Gang Stalking – You’re on your own; police or government won’t help you!

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I’ve written about this before, but I decided to write about it again.  It was a while back, so many targets probably didn’t read it.

A lot of you wonder who the gang stalkers are?  You think they’re the Mafia, the police, etc.

They are the Mafia, the police, and every day ordinary citizens.  The citizens are your mothers, fathers, sisters, aunts, nieces, nephews, co-workers, friends, doctors, teachers, librarians, sales clerks, dentists. etc.;  almost anyone you come into contact with can be a potential gang stalker.

They are of every race and color.  They are white, black, hispanic, asian, pacific islanders.  Maybe some of you  don’t have all these races where you live, but where I live, all these races exist. They’re homeless, rich, middle class, poor.  And all of them take part in gang stalking.

You’re probably thinking “my family is not involved in my gang stalking. My family loves me and wouldn’t do this to me.  And my friends have known me all my life.  They know me.”  Well, get that idea out of your head.

You’re probably thinking I don’t know what I’m talking about.  But I do.

I thought the same thing about my family: they love me and wouldn’t do such a thing.  Boy, was I ever in for a surprise!  Not only were they part of the gang stalking, but some of them recruited gang stalkers to harass me.

So don’t think you’re family or friends are not involved, because they probably are.  It’s a hard thing to deal with; to discover your family’s involved.  It can destroy you, but you can’t let it.  You have to open your eyes and see what’s really happening.  I mean, what choice do you have?  Lie down and die?  No!  You have a good cry, and face the truth.  That’s all you can do.   You have to acknowledge that your family is screwing with your life.

I had to face the truth–that my family was part of  gang stalking.  It broke my heart to learn my family would do this to me.  It hurts till this day.  Every time I think about their betrayal, I get upset.  But I realize there’s not much I can do about it. Under the circumstances, I have to go on and live my life the best way I can.   It is not easy to do.  So if you think it doesn’t hurt me to tell you this, it does.  I know how you’ll feel if you find out your family is gang stalking you.  I’ve been through it, and I’m still around to tell you about it.  And by the way, I’m no longer in touch with any family.  I can’t deal with a family who would do such a horrific thing to me. Sometimes you have to let go of your family and friends to save yourself.

And while you might think it’s the Mafia, etc., think about it.  Do you think the police or the Mafia have such power?  No!  Only government has such power?  Gang stalking is happening all over the world.  It seems to be a World Order.  And who would be able to make this happen at one time?  Government!  You know all those meetings where  the super powers get together to discuss issues, such as global warming, nuclear power, etc., that’s probably where all the gang stalking came into play.  I’m sure the super powers don’t call it gang stalking, it’s probably called something else by them.  It is we,  targets, who gave what’s happening to us the term “gang stalking.”  They probably discussed terrorism, and what  they were going to do about it.  And they probably decided they were all going to go after the outspoken ones.  The ones who would fight back. The ones who would cause trouble. So, here we all are, gang stalked 24/7.

And not one government has lifted a finger to help any of us.  Why should they?  They’re part of gang stalking.  So don’t expect any help from your government, or police.  They’re in it together.  You are on your own.  No one is going to help you!


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  1. Just wanted to A. TY for putting this out there. The more we “targets” do to expose the assassins, the better…B. apologize for hitting a “thumbs down” by accident on one of the above comments…sorry!…and C. let you know that i think you write things out very well. No way anyone could try to accuse you of “jumbled thinking” IMHO!

    • Well, I didn’t see that thumbs down, so you don’t have to apologize and I believe every one has a right to his opinion. That’s right, they cant accuse me of “jumbled thinking”. I know what day it is, the year, etc. That’s how the psycho doctors determine if one is insane. And I can write a complete sentence, most times anyway.

  2. My wife Joan Wagar was having an affair with a Portland police officer named Eric Carlson!

    On January 18th 2005 Joan Wagar and officer Eric Carlson arranged to have me battered by three police officer’s and one Multnomah county sheriff officer!

