Gang Stalking – It’s alright for me to lose my rights, but don’t mess with a gang stalker’s rights.


privacy (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

I Want My Mommy

Yeah, property manager, I know you’re reading this.  Also your husband, children, grandchildren and the idiot in apartment 111. But I don’t give a shit.  I’ll write what I want.  You can’t tell me what to say in my blog.

A few days ago, the complex manager threatened to throw me out of my apartment.  I responded to her by telling her to go ahead and throw me out.

As I was walking out of my complex, I saw the manager come toward me.  She was on her cell phone and stopped right in front of me.  “Yeah, she’s right in front of me.  Okay, I’ll talk to her.”  I looked straight into her face, and she said, “You can’t go around looking into people’s apartments.  I’m telling you, you’ll be arrested.  The man in apartment 136 said you were looking into his apartment.”   I replied, ” I was not looking into his apartment.  I walked by and told him I was leaving.  He seems to be interested in where I’m going, so as I walked by, I told him I was leaving.  I was being nice.”   The manager replied, “Well, you can’t go around looking into people’s apartments.”  I said, “I never looked in his apartment.  I just said something as I walked by, that’s all.” I continued, ” I was being nice  to him.  I didn’t want him to not know I was leaving.”

You see, that’s the way  it always works.  They can spy and snitch on me, but don’t I dare do the same thing back to them, because it’s not right.  I’m intruding on their rights to privacy, but they can invade my privacy and get away with it.  I’ll be arrested for invading their privacy, but they’re considered heroes. And right away, they’ll run to the property manager to complain about me.  If I go to the property manager and complain about being harassed, she’ll tell me that I’m not being harassed.  That no one is doing anything to me.  As I’ve said hundreds of times before, they’re all little babies.  They can dish it out, but none of them can take it.  Now, when I walk by the man’s window, I make sure I don’t even look to my right.  I walk straight ahead and say, “I want my mommy.  I want my mommy,” as I walk by.  Yesterday, the man in apartment  136 (I’m sure he’ll be told I wrote about him) was outside as I walked by, I said, “I want my mommy. I want my mommy.”  And he responded, “Yes, that’s right. I want my mommy.”  What a total idiot!  He wants his mommy. Give me a freaking break.   Where have all the real men gone?

I’m sure the manager went into her office and wrote about me in her daily report.  The report she writes goes in my dossier.  And I’m sure she embellishes the report with such terms as: was very angry; seemed disoriented, etc.  The kind of terms that will get someone thrown into a loony bin.  That’s why they keep a report on absolutely everything I say  and do, so they can prove mental disability.

The targets that are going through what I’m experiencing know all the damage the government can cause to us.  But, not counting the damage to targets, there’s the cost to the government’s budget.  The cost in Social Security Disability to targets deemed mentally unfit when there’s nothing wrong with them, because that’s what the government wants done.  The cost of things gang stalkers destroy, like sidewalks,  property; trees they spray with pesticide;  the garbage gang stalkers leave wherever they go;  indoctrination of  young children by gang stalking parents (kids who will grow up to think that there’s nothing wrong with harassing someone and making their life miserable); gang stalkers creating a violent  atmosphere wherever they are;  inciting targets to violence.  All of the things they do are very costly, to government and people,  And gang stalkers are also a threat to the liberty of the United States.  The government knows that it can get away with ignoring the constitutional rights of targets, so it will feel free to do it to whomever they wish.  Good Ole government.

So gang stalkers are a very expensive part of the government’s budget. Of course, no one will see this on the budget; it’ll be hidden under a homeland security name that has nothing  to do with gang stalking.

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17 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – It’s alright for me to lose my rights, but don’t mess with a gang stalker’s rights.

          • I just read Mark Riches other book. He was a computer expert before they messed his life up. He theorised that targets using the web are not getting their message out. They are intercepted before they reach the open field and similarly information we try to get hold of is edited before it reaches us . Looks like I will have to walk round town carrying a poster!

              • Hey, that was a joke. Places are different. If I tried that here people would be baffled and wonder – who let her out. I’ll stick to tee shirts when the weather gets warmer. You were brave to try it though. Variations on that theme have been occurring to me for the past couple of years.

                • I have 5 tee shirts which I wear in the summer. I’ve written on it with black ink pens about my gang stalking. I walk around with the t-shirt on, and so far, no one’s ever said anything to me. No one has any curiousity as to why I wear the shirt and what it says on it. Just a bunch of zombies!

                  • I make a point of wearing it to places where I know they have been lied to. I see them reading it and in this way they are getting an alternative view. The stalkers themselves try to hide embarrassment and avoid looking at it – after all it is focusing attention back on them. Other than that nobody bothers what is written on tee- shirts. They are legitimate personal graffiti zones.

                • I have 5 t-shirts which I wear in the summer. I wrote on t-shirts about my gang stalking. So far, no one’s asked me a question as to why I wear the shirt and about what I wrote on it. A real bunch of zombies here in the U.S.

  1. “I’m all right Jack, fu peasants” sums up their behaviour. They want a polarisation in society into 2 classes only, a la 3rd world feudal societies. A wealthy untouchable ruling class and everyone’s else slaves scrabbling for existence in the gutter. What you have described is anticipatory socialisation to get everyone used to how things are going to be for now on.

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