Gang Stalking – New to gang stalking: welcome to your new reality!

Life in Hell

Life in Hell (Photo credit: Grit Matthias)

Agent Smith

Agent Smith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New World Order

New World Order (Photo credit: Akbar Sim)

If you are new to gang stalking, your life will never be the same again.  Never again.  Everything you believe in will change.  Your beliefs about the government, religion, family, police, people, in general, will come crumbling down.  You will be awaken to a new world were nothing is real.  Where everything is an illusion.  Have you ever seen the “Matrix” ?  Well, this will be your new reality.  Everything you thought was real, is not. You’ve lived in a bubble and someone decided to pull the plug from you.

Your new reality will be that you’ve become a person that will be unwelcomed everywhere you go.

That people will try to hurt you every chance they can.  That people will hate you for no reason whatsoever.  That you will be rudely treated.  That police and gang stalkers will watch you non-stop.

Forget about having privacy, you won’t have any.  Not in your home, computer, outside, not even in your bathroom or taking a bath.  You’ll have pictures  taken of you from every angle,  and pictures  passed  around by government flunkies.

Anything you love, like family, photographs, treasures, memories will disappear; destroyed by gang stalkers, or stolen.  You will not get much sleep.  You’ll be lucky if they allow you to sleep 2 hours a day.  They’ll keep you awake to drive you crazy, or to cause you to commit a crime, or become violent, and then they can put you in jail or some mental healthy facility.  You’ll become distrustful of anyone you meet, because you’ve learned not to trust anyone; every time you have, they screwed you.

You’ll probably lose your job due to workplace mobbing.  And you’ll have a difficult time finding another one.  If you do find another job, the same workplace mobbing will occur.

The gang stalkers will destroy your clothes, your furniture, ruin your food, steal your money, cameras, kill your pets.  There is nothing of yours that they will not tamper with, or destroy.

Your life will be one of 24-hour surveillance – by cameras, cars, people, computers.  You will not have any time to think.  They want to destroy everything about you.  They want to leave you naked without personality, just as they do to soldiers when they’re in training.  They want to drive you crazy, and they do that by  destroying what you are, or used to be.  They’ll make sure you become isolated, so that you have no friends, or anyone you can lean on.

You will not be able to defend yourself, because of the many lies told about you.  And if you try to defend yourself, you will, of course, be called crazy.  And no one will believe a word you say, ever!   Accusations of being a thief, violent, alcoholic, child abuser, pedophile, lesbian, gay, terrorists will follow you. Whatever they think they can stick on you and work, they’ll do.

You basically will have no life.  Your life is theirs now.  It belongs to the freaks and government. Whatever part of  life belongs to you, you’ll have to spend protecting yourself from the creeps.  The freaks will follow you everywhere, even at home.  I could go on and on with what will happen to  you, but I’d go on til infinity.

By the way, this can happen to any one at any time.  Don’t think you’re safe if this is not happening to you.  You might find yourself reading my blog some day on how to protect yourself.  Think about it.

So all the above will be your new reality.  Welcome to your new life in hell!

5 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – New to gang stalking: welcome to your new reality!

  1. I wanted to ‘Thank You’ for bringing these horrific crimes against Humanity to the surface… Although, there are many tactics utilized throughout this Evil, across the entire world, it is ALL the same – Everywhere across the board, as it’s desigened to destroy a person and the techniques have been well implemented since it’s inception – Which many believe to be with the Nazi’s and the whole ‘Stasi’ movement. Now, with that said, many things that you write about are indeed true and it does happen to that degree and in the capacity that you spoke of as well, however, not everyone is equal in terms of the type of abuse that occurs to them, as it is different for each victim and some will simply get ‘Gaslighting’ while others may endure D.E.W. and the various methods like the ‘Satelite-Technology’ and see thru wall equipment. Remember, this all entails a lot of resources and the funding is limited in some instances; especially those who are not really considered a threat. Meaning to say… There are those who are know too much and are going to be ‘Targeted’ a lot more for what it is that they have been put onto the ‘List’ for in the first place and the pockets can be very deep and the expense is NOT a criteria when factoring in the abuse. As you know, this is perfectly orchastrated to make individuals seem as if they are paranoid and delusional so they have no credibility in their given communities and out in society as a whole and that is another barrier that keeps this Evil crime so hidden as well. Because when two TI’s stories are not matching, or have any viable common denominator, it is hard to find resolve since the victims experiences are so vast in contrast to one another’s, making us seem as if we’re all crazy and appear to be somewhat unstable and erratic in thinking – And, I truly believe that is done on purpose, in order to silence us and not find a good ‘Network’ to draw from in order to make a stance and see some resolve. *They are sneaky and do NOT play by any rules, as they tend to do whatever it is to break our morale and deem the ‘Victims’ insane so they can get away with their Evil agendas! :\

    • Hey there… I agree with your comment… everybody I’ve talked to seems to get a bit different treatment. Those who have more evidence (such as implants) may get more harassment on more levels. You are correct with the statement that “they do not play by the rules”, and they do ruin a victim’s credibility, even when that victim has obvious proof, they are ignored, called a liar, crazy, etc.

      I believe that some of us are born into this program, through adoption (or other routes),
      but targeting wasn’t quite as obvious until more recently. It’s like I was unconscious to what had been going on my whole life until around 2008, which is when I discovered implants, which are suspiciously very close to where the external part of a cochlear implant would be, except mine are the size of RFIDs, are beneath the skin, and go through my cartilage. It was right around that time when I began to hear voices. While I know they don’t need implants for artificial telepathy, it sure helps.

      I hope that all the victims of this nightmare program find relief very soon, and that no more of us die to to the “no-touch torture”, that we are enduring.

  2. This is not really true.Such articles like yours only freak out people.I have been gang stalked for 3 years now.Yeah, it is not pleasant, but their power is limited.By whom?Bu the God almighty!Yes.This is true.If the TI prays, has faith, fasts and refrains from sins and bad things, THEY will lose power.All the lies and the bad deeds will turn against them.They cannot separate me from the real, genuine and warmhearted friends, only from bastards who pretended to be my friends.Garbage only convinces a garbage.Real people are not intimidated by this evil called satan,Because that’s what it is.It is satan @work.if you are weak and give in, you lose big time!If you get stronger in Jesus, you win in the sense that they lose.Prayer, faith and fasting are the answers.And yes, one can live with that and be happy, succesful, joyful though.

    • What do you mean people will only be freaked out? People going through gang stalking are already being freaked by what’s happening to them every single day of the year. And while, I’m not too religious, you have the right to believe that God will take care of you and protect you from gang stalkers. So far, I’ve seen no evidence of God helping any target. So if believing in God will help you and give your strength, I’m happy for you. Thank you for your response.

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