    I was denied emergency medical services and I was being blackmailed by the police and county sheriff’s for signed waivers a week later!

    The whole month of February 2005 the police and county sheriff’s acquired several apartments surrounding ours at Arborglen apartments in s,e, Portland and were actively and publicly running around the neighborhood labeling me as a pedophile while I was stuck in my apartment with a broken rib and a messed up knee!

    I discovered after the fact that they have a name for their activity they call it pedofying, so they pedofied me the whole month of February 2005!

    March 2005 my wife Joan Wagar was openly cheating on me with officer Eric Carlson and she even admitted to me that he is a twin to me!
    Joan Wagar spent the whole month of March hanging out with these cops and sleeping around with them and was partying with them and being wined and dined by them and actively was turning our daughters against me while I was in a debilitated state from being battered!

    April 2005 Joan Wagar was flaunting their murder conspiracy and our daughters took my wife’s side and my wife was actively hooking her daughters up with the officer she already admitted was a twin to me!

    I was still in pain and had no where to turn to for help, and I started donating plasma in an attempt to get money so that I could find help!

    It was around this time I caught my wife Joan Wagar hooking her daughters up with officer Eric Carlson and at the same time I discovered this was open knowledge at East Port Walmart amongst employees and managers there!

    I tried to warn people about this and that’s when my wife Joan Wagar poisoned me with antifreeze in my coffee!
    Everyone in our family pretended nothings wrong and I was now even more debilitated and was at their mercy from being poisoned by them!

    Officer Eric Carlson along with my wife Joan Wagar’s coworkers at East Port Walmart were openly calling my wife Joan Wagar by the nickname Mrs Dash two weeks after she first poisoned me!

    For several months I was kept debilitated by repeated poisonings done by my wife Joan Wagar and was surrounded by by family members that just pretended nothings wrong!

    For several months I was stuck in my home, bleeding internally, unable to walk or talk normally, and each time I went to the hospital no one would help me let alone talk to me, and police interfered with me getting help by having secret chats that they tried to hide from me with my doctor!

    Officer Eric Carlson’s bro’s in the police department would have chats with my doctor in the hallway and they repeatedly labeled me as a bad guy to my doctor until my doctor got the hint to not take a toxicology test and to not help me!

    January 2006 officer Eric Carlson’s partner officer John Ray was faking being a maintenance man at Arborglen in order to gain entry into our apartment to plant evidence in our home, and Arborglen apartment managers were giving officer John Ray the cover he wanted by claiming he was a maintenance man doing inspections of our apartment!

    I caught officer John Ray planting love letters in our home, I confronted my wife Joan Wagar over that love letter and my wife Joan Wagar admitted it was her love letter Eric Carlson gave her, but she was reluctant to admit to it!

    I was desperately trying in February and March of 2006 to find help even in my debilitated state and it was during this time my wife Joan Wagar started writing a diary!

    Joan Wagar admits in her diary I was accusing her of poisoning me, she admits I was ill, she admits I cannot get a toxicology test from the hospital and she admits I cannot get help from police!
    She admits she is a liar and a psycho and admits to her affair with Eric Carlson, she admits I was contacting people trying to find help, trying to come up with the money for a toxicology test because hospital and police would not help me!

    Joan Wagar also admits in her diary she wants life insurance money’s and she names off pills and antifreeze as poison and admits I was accusing her of using antifreeze and pills as poison, and she ends her diary by admitted she wanted to donate plasma and then admits to using pills as poison right after that!

    So Joan Wagar admits I was seeking help and admits I could not get emergency services and admits to her affair with officer Eric Carlson and admits this is open flat out knowledge amongst our family and her coworkers and her managers at East Port Walmart!

    Joan Wagar even admits in her diary that her boss at East Port Walmart lied to me about my wife’s affair with officer Eric Carlson!

