Gang Stalking – In a gang stalker’s life, money speaks louder than conscience.

Creation of the Sun and Moon by Michelangelo, ...

Creation of the Sun and Moon by Michelangelo, face detail of God. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Holocaust memorial

Holocaust memorial (Photo credit: NH53)

cas de conscience

cas de conscience (Photo credit: goldenraphti)

"Conscience keeps more people awake than ...

“Conscience keeps more people awake than coffee.” ~Author Unknown (Photo credit: Foto_di_Signorina)

Conscience: conscious of the moral goodness or badness of one’s own conduct or motives, together with a feeling of obligation to do or be good.

To all you gang stalkers out there, some questions for you to answer.

1.    Don’t you gang stalkers have a conscience?

2.    Doesn’t it bother you to hurt people who have done nothing to you?

3.    Would you like what you do to targets to be done to you?

4.    How do you live with yourselves?

5.    Didn’t your father and mother teach you anything about “empathy” for others?

6.    What makes you so evil and hateful?

7.    How do you sleep at night?

8.    If you believe in a God, how do you explain to your God the misery you’re causing to others?

9.    Do you ever question what the government tells you about targets?

10.   Is what the government telling you to do to targets what a government who professes to practice freedom, do?

11.   Do you know what you’re doing to targets is exactly how the Holocaust began?

12.   What makes you think that what you’re doing won’t be done to you?

If you can look into your conscience and see nothing wrong with what you’re doing, you have no conscience.  I guess in your life, money speaks louder than your inner voice.

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