Gang stalking – Ignore, ignore, ignore, ignore the gang stalkers.

Picture taken approaching the Target store in ...

Picture taken approaching the Target store in West Hollywood, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Home Depot Storefront

[Men working on telephone lines, probably near...

[Men working on telephone lines, probably near a TVA dam hydroelectric plant] (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

Kalachakra bright & stylish street scene; Shop...

Kalachakra bright & stylish street scene; Shopping for a new bag, I dream of Jeanie pants, smart phone in the hands of a hunky businessman, and woman shopping with purses and sandels, white market tents, Kalachakra for World Peace, Washington D.C., USA (Photo credit: Wonderlane)

A few nights ago, while trying to sleep, I kept getting hit by electricity.  I was too damn tired to get up and check to see where the electricity was coming from. But the first thing in the morning, I checked the socket behind my head.  I forgot to put in my safety baby cover. These safety baby covers really work.  I keep mine in all the time, and I forgot how well they work.  Home Depot and Target sell them very inexpensively. You can get a packet of 24 very cheaply.  Buy extra baby covers for when you go out.  I carry some with me when I go out.  Because sometimes you’ll be stuck next to a socket and you’ll feel the electricity.  So very covertly cover the socket.

I also want to tell you another way to keep yourself safe.  I forgot to tell you about this before.  Do you live with other people? If you do, do you ever notice that someone always has his phone in the socket?  Beware!   Why they do  this.  They keep the phone in the socket, add a code, that’s given to them by their handlers,  and keep the phone on to  send electricity your way.  Ask the person why they always have the phone in the socket.  If he lies,  it’ll show on his face.  Of course, he’ll deny that’s what he’s doing.  But it’s a question he won’t expect and it’ll catch him off guard. My relatives did this to me, so that’s how I know about this.  I always wondered why they kept the phone in the socket, and one day it hit me.

Cover your kitchen cabinet shelves with foil.  The foil attracts the electricity and it won’t go toward you. It’s picked up by foil.

A tip.  When you go out, you know that the gang stalkers will be all around you.  Well, I tell you to do this, but I don’t always follow my own advise.   If you’re new to gang stalking, you should watch the gang stalkers, because you’re in the learning stage of gang stalking and have to learn how they work.  But if you’re an old-timer, the best thing to do is ignore them, ignore them, ignore them, ignore them, ignore them. They always do the same damn thing.  Pay absolutely no attention to them.  They love the attention you give them.  They live for it.  When you go out, keep saying to yourself  “ignore them, ignore them, ignore them” over and over.  That’s what I been doing lately, and it’s working better for me.  I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut.  So if it’s working for me, I’m sure it’ll work for you.  Just make-believe they’re part of the wall.  Make believe they don’t exist.  Tell yourself there’s nothing there. And keep walking.  They’ll hate it! You paid no attention to the stars.  And if you feel yourself losing your temper, just get away quickly.  Don’t stay around where they are. I know how hard it is not to smack them. Just control yourself whatever you do.  When you get home, you can throw something at the wall.  Always stay calm.  They want you to act up so they can call the police on you and make up lies about you.

P.S.  I’ve hit publish about 6 times already and this blog keeps getting deleted.  I wonder why.  Read it.  There’s something here they don’t want you to see.

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12 thoughts on “Gang stalking – Ignore, ignore, ignore, ignore the gang stalkers.

  1. Hey Neverending1, here’s our episode on gang stalking, please give it a listen and let us know what you think?

    We talked with three targeted individuals and they share their stories.

    Also, is there any way you could share the weapon you use to fight against directed energy weapons that you said could be purchased at a toy store? One of the targeted individuals we talked with was really interested in getting that information. You can email that to us if you do not want to post it publicly. But if it works I think it would really help a lot of people.



    • Well, the thing is that I’m hacked, so as soon as I post it would be out there in the open. I work with the hacking. My computer’s hacked non-stop. I’ll give the video a listen.

      Oh, by way, they know about you. The other day I was at the store and someone who looked like your double showed up at the store. At first, I didn’t think anything about it, but when I got home, I realized it looked just like your photo on Facebook. Red hair parted in the middle and brown glasses. So they’re probably watching you, or going through your Facebook page. Either way, You’ll probably become a perp or a target. I can tell you neither option is good. Both are hell on earth. Only thing is, we know it’s hell on earth, but the perps think they’re special. They don’t know that they’re being watched, too.

      • I really wish there was some way that you could communicate what this thing is without them finding out. What if you emailed us using a really seriously secure encryption tool?

        Let me know if you see that guy again who looks like me, that is strange!

        Do they have gang stalkers in Indiana?

        A perp is someone who is doing the gang stalking, right? I’m not going to be a perp! Or maybe I’ll pretend to be a perp, but do a really horrible job at it and end up making my target have a really great day. Follow them and do things to help them out. Like the guy in the show Person of Interest does!

        Have they ever tried to get you to be a perp?


        • No, but I know people who started as targets and went over to the dark side. And believe me, they were worse than the people who were never targets. They know they’ll get nowhere with me unless they kill me.

          Yes, a perp is someone who is doing the stalking. It’s short form of the word “perpetrator”. I don’t think I spelled the word right. I’m not near a dictionary.

          If you become a perp, you will also be watched and have to hand in a worksheet.

          There are gang stalkers everywhere. This is happening worldwide, not only in the U.S. And, yes, they’re probably in Indiana. I don’t think there’s a state where people are not experiencing gang stalking. You just don’t know about it.

          I saw the guy who looks like you one time. I haven’t seen him since, but since I mentioned him here I won’t be surprised if he shows up again.

          He showed up to let me know that they know I’m in touch with you. It’s really all a game. On the targets’ side, a horrible game.

          Don’t worry about it, but if strange things start happening or friends start to avoid you, then you know you’ve become one. At least you’ll be prepared for it, unlike a lot of us who were surprised by it.

          Take care, John.

      • John, I listened to the chrisbrakeshow. The targets on the show are telling it like it is. Only thing I disagree with is the reason why. Do you ever see those ads which tell you to report people who you think might be dangerous to the U.S.? Well, the people who gang stalk us use this to get even with someone who they want to get revenge on. They report people and tell the threat assessment team, associated with Dept of Homeland Security, that we’re dangerous to the U.S. And the people who run the Threat Assessment teams are all sub-contractors. These sub-contracts get paid money for finding these so-called terrorists and keeping track of them. They get paid by how many targets they have, and also get money for hiring the lowlifes they do.

        I really wanted to be on the show, but it’s hard for me to be on when I don’t have a phone, or computer. I’m not afraid of being on your show.

        The closest thing to what’s happening to us, is the Holocaust. If you want to know what’s happening to us, read about the Holocaust. This is the way the Holocaust began before people were sent to the ovens.

        And Chris Brake should be very afraid. It can happen to him, you, anybody! Just make sure you don’t get someone angry at you who who has any influence – Lawyers, police, government people, etc. You can easily end up a target.

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