it’s being sprayed into my apartment.  I took a paper towel and wiped up the powder. It’s the smell of insecticide.  You won’t believe this, but the same thing happens with roaches.  I’ll be standing  by my computer and a roach suddenly appears out of nowhere. I mean out of nowhere.  I’m sure they’re sending them down from upstairs.  There are holes all over my ceiling and it’s easy for them to fling the roaches into the holes and push it through.  The roaches don’t come from under my sink, or from my sink.  I can tell by the roach’s startle reaction that they don’t know where they are. They usually stand around for a second and then realize they’re out in the open and run like hell in any direction.  They don’t have the normal roach reaction. I know what a normal roach reaction is.  I’m just curious, have any of you experienced white powder appearing from nowhere, or have roaches just pop-up out of nowhere?  Let me know.

A Chinese man, Chen Guangcheng,  arrives from China, and all the press, high level government flunkies, and human rights people attend his arrival.  None of us targets can get anyone to listen to us, but this man has people fawning all over him.  And then the people attending his arrival go into a spiel about how the man finally has human rights.   Why don’t these same people pay attention to all the human rights abuses happening in the U.S.?  I’m sure the man will have access to anyone to whom he wants to speak. I have nothing against the man; he has to do what he has to do to save his life.  But the phonies who will be surrounding him make me angry.  I guess we Americans don’t really count, because nothing is happening.  Don’t you know?

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6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – We targets can’t get anyone in the media to listen.

  1. My heart goes out to you……

    If you can get out, you can use the computers at the library.
    Do you have roaches? Sometimes when you live in an apartment your neighbors exterminate and the roaches move into your apt. Most the time the roach dies because of the insecticide.

    What about the holes in your seiling, no one should have to live with holes in their ceiling. Can you complain and get them fixed?

    Remember these people do not care about you, they are sadists and find pleasure in torturing you.
    The more pain you are in, the more sadistic pleasure they experience. This is all about them, not you, you are just an instrument of their pleasure. To them, you are nothing.

    Margaret Cone

    • The roaches drop in from above. The complex manager is the one who made the holes in the ceiling. Both he and his wife are gang stalkers. They recruit gang stalkers, too. I’ve talked to them, but nothing ever gets done, so I only worry my health. Without my health, I’m nothing. Yes, I know they don’t care anything about me. They are sadists. No one is living next to me. I driven three couples out already. I used to use the computer in the library and I was thrown out. They said I stole someone’s I.D. They wanted me out of the library, so they made up a lie about me stealing someone’s I.D. It was my card I was using. In vegas, I’ve been beaten, thrown down on the ground. And in Arizona, I was accused of threatening someone in Arizona and was almost arrested. You’re lucky if none of these have happened to you.

  2. Actually, I think it’s more a case of they do a day’s work at an NOC where any number of people sit and look at screens all day that show up what TI’s are doing on their computers. There are softwares they can use that will alert them when you go online. In fact, Microsoft has a thing turned on by default when you get a computer that does that. I’ve tried to turn it off, but couldn’t. (There’s that pre-hacked thing again) I’ve found some of these NOC’s when tracing IPs of the people on the netstat reading at times when I’m being harassed online.

    I hate to disappoint you, but those creeps don’t inconvenience themselves in any way, and they get paid a lot for it because they work for the Government. Your the one who goes through hell while they go out to dinner and the Opera and someone else takes over the chair they were sitting on. You can stop feeling sorry for them now.

    Oh, and yes, I’ve found white powder on things too. I never sniffed it, though so I don’t know what mine was. I’ve also had my sugar poisoned with English baking powder – which isn’t poison to most people but I have celiac disease so I can’t have English baking powder because it’s derived from wheat. Ours isn’t. I know that’s what it is because I lived in England when I was diagnosed with it and I had to buy special G/F baking powder from health food stores. Once I bought a brand of it that I hadn’t bought before and it was taken out of my cupboard and replaced with another container, maybe in the hopes that because the brand was rather unfamiliar, I wouldn’t notice that it was replaced with ordinary BP. It happened to be a brand I used to buy though, so I knew it wasn’t G/F, threw it away, and bought some more.

    When I moved to the States they started to contaminate my sugar with the other stuff. It gives me sores on my tounge when I put it in my tea and coffee. I now test it every now and then by mixing a teaspoon of sugar and boiling water and seeing if it’s clear when I stir it. If it isn’t, I go get a new bag of sugar. I first figured it out when I made some grape kool aid and it was murky and whitish.

    I don’t have the roach treatment because I don’t live in an apartment, but I really believe you! That’s the kind of thing they’d do. Is there any way you can plug those holes? Like even wetting globs of toilet paper and shoving them into them?

    Oh, and as far as getting any attention from the media, that’s probably because the media are controlled by the Government. I’ve also discovered lawyers won’t get anywhere near a TI either.

    The media ignore us because they wish we didn’t exist, which is why we’re TI’s in the first place. If we get frustrated enough to commit suicide, we’re no longer a problem. Don’t give them the satisfaction!

    • I don’t use sugar that often, but after opening it, they put things in it. I don’t know what. I have to keep throwing out my sugar. There are holes everywhere in my apartment – in the wall, on the floor, in the ceiling. I plug them up, they just put in more. I know the government and media are involved. And the lawyers, also.

      Oh, I have no intention of doing anything to myself. I just take my frustration out in my blog.

      Thanks for your reply.

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