Gang Stalking – T.I.s(Targeted Individuals) don’t let anyone treat you like dirt.

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou (Photo credit: Rusty Darbonne)

Receipt Please

Receipt Please (Photo credit: Peter π)

“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” – Maya Angelou

What’s it like every time you go to the store?  Are you treated rudely?  Are you ignored?  If you order something from the deli, does it always look like crap?  Have they purposely overcharged you, and then you had to return to the store to get your money back? Every time I go to any grocery store that’s the type of treatment I’ve gotten.  I do not want to lose my temper, so I say nothing.

But one day, I had some time, while waiting for the bus, to read my receipt.  I usually don’t pay any attention to what it says on the receipt, except to make sure that the right change has been given to me.  And on the receipt it usually says something about customer feedback.  Well, I decided I had enough b.s. from the sales people.  So I got on my computer and gave the company my feedback.  I answered all the questions asked.

Today, I went back to the same store and its deli section. Well, to my amazement, the store clerks could not do enough to help me.  I got taken care of right away.  When my food was given to me, it didn’t look like crap. And I wasn’t overcharged for anything.  What a change in behavior!  So getting on the computer worked its magic.  Some one at the top must have let the store know it wasn’t happy with how their employees were behaving.

If you’re being treated like crap,  get on the computer and answer the company’s feedback form.  Written words still have their magic.  I’ve called  the company several times and talked to customer service, and I’ve never gotten any satisfaction. But my written words of complaint had power.  The written word is still very potent.

Don’t let anyone treat you like dirt because you’re a T.I.  You deserve to be treated with respect as everyone is.  Don’t let the gang stalkers get away with anything.

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14 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – T.I.s(Targeted Individuals) don’t let anyone treat you like dirt.

  1. I was thinking along these lines myself when I came across this old blog of Neverending – and the old blogs are just as good as the new ones. Now there are review sites on the internet I thought next time I go to a place which previously gave me bad service I shall comment nicely to them that I subscribe to that site and will give an honest account of the service and food served. Viz is service is slow when they are not busy. There is enormous noise going on. The staff are conversing like they had come from a nuthouse and the food looks like it had been salvaged before being dropped in the bin, then that is what I shall say. Along with it will also go on Facebook and every other site I use and my entire phone book. With a smile.

        • Well, sometimes it works in a bank. You can tell them you’ll take your money out if service doesn’t improve. And the stores, too, tell them you’ll take your business elsewhere.

          • Mmm. I don’t know. Look at it from the point of view of the staff. Whenever you come into the store they are put to a lot of inconvenience. Moving stock that you usually purchase to somewhere else. Putting the old salad items out instead of fresh. Putting obstacle in front of shelves you will likely access. Instead of getting on with their work following you around and banging stock around. Isn’t it likely they have been told to do these things to encupourage you to go elsewhere? And I got the impression from the bank staff that they really wished I was somebody else’s customer. By the by have you heard of this stunt. In a shop as the girl gave me the receipt she leaned over and said- I have made a mistake on the till. I have registered that you gave me £10 instead of the £5 you gave me. I was in a hurry and a bad mood so I just took it and worked out afterwards the clever double bind I had been put in. People setting traps all over. Grrrr.

            • Oh, they’ve definitely been told to do the things that you mentioned, but they are also part of gang stalking. No one who works in a store or bank can do what he/she pleases. I know exactly how you feel; A lot of anger that you have to put up with such garbage every day of your life when you’ve done nothing to anyone. I agree, grrrr.

  2. The following blogs ””
    are in french , but show some photos of what stalkers do to the belongings of their victims whan they break in

    • Thank you for this information. I like the photo of the dog vigilante. Dogs are so great. I hope he’s watching the dog. I heard of dogs killed in the U.S. by gang stalkers. I understood some of the French. A lot of words in some ways are similar to American.

  3. This is an important point as the stalkng will ground down your esteem and even social skills. One issue is the way they harass you is covert, so when asserting yourself you dont want to come off crazy or paranoid.

    • Yes, that’s exactly what they try for. To leave someone feeling so bad about himself that he begins to think he’s not worth a damn. It’s something the targets have to work very hard against. That’s why the constant harassment and imitating of everything a target does. Thanks for your response.

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