Gang Stalking – Don’t put up with anyone’s rude behavior.

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I know targets who have been targeted for many years.  Some, 12, 15, 21 years.  I don’t know how anybody can put up with the garbage we have to put up with for so many years.  I’ve been a target going on 4 years.  And the almost 4 years have been hell on earth.  So I have to say I admire anyone who has had to put with all the bullshit for so long and is still around to tell about it.  So what we targets are going through is nothing new.  This targeting thing has gone on for a long time, before 9/11.  I heard of targets who have had three to four generations of their families suffering the same fate.  How does this happen?  How does  the government get away with targeting people for three, four generations.  It is disgusting.  How does it do it?

I told you about the problems I’ve had at Albertsons, the supermarket.  Every time I went into the store, the people who work there were always rude, or what I ordered was just a mess.  So one day I decided I’d had enough of the rudeness and gave the company my feedback.

Since that time, I’m surprised at how helpful everyone is.  I know it’s a phony nice, but I know they’ve been told to do a better job dealing with customers.  Today was a perfect example of the turnaround.

I went into Albertsons to buy some chicken breast. After buying the meat, I went to the register to pay.  As the cashier rang up my order, he asked me if  I wanted another order of chicken breast.  I responded no.  He said, “You get  another order for free.  Don’t you want it?”  I really didn’t pay attention to what it said on the package.  I was too busy inspecting the meat to make sure it wasn’t bad.  I replied, “Sure I do. I’ll go get another one.”   He said, “Oh, no, I’ll go get it for you.  You stay right there.”  Well, he could have knocked me over!  He went all the way back to the meat section, which took a total of about 8 minutes, to get the meat.  I couldn’t believe it.  And I still don’t believe it.  And he  even called me attractive.  It’s been a long time since anyone’s  called me attractive.  With gang stalking, all women are treated as if they have a disease.  And most of us are made to feel as if we look like monsters.  I don’t know why he was so nice to me, but I decided I’m not going to question his motives.  Maybe he was just being a nice man.   A very nice man.

Any time we targets get treated rudely, we should not let it pass.   We  deserve to be treated like  human beings.  And we should complain to whomever is in charge.  And if that person doesn’t do anything to help, go over his/her head.  And keep complaining until something is done.  If we accept rude behavior, that’s what we’ll continue to get.  Only by speaking up to be treated with respect will we get it.  We don’t deserve anything less.  We spend our hard-earned money in these places, and we should not have to put up with anyone’s bad behavior.  The other day, I walked out of a place that was treating me as if I was going to steal everything in it.  As I walked away, I said, “You just lost my business.”  And returned everything to the cashier. If they want my business, they’re going to have to do a better job of keeping me in the store.

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7 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Don’t put up with anyone’s rude behavior.

  1. I used to work for Albertsons. I always tried to be polite and friendly, but I had a boss and a couple of co-workers that would derail me every chance they could get. They would stalk me on social networking sites, call me horrible derogatory names in front of customers and co-workers. and spread nasty rumors about me. . It caused so much stress I ended up in the hospital from panic attacks. It was bad enough that she was stalking me, bullying me about my kids, and stabbing me in the back, but then she started harassing old friends that I had in high school. I feel really bad for an old boyfriend because she gave him hell and I haven’t had contact with him for about 35 years. She got fired, but I still get panic attacks and I think he might be a little stressed too. It gets to the point where you’re actually frightened to talk to anyone on line.To be fair, sometimes he ticks me off a little bit on line too because he gets a little jealous when I talk to other guys. There are residual feelings that are very private and none of the bosses business. My old friends are more important to me than she is.

  2. Thank you for writing this about your experience. You’ve inspired me to do something about how I get treated at my local supermarket. I quit going to a really good eye Dr because of the rudeness his wife gave me. She was the manager there. I hope I can find someone else as good, but I didn’t know what else to do.

    • It’s hard to find a good doctor, good anything else. It just seems the whole world’s involved in gang stalking. Did you talk to your doctor about how rudely you’re being treated by his wife? I’m sure he doesn’t want to lose your business. Just don’t put up with anyone’s rudeness. You’re a human being and you should be treated like one. The manager probably won’t help in the supermarket. Get the market’s corporate number and complain to them. Good luck to you.

  3. I fully agree with this statement. appropriate reactions , clear exposure of the situation , aiming at people and explaining wrong doings is the correct answer. But it is endless and sometimes exhausting.

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