COINTELPRO & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture

 Organized Stalking Protocol

“The dead only count when they leave a testimony.”
–Joel Filartiga, father of a son who was brutally tortured to death.

This blog is my testimony and, if I die, I want this blog to remain open and public.Blog Author

 Human Sacrifice

August 2, 2014 UPDATE:

My blog is continuously monitored and altered by the government as is my online presence on Google+, Youtube and ALL of my email accounts. This post was originally much easier to read prior to its being changed as it didn’t have the annoying black stripe on the right side of the post, which has made it harder to read. Today, I have enlarged and made the print red-type and fixed the spelling errors (which were not there before) to help those who wish to read this. I have not been able to fix the problem with the script…

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