Gang Stalking – The gang stalking game; no one is winning.

Lion's head at Kamakura-gu. Eats bad luck away

Lion’s head at Kamakura-gu. Eats bad luck away (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Silhouette of lips

Silhouette of lips (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Page from Babies, Grosset & Dunlap, 1963.

Falling in Love (McFly song)

Yesterday,  I woke up with a swollen lip.  Today, the lip  is swollen even more.  It’s the pesticide they spray on me all the time.  I’m drowning in the stuff.  I can smell it all day, and my clothes have brown spots all over them. Well, I was going to write something else about the clothes, but I think it’s wiser if I don’t give up any of my secrets.

It saddens me that many targets can’t live normal lives.   Instead of targets living life to the fullest, they’re driven to constantly think about how to best protect themselves.  Targets should be working, having babies, getting married, falling in love, taking great vacations, going to school, retiring after years of hard work, getting together with friends for a great meal, getting engaged, starting businesses.    But a lot of us don’t have the luxury of doing any of these things.  We’re lucky if we have one day without a gang stalker harassing us.  We’re lucky if we have a day without anything awful happening to us.  Every day is a “bad luck” day.  We have miserable day after miserable day.  If one day is bad, we can expect the next day to be worse.  It never gets better.

And most of us are alone, because the people in our lives have let us down, or betrayed us.  And there’s no one we can trust, because almost any one we meet is a gang stalker and can’t be trusted.  We can’t seem to get a break no matter what we do.  If we try to be friendly to people we meet, usually they  turn out to be gang stalkers.  We just can’t seem to win.

But if we have it bad, the gang stalkers don’t have it any better.  Once someone becomes a gang stalker, he/she becomes part of the organization he joins and has to follow certain rules.  He/she has to bring his wife/husband, children into the gang stalking life.  If the wife/husband don’t want to become a gang stalker, she/he probably will become a target. And the children have to join to get used to the life that they will probably have to live.  The children are the future gang stalkers and will think nothing of following in their parents’  footsteps.  Gang stalkers are not as free to do what they want as you might think.    The gang stalkers  have people who monitor what they do.   These people make sure the gang stalkers are on the job and not goofing off.  Gang stalkers  get into trouble if they’re caught talking to a target. They  are not supposed to say anything to the targets, because targets have to keep believing what’s happening to them is not real and is the target’s imagination.

Not only are targets not living their life, but gang stalkers have no life, either.  They’re at the mercy of the organization. Any time they’re called, they have to show up to do their job harassing targets. Maybe some day, the gang stalkers will get tired, and confess  to what they’ve done.  I can only hope.

So a lot of misery gets spread around.  Targets and gang stalkers are both losers.  The only ones winning are the top-level people.  The rest of us are all suffering.  Gang stalking makes no sense at all.

Today, if this blog makes no sense, I wrote it half asleep.  I got very little sleep last  night.

6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – The gang stalking game; no one is winning.

  1. God bless America, land that I love…and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with LIBERTY and Justice for ALL, under GOD, with LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!!

  2. Added note: They are ‘jealous,’ ‘envious,’ ‘devoid of conscious,’ with a ‘warped sense of duty.’ Pity them and I mean feel sorry for them. Matter-of-fact, look down at them with their own, deserving shame. They are traitors. Count on it.

  3. You’re not alone. I feel bad for you. D$%(* m them.

    Not one day or hour, or minute goes by without being hit, assaulted, attacked, poisoned. I can’t leave a bag of chips to my side without a plane or hoverer or drone flying sly like over, slamming a projectile into my drink, food, windows, walls, bedding, and more importantly, my body. I get sprays and sharp needle-point pricks and burning into all my major organs from my head, neck and all over my body. My toes, feet, ankles now legs are always hit with I assume Microwave Radiation and I’me dumped on, shot at in the car and in my home. Heck, I can’t sit outside for one second without one of these sick, perverted govt employees committing Domestic Terrorism.

    See my latest blog about NSA Whistleblowers. They’re considered enemies of the state but gave me great hope because there are good, decent true hero’s ready to lay it all out on the line about targeting Americans. Its’ massive and is going to get worse.

    • I agree it’s going to get worse. I just heard Congress is trying to put more “safety networks” into use to protect us. Help us from such a helpful Congress. We need more Patriots, not more money hungry people.

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