Gang Stalking – Sometimes I think I’m living in a horror movie.

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self-portrait: with mata hari
self-portrait: with mata hari (Photo credit: marie-ll)
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Highway shield for Nevada State Route 596 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Ceiling Full of Holes

The place where I live, Libertwo Apartments, Las Vegas, Nevada (if you’re a target and living in Las Vegas STAY AWAY), is a hell hole filled with gang stalkers.  I don’t think there’s a gang stalker who’s not targeting somebody.  There are a lot of targets.  I can tell they’re targets by their doors.  Usually the complex manager places them near water irrigation systems; their door is dirty from the garbage thrown at their door; ants, roaches always surround their apartments; cigarettes butts, papers always on the grass, and the grass is always dry; food is strewn in front of their apartments, so I can always tell who the targets are.  I’ve knocked on their doors, but they never open the door.  I guess they don’t trust anyone, and I can’t blame them.  I don’t trust anyone either.

And so  many people constantly move  in and out.  They stay a while and leave.  There was a target in apartment 110.  She/he left.  And another one in apartment 106, also disappeared.  I knew they were targets because of their front doors. Their targeting came from four different apartments.   And the perps are all single men. Loners.  Except for one apartment where it’s a couple. He  used to be a police officer.  I don’t know anything about her except she thinks she’s sexy.  She walks around like Mata Hari. She’s ugly and looks dumpy.  I guess in her own mind she’s hot.   She needs a really good mirror where she can see herself full length. And I’m sure she’ll be told about what I wrote about her.  I really could care less. The lowlifes don’t deserve anyone’s respect.

But this place is absolutely awful!  When you have a complex managed by a  husband and wife, it’s hard not to have gang stalkers. They get paid for every one they recruit to harass targets.  That’s all they do all day, recruit.  They’re probably making very good money.  And when they both have access to any one’s apartment, it’s easy for them to turn someone’s apartment into a hell hole.  They can go into an apartment and change lighting, mess with the toilet, floor, wall, air conditioner, refrigerator, oven, ceiling.  They can change anything into a weapon, as they’ve done in my apartment.  My toilet has  an orange electrical cord attached to the toilet.  In all my life, I’ve never seen an orange cord attached to a toilet.  The orange cord attracts electricity.  And you should see my bathroom ceiling.  Brown spots all over the ceiling from the pesticide sprayed from upstairs.  It’s looks like there are feces all over the ceiling.  At first, I thought that’s what it was.  But by the smell I can tell it’s pesticide.  It’s really disgusting living here.  And then the bitch actually  put a sign in the front of the complex that says “Enjoy Life”!  The first time I saw the flag, I wanted to tear it down and throw it away.  This place is like a nightmare.  The couple have made the place a living hell for all the targets who live here.  But  my targeting is worse than anyone else’s.  I don’t keep my mouth shut and I tell them exactly how I feel about them to their faces.  And I also call them names in my blog, and I know they read it.

My lease is up in July, 2012.  I really don’t know what to do.  Do I move?  This place is worse than any place I’ve ever lived in.  It’s disgusting!  I live like a rat, without furniture, or anything nice.  Anything I’ve bought they’ve destroyed.  So that’s why I live without furniture.  Why waste my money on something they’re going to destroy?   I don’t really want to stay in this horrific place, but where do I go?  It’ll be the same thing wherever I go.   I’m going to start looking for another place.  Any place  I move into has to be better  than this place of horrors! And I know I’ll be followed to any place where I try to rent an apartment.  And the manager and the tenants will learn all about me.  And it’ll be the same thing again.

I sometimes think I’m living in some horror movie, and everything I’m experiencing is not real.  I only wish it were true.

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8 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Sometimes I think I’m living in a horror movie.

  1. I used to think moving would help til I learned what was going on. Still, it’s worth a try if you have the money, I suppose. I’ve decided that next time and every time I move from now on, I’m going to hand out a brief pamphlet of info about Gang Stalking out to everyone I have to deal with – Dr’s, dentst, store owners, etc, and say I’m going through this, and they can choose not to believe the lies if they want to. What have I got to lose? They will already have been told I’m nuts or a criminal. What can it hurt to try to get my life back by asking them to get to know me, and then judge me for themselves?

    • I’ve tried telling people what I’m going through, but they never believe me. Most of the people you meet already know about you, and won’t give you a chance. Even if they believe you, the government will be right there making up a lot of lies about you.

      • That is true. They have been told lies about you before you arrive in the new place. They think they know all about you you, but they don’t have a clue who you really are. They don’t want to think you are a nice person. They think you’re a scumbag and nothing you do will change their mind. Well, we here, know that none of us are really scumbags. Yeah, even if they believe you, someone will change their mind about you. Every now and then I come across someone who doesn’t fall for the crap. I guess I’m lucky about that. I have my husband, and 3 real friends. My mother and son are supportive, and my aunt, uncle, and 2 of their friends, but no one else in this town, not my dad or sisters, or some other relatives. I hate it that I have to suspect everyone I meet may potentially be wanting to hurt me somehow. I’ve had times when it was really obvious, and times when it wasn’t.I’m getting pretty good at detecting a GS’er though.

        • You’re lucky you have family in your life. I totally gave up on my family. They all turned against me. All for the love of the money they get harassing me and others. You can’t help but get good at detecting GS’ers. After a while, they all begin to look like devils.

  2. I told my friend yesterday that my life as a constant crime victim was scarier than any horror movie. Believe me, the torture I endured during 2007 would make a terrifying horror movie, complete with zombies.

    • I, too, feel that way. Any of our lives would make terrifying horror movies. No one would believe what horrors we have to put up with every day. Thanks for your response.

  3. Hi, after you move for another place, yours agressors change? these bastards begin targeting you directy….they searching for you or youre followed everytime. ang gangstalkrd take relay in occordance with the precedent ? you are repered directly because you’re locked ? or with a wave, sensor that you transport visible with the aparture radar…. do you know that? ……
    hold on, there was an end, good for you….

    • I moved six times in one year, so I know what’s going to happen (silly me, I thought it would stop if I moved enough times). I won’t have the same gang stalkers. It’ll be a whole new group of psychopaths. I interacted with the gang stalkers at this complex, but in the next one, I’m going to totally ignore them. I’m not going to make them feel important. They’re all dirt! Thanks for your response. Stay safe.

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