Gang Stalking – Businesses sleeping with the government.

The exterior of a typical Target Greatland in ...

The exterior of a typical Target Greatland in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Unlike smaller Target stores, Target Greatlands feature double entrances. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Fedex (Photo credit: erikleenaars)

Mmmm....cake.  And government info.

Mmmm....cake. And government info. (Photo credit: emkeller)

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My two dogs' litter of seven havanese puppies....

puppies. how cute (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, I wrote about how computers are used to hit you with electricity.  You can protect yourself by aiming something electrical back at them.  Try to hit their receiving end and it will knock out the computer.  Put your phone on, put it near you and the phone will pick up the electricity sent your way.  If  you don’t know where the receiving end is, just keep hitting the computer and eventually it will go out.  Computers are very easy to mess up.  I’m sure you all know that from using them.

Now that you’re a target, it will be hard to get a phone that’s not been pre-programmed.  No matter what phone you get, the government is  in touch with the companies and arranges to have some numbers hacked before you even get it. You get the phone home and you’ll notice that it doesn’t work very well from the beginning.  And it will never work very well because it’s already been hacked.  If you know how to  de-hack your phone before you use it, do it.  The factory resets don’t work.  I’ve tried it, never works.  The hardware’s been messed with and they will be able to get all the info you have on your phone. I don’t think there’s anywhere you can go to get hack free items. I’m just warning you.  Companies like Best Buy, Target, etc. are all in with the government.  And they will do whatever the government tells them to do.  With all the money these companies make, you think they’d be free of government control, but they’re not.  I don’t know if they’re forced to work with the government, or they do it of their own volition.  But don’t trust any dealings you have with any business, big or small.  They’re sleeping with the government.

For instance, Federal Express, every time FedEx delivers something to your house, the government has already seen what’s delivered to you.  The government opens the package, looks inside and, if it’s a phone or computer, hacks it. Or they get info on the item and  later  hack your phone, computer, etc.  Anything you get from FedEx, Parcel Post, letters, etc. the government will check before you get it into your hands.  So assume everything you receive gets  looked over and sent your way, or sometimes you don’t get the item at all.

About a week ago, I saw a very cute dog.  I could not help but comment on the dog’s cuteness. I spoke with the woman and she told me about his breed, how long she’s had the dog, and how she loved her dog.  As I walked away from the woman, I thought to myself “why did you comment on the dog?”  I knew immediately that I’d be seeing gang stalkers suddenly turn up with their cute dogs.   People in Las Vegas are not the types to walk their dogs, but suddenly everywhere I turned, cute little dogs with their owners trying to get my attention.  Of course, I knew what they were up to and ignored them non-stop.  And still ignoring them.

I  recounted the above story to let you know there’s nothing you can do that the freaks will not take advantage of.  Be careful what you say to strangers, it’s probably gang stalkers trying to get information on you, so they can annoy the hell out of you.

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