    When Joan Wagar admitted in her diary she poisoned herself she also admitted on the same day to my face she poisoned herself, so I called 911, and after I was talking with the 911 operator my wife Joan Wagar panicked and charged out of our apartment and was acting like she was going to jump off the balcony, and I tried to stop her while on the phone with 911 operator, and it is then that my wife Joan Wagar attacked me on the balcony and was slamming her whole body weight into my body trying to knock me down the stairs!

    I was holding the cellphone with one hand and my other hand was holding onto the railing and I was holding on for dear life while Joan Wagar was above me and slamming her whole body into mine trying to knock me down the stairs, I even said “STOP HITTING ME!” while I was on the phone with 911 operator!

    I managed to calm Joan Wagar down by pretending to not be angry and talked calmly to her and started offering her everything I had, I offered her my coat, I offered her a cigarette, and these were the only things I had other than the cellphone!

    This calmed Joan Wagar down enough where she stopped hitting me and I had to keep talking to her calmly to keep her calm!

    While I was keeping Joan Wagar calm by calmly talking to her the 911 operator was screaming at me to not give her a cigarette, and was completely ignoring the fact that my wife was hitting me and knows full well I told Joan Wagar to stop hitting me!

    I would have given Joan Wagar anything at this point if that would get her to stop hitting me, and while I was keeping Joan Wagar calm the damn 911 operator was completely ignoring the fact that I AM THE VICTIM AND I AM THE 911 CALLER AND I AM THE ONE WITH SEVERE INTERNAL BLEEDING OF WHICH THE HOSPITAL HAS ALREADY ADMITTED TO AND IS SCREAMING AT ME ABOUT A DUMB ASS CIGARETTE!

    The whole time we waited for first responders to arrive I was talking to Joan Wagar trying to keep her calm, and I took my time getting out a cigarette for her, and I never even gave her one, all I did was just kept talking to her until help arrived!

    After about five minutes, it felt like hours, two police officer’s arrived and were at the bottom of our stairs and were looking up at me and my wife Joan Wagar, I at this point thanked the 911 operator for their help and told the 911 operator the police arrived and I hung up!

    As I looked down at the police I said “Please come up here I need your help!” and al, they did was stare at me and then look at each other and then looked at me again and just stood their, but one of those cops put his hand on his gun holster while staring up at me, they were not acting like they know of my 911 call they were acting like they have it out for me!

    I looked over at Joan Wagar and she was staring down at the cops and was grinning like a Cheshire cat at the cops, she was very pleased that her f-buddy’ officer Eric Carlson’s bro’s arrived!

    It was at this point one of the officer’s started up the stairs but was eyeballing me like I was some sort of a bad guy, and he was completely ignoring my 911 call and is completely ignoring the fact that I reported my wife admitted she is a poisoner, and he was only talking to me about a cigarette I had in my hand!

    I was getting the strongest impression at this moment that these cops were faking a domestic dispute and had already in their minds found me guilty and were automatically treating me as a criminal even though they witnessed with their own eyes I AM THE 911 CALLER!

    At no time did these officer’s calmly ask me “What happened?” and at no time was I allowed to explain anything to them, they simply arrived on the scene and are taking over and are acting under pretenses that do not exist, because they immediately started treating me like a criminal and made the cigarette I was holding the focus of their talking and was yelling at me and ordering me to drop my cigarette!

    They were pretending that that cigarette was a weapon and was demanding that I drop it, so what does this tell you, no hospital will help me, my wife sleeps around and pals around with cops, my wife poisons me, she brags to my face she is a poisoner, my wife batters me while I am on the phone with 911 operator, and then first responders show up and pretend I am the bad guy and demand I drop a damn cigarette and completely ignore the fact my wife is a confessed poisoner of a donor and ignores the fact she tried to knock me down the stairs, and all their worried about is a damn cigarette in my hand!?!?!?!?

    I backed away from these psycho cops and allowed them to take over with Joan Wagar, and as I did other first responders arrived, firefighters and paramedics and an ambulance!

