Gang Stalking – Your phones, computers pre-hacked.

Mobiscope Is a mobile phone software that help...

Mobiscope Is a mobile phone software that helps to see video from your webcams or IP cameras on mobile. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moto Q9h (1717694043)

Moto Q9h (1717694043) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Logo of Best Buy, US-based retail chain

Logo of Best Buy, US-based retail chain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you buy a phone or computer at any store, especially Best Buy, these things are not really new.  The store works with the government and it does what the government tells it to do.  When you buy your item, it is already hacked.  They no longer wait for your to get your phone or computer home and then try to get  into to  hack it.  They hack the phone while it is still in the store.  Then they put it in a section where it’s readily available for the sales people to get to without arising suspicion.  Best Buy reserves a special section  for targets.  By the way, Best Buy is the second most hated company in the U.S.  Which one do you think is first?  Facebook!  I have to change the number on Best Buy.  It is now 6th on the list of most hated companies in the U.S.  American Airlines is now second.

I recently bought a phone, and from day one, it’s been hacked.  This morning, I tried to delete something from my phone that  had no significance, but I couldn’t delete it.  The hackers want me to delete things in my phone which have no use.  They want me to delete things that might show proof of what’s happening to me.  If I use too much space, I’ll have to delete something, of course.  This morning, I found a way around the deleting dilemma.  I took my phone, went to video and hit delete, no luck deleting.  I did it over and over, still wouldn’t delete.   I always find ways to get around the things  they do to me.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  I went to my phone, hit video, and delete. This time I didn’t wait for them to get a chance to prevent me from deleting what I want.  I just kept hitting delete over and over lightning fast.  I managed to delete six things I didn’t want anymore.  They were slow in their response and couldn’t stop me from deleting.  I’ve never let the phone out of my sight!  But yet, it’s  hacked.  The only way it  could happen, it’s pre-hacked.  If you’re having problems deleting things from your phone, don’t give in.  Just keep deleting very, very quickly.  And it works.  Beat them at their own game!

I suggest you stay away from Best Buy.  It won’t help you with your computer if it breaks down.  All they do is tell you they’ll fix it and won’t.  Try to find one of those “mom & pop”  places.  They can’t afford to hack their computers.  Your chance of getting a brand new computer that hasn’t been “f—-d” with will be better.

Oh, it doesn’t matter if it’s in a package, it’s probably been pre-hacked.   The phone that I chose was in a plastic container, looked brand one, but wasn’t.  And if you do get a new phone or computer, before you start using it, do a factory reset.  This way you won’t lose any information later on. When you get home, play around with the computer and phone, and if you’re suspicious it’s hacked, take it right back!  And if they ask why, don’t tell them the reason.  Just tell them you don’t like it.

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4 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Your phones, computers pre-hacked.

  1. I have noticed that all of the computers I buy are preset to share with a remote admin that I can’t block or delete. I am not allowed to turn on any of my logging abilities and things are set to not be rcorded in my Event viewer. Like it never shows the IPs that connect, etc. Also I have the same problem with deleting that you have with your phone. They won’t let me delete stuff that I don’t want, but they let me delete things that are important for evedence of the interference they give me online. If I don’t choose to delete those things they sometimes do it for me – and they make it so the files won’t transfer to a disk or flash drive. I think Wal Mart reserves a place for targets too. Also I think techs are told not to do anything that would stop a TI from being hacked because I tried to get some to do that for 4 years and gave up. I didn’t know I was a TI then. I fix my PCs myself now.

    • I know computers and phones are preset before we get them. I don’t really know how it’s done, but I know it’s done. Oh, Walmart, all the stores are involved. Any store I go into the people already know about me. And any place I eat in, they know about me. Corporates are all sleeping with the government. Oh, techs are definitely involved, too. I know from my experiences of going into Best Buy. I wish I had your ability to fix my own computer. When the computer goes down, I have to seek help. I tried remote help, but they’re involved, too. One of them was really rude on the phone. As soon as I got on the phone with him, he told me there was nothing wrong with my computer. How did he know that? I’m glad to know I’m not the only one experiencing these things. Thanks for your response. Stay safe.

      • I’ve had remote engineers tell me there was nothing wrong with my computer too, when it was very obvious that there was, and that I didn’t have spyware on it when there was. They also would supposedly do a cleaning and leave stuff on it that I told them to take off and they would say things that had downloaded throught their supposedly secure firewall were “legitamate programs”

        Whenever they slipped and said that something wasn’t right, I would ask them to put it in their followup emails so that I could have someone backing me up in writing and they wouldn’t.

        BTW, I’m not that smart. It can take me up to 12 hours to figure out what’s wrong with my computer and fix it. I Google a lot as well.

        Stay safe as well, Sweet dreams…

        • It seems the whole world’s involved in gang stalking. I’m also not that great with computers. And that’s how they get us. But who knew we’d have to be experts to go on the internet? Thanks.

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