Gang Stalking – Street Theater, and dumb-ass gang stalkers.

Two people in a heated argument about religion...

Two people in a heated argument about religion when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke at Columbia University. Click the audio button found above and to the left to listen to them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Modern chain gang

Modern chain gang (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This is what gang stalkers deserve

Angry Penguin

Angry Penguin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, I ended my blog by saying I would write about “street theater.”

Street theater is what you think it is.  The gang stalkers want to get you in trouble, so they create street theater.  Let’s say you’re  outside and they want to get you in trouble, they’ll try to get you involved in an argument.  A group of gang stalkers will make remarks to  make you angry.  You open your mouth, and before you know, there’s an argument going on.  What the gang stalkers will do is call the police.  The police arrive and  all the gang stalkers will turn against you.  They’ll say that you began the fight; that you hurt someone.  And other gang stalkers will agree with the story. The police already know about you and will blame everything on you.

Or let’s say you’re taking a walk, you see a man who looks very intoxicated.  He heads straight for you and purposely bumps into you.  You say something to the man, and before you know, there’s a group surrounding you.  All of them blame you for whatever happened.  They’ll  be gang stalkers who were waiting by the side.  So they’re creating street theater.

Street theater doesn’t only happen on the street, theater also happens in stores.  Someone will make store theater occur by getting in front of you in line.   Or if you’re in the library, theater occurs  by someone taking a seat you were seating in.  You get up from your seat, your things are still where you were sitting, and some gang stalker will sit in your seat.   You return to your seat and say something to the gang stalker.  He’ll say that you left and he didn’t think you were coming back.  He will not move.   You typically, of course, get angry.  It’s  a normal reaction.

I was thrown out of the library about a year ago.  A woman next to me at a computer kept harassing me.  I tried to ignore her, but she wouldn’t stop.  I was not having a good day and called her a “bitch” under my breath.  The bitch heard me and went running to get a librarian.  I was thrown out of the library.

This is exactly the reaction they want from you.  To make you angry and get you in trouble.   So your reaction should be not to react to any of the above situations. You will not win if you argue back.  All the gang stalkers will stick together and make up lies about you.  They will make you look like a troublemaker.  I know it’s hard not to react.  I’m sure you’d like to smack them.  But if you do, the police will come and arrest you.  And they’ll just sit there looking like little angels.  So don’t react to any street theater.  If an argument begins anywhere around you, get away.  Don’t say anything; don’t get involved.  Because your chances of ending up in jail are very high.  Let them have the seat, ignore the bum who bumps into you, and don’t argue with anyone.  I know you’re thinking this is very unfair. And it is unfair, but do you want to end up in jail?  Better just to let it go.

I was almost arrested one time when I made a remark to a store clerk. She was following me around hitting me with her weapon. She lied; said I threatened her. The store manager called the police.   Three officers  found me on my way to the bus stop, had me sit on the sidewalk and put my hands on top of my head like a criminal.   The officers went through my handbag looking for a weapon I was supposed to have. So keep you mouth shut.  You  can go home and throw something around to let go of your anger.   Remember, street  theater  happens to you all the time.  Learn from me and keep your mouth shut!

As I wrote yesterday, the gang stalkers are spawns of the devil.  They’re very evil people and dumb as hell.

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7 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Street Theater, and dumb-ass gang stalkers.

  1. gangstalkers are low-IQ lowlifes. They have no talent, intelligence or anything to contribute to society, they are parasitic vermin.
    They are far far far more evil than any pedophile or rapist.

  2. Reblogged this on mstmha and commented:
    I just found out that they created a fake profile of me on Google. Their street theater is no joke and I can honestly say that they have gotten on my last nerve. These idiots will be the death of themselves, not just us…
    They will literally attempt to take over every aspect of your life as if you gave them permission to do so. These people are puppets without really knowing why. And by the way, I have experienced the street theater over and over again and each time it seems to get more and more retarded. What Targeted Individuals go through is not just survival of the fittest (that is for d@^n sure). Nothing that they do is natural.

    • Thank you for re-blogging. I know most of them don’t have any idea of what is g0ing on. To all of them it’s a game, but they’re destroying all our lives. They’re told the nastiest things about us by the government flunkies. Some day, they’re be repaid.

  3. i find that you write very well however i should point out something for you to do instead of ingnoring…which is another thing that they the gang stalkers as you term them then do…
    you immediately and as wide eyed innocently as you can find their superior since they´re stupid it shouild easy to find a superior mind and say that , their clerk is harrassing you and you want them to stop and is it something to do with you is it racial is it because i am a woman etc… that way they must do the explaining and in addtion to that they will be arrested for harrassing and lieing just
    to recieve that is righfully mine…etc. as an instance on the bus today saw a person that I had tcome to the city to meet on a bike riding next to the bus and he is a gorgeous man… I said o here he is and ran to jump off the bus , but this fake arab Philadelphia St Joes bitch named SAAD blocks me from jumping from the bus….! she puts her arm in front of me and blocks my exit… see when things happenthat way I just punch her arm out of the way…since it is a defensive move on my side and she is threatening me from exiting the bus and meeting someonethat I need to meet… if she would of said that I hurt her so this way she could meet the person instead
    of me I would punch Saad in the face the next time I saw her and I guarantee that the little arab fake bitch wouldnt be doing any gang stalking harrassment against me anytime in the near future… or take it right now her ugly mom is sitting booth 38 in internet her ugly dad sitting in booth 36
    and I am sitting in booth 37 …i guess they dont want their whore daughters billiondollar man leaving the fake arab bitch so they gangoing up on me…
    meanwhile since i am from langley virginia i have decided to ask my langley friends to beat the shit ,out of, ugly whore Saad….

    • Did you ever hear of sarcasm? That’s exactly what I am doing. My blog is full of sarcasm. I in no way, shape, form consider these lowlifes superior to me. Let me tell you, I’ve been in situations where I tried to defend myself and I’ve almost been arrested, even though I was in the right. Nothing happened to the other person. Plus, you’re in the south, they’re more understanding of such things, not here in Las Vegas. They would love me to punch someone out so they can put me in prison.

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