Gang Stalking – Targets, take care of yourselves.

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Those of us who are experiencing gang stalking, sometimes feel down.  And it’s normal to feel this way.  How can we not feel depress when we’re constantly being bombarded by a group of psychopaths?  Psychopaths who never leave us alone for a minute.  But it’s not a good thing to give into this feeling.  If you do, it’ll just leave you feeling tired and frustrated.

Take care of yourself mentally and psychically.  Make sure you  don’t gain weight. Don’t eat too much to make yourself feel better.  Too much weight gain and you’ll feel worse.  Try to eat healthy food.  And don’t be like me.  I went through a period where chocolate candy was my addiction. I never gained weight, but I couldn’t get enough of chocolate candy bars.  I recently visited the doctor and he told me my cholesterol levels are very high.  Right away, the doctor wants to put me on medicine.  I told him “thanks, but no thanks” to  medication.  I would try to get my cholesterol levels down naturally. I stopped taking care of myself.  I stopped walking.  The cholesterol built up due to lack of exercise.  I think I didn’t gain weight because I  never sit down, but still, the cholesterol built up.  Cholesterol is very bad for the heart, so I’ve been really good for the last two weeks.  No candy bars.  Nothing.

(While typing my blog, I heard on the radio that one-third of Americans are overweight.)

Keeping your weight down and saying  positive  things to yourself  helps to keep away the depression.  We can’t let the psychopaths beat us down.  We have to believe that what we’re going through will end.  And when this  ends, we’ll need to be healthy psychically and mentally to go on with our lives.   When we get free of the hell we’re living, we can’t waste any time on regrets.  We have to start living our normal lives right away.  We’ve wasted too much time  putting up with the psychopaths.  And if we let depression defeat us, the psychopaths win.  We can’t them win.

So try to live a healthy lifestyle.  Exercise.  Try not to eat too much fat.  See your doctor at least once a year.  Be very kind to yourself, since no one else is.  And when the time comes, we can all fly.

I thought a woman, about three doors away from where I live, might be a target.  She never leaves her apartment and there are marks all over her door.  So I knocked on her door and asked  her if she was a victim of gang stalking.  As soon as she opened the door, I knew she wasn’t a target.  She had a little bitty piece of cloth around her breast.  But I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I left her my blog name and told her to go to it for help.

And today, I’m 100% sure she’s not a target.  People keep knocking on my door.  Just knocking on it, as I did on the perp’s door, and disappearing.  I guess this is the psychopaths’ new game plan.  I did learn something, though – that the woman is a perp.

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7 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Targets, take care of yourselves.

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  5. I like your blog. I’ve been Gangstalked for 13 of the past 15 years. For the first 5 years I was a wreck and did not take good care of my health. Then I realized that this is a way of life and I’d better live the fullest life possible. I’m 71 years old and except for a neck injury I received in one of their fake auto accidents. I’m in good health and walk everyday. I’m an ex chef so I cook all our own food and 3 years ago gave up sugar. I weigh less today than I have in years and working on those size 8 jeans.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you and thank you. There is life while being Gangstalked. It makes them happy to see you miserable. Don’t make the scociopaths happy.

    • I’m glad you made yourself healthy. They like to see all of us fall apart; gain weight, not exercise,etc. We have to beat them at their own game. Size 8 jeans? Fantastic. Thanks for your response.

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