Gang Stalking – The damage caused by gang stalkers.

Group of children in a primary school in Paris...

Group of children in a primary school in Paris Español: Niños en una escuela elemental en París Français : Enfants dans une école élémentaire à Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Burruss Hall, signature building on the Virgin...

Burruss Hall, signature building on the Virginia Tech campus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mug shot of Jiverly Wong.

Mug shot of Jiverly Wong. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gang stalkers make a target’s life hell every single day,  but targets are not the only ones who suffer.

Gang stalkers break-up families.  Whichever person gets targeted usually loses his/her family.  The government turns families against targets by telling the husband/wife, children lies about the targeted person.  And usually gang stalking causes divorce, because the targeted person is not believed by the partner, or children.  So it leaves children without a mother/father, and a broken family.  The children are left with one member of the family to support them.  Thus, again, causing taxpayers to pick up the tab.  And a lot of broken families.

Gang stalkers also drive a lot of targets to doubt their sanity.  A lot of targets end up in mental institutions, usually taking a lot of pills prescribed by doctor.  This means that targets are unable to work and have to look to the government for support.  A lot of targets end on Social Security Disability.  All the targets that are on disability end up costing the government a lot of money to support them.  The government (people) end up paying for pills, food, housing, medical care for targets.

Targets are primarily people who are healthy and work, but because  of the targeting, can’t find work.  So people who should be working and contributing to society  become leeches.  Not because they want to, but because they have no other choice.  The targets usually can’t find work,  and end up on unemployment insurance.  Again, costing government millions of dollars.

Not only do gang stalkers cause break-up of families, increase Social Security spending, and leave targets unemployed, but gang stalkers have driven some targets to violence.  Jiverly Wong is a perfect example of this.  He told some friends of his about what was happening, but they didn’t believe him.  They considered him crazy.  And look what happened.  Some people at Virginia Tech lost their lives.  The gang stalkers (and government)  should all be in jail for what was done to this innocent man. They drove him to kill those people.

Gang stalkers have also driven some targets to kill themselves because of the harassment.  The 24/7 surveillance can drive anyone to kill himself.  The constant,  non-stop torture is awful.  And sleep deprivation is the biggest cause of probably most suicides.  The gang stalkers awaken targets every two hours, leaving targets tired and unable to think clearly.  Not being able to think clearly leaves targets very vulnerable to losing control.  Losing control is the aim of all the gang stalking.

And, also,  gang stalking, leaves some targets, who don’t want anything to do with government, homeless.  People who were decent, hard-working, non-violent human beings end up broke, not able to pay rent, buy food, or afford the bare necessities of life.

Gang stalkers cause damage to targets, but U.S. taxpayers are left paying the tab for what gang stalkers do.  This bunch of lowlifes create havoc in so many lives, and leave so many people unable to live a normal life.

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5 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – The damage caused by gang stalkers.

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    • Weird! is right. Too much times on their hands, plus a lot of mean-spirited people who will do anything to get attention and accolades. Than.ks for responding

      • Everyone must understand TIs are not commiting suicide just like our soldiers who return from war are’nt either from PTSD devices & programing are being used on us all

        • TIs are killing themselves. I know of a blind woman who studied Social Services. She couldn’t take the harassment and killed herself. Another woman, who was very religious, and never retaliated, killed herself because of the harassment she suffered. A man I personally know, constantly talks about killing himself. I’ve convinced him several times not to do it. And our soldiers are killing themselves. 18 men per day with PTSD kill themselves every day. You can google it and you’ll see I’m telling the truth.

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