    The only question I was asked was by a firefighter and he asked me as he passed me to go to Joan Wagar “Is she on any medication?” and I said no, that’s it, no more questions by first responders, and I stood back waiting for someone to question me about MY 911 CALL and there were over a dozen first responders there!

    I was in the Arborglen grounds about a dozen feet away from the apartment building and was not blocking or interfering with first responders and simply waited for someone to talk to me and to help me, and it never happened!

    As the paramedics and firefighters escorted Joan Wagar down the stairs and led her to the ambulance he said to me “Here’s your coat back!” and she handed my coat back to me, and it was those cops that came down the stairs last and the one that treated me like a criminal charged at me, got his face within five inches of my face, and yelled at me again to drop the cigarette!

    He was acting like he was going to strike me as he charged at me like that, he was trying to get me to raise my hands in self defense by doing that, but I was in so much pain and was so disgusted I could care less if he was going to strike me and I did not react to his aggressive assault knowing instinctively that cops count on that sort of thing to justify battering people, so I just stood there and stared at this bastard while his hand was acting like it was going to strike me, and he did this in front of ALL THOSE FIRST RESPONDERS!

    I was then left there, with no help, bleeding internally and battered and already debilitated from being poisoned by my wife, while my wife is escorted by over a dozen first responders to an ambulance and taken to a hospital, and I was even assaulted by the first responders over a damn cigarette in my hand, and they completely ignored what I reported to the 911 operator and completely refused to help me and refused to take my information!

    I discovered after this that a detective named Brian Assmus was renting apartments around my relatives apartments and were removing relatives garbage bags from dumpsters and he and his partner were not even trying to hide this from me!

    So I know damn well this is personal on cops part and that multiple law officer’s from multiple agency’s were and are involved in this, How fascinating that police cover up my 911 calls and at the same time Oregon state police detectives are removing garbage bags from our dumpster that I throw away!

    So I was very much viewing my wife’s f-buddy’s in law enforcement and their bro’s in law enforcement to be a bunch of murderers and that they don’t even give a damn if they are caught planting evidence and then later removing evidence from garbage bags just to put on a pretense of a investigation!

    Officer Eric Carlson was sleeping around with my wife and her daughters, officer John Ray under the pretense of being a maintenance man was planting evidence in my home, and detective Brian Assmus was faking an investigation by removing garbage bags that I throw away!

    I was thinking of detective Brian Assmus and officer John Ray as the “Garbage Man and the Recycler!” and started thinking of them in those terms!

    One pedo cop puts crap in my home, and another pedo cop takes crap out of our garbage bags, all under the pretense of an investigation, sorry that’s no investigation when officer look-a-like Eric Carlson and officer John Ray are sleeping around with my wife and her daughters and are planting crap in my home!

    March 2007 I was severely severely debilitated and was for the longest time stuck at home and was unable to do hardly anything, and on March 26th 2007 some noise woke mu up while I was asleep on the couch in the living room, I heard sex noises and I heard my wife whispering to a dude and heard a dude whisper back to her, I looked at my cellphone and it said it was 5:55 am, so it was early in the morning, I knew my wife would be leaving for work soon because she starts work that day at 7 am.

    So as far as I was concerned I was at this moment catching my wife with her f-buddy the look-a-like officer Eric Carlson in the act of their affair and was probably framing me inside our apartment, HEY,,, THE DUDES A LOOK-A-LIKE, AND MY WIFE SNEAKED THE BASTARD INTO OUR HOME EARLY IN THE MORNING, MORE THAN ENOUGH TO SUSPECT!

    So I got up and put a audio recorder in my wife’s purse and then laid back down and pretended to be asleep knowing whatever they are doing I am catching them in the act!

    They were in our daughter Kayle Wagar’s bedroom and they were making child porn, and there were more than just officer Eric Carlson that were involved, there were several people involved, and officer John Ray happened to be one of them, and it’s a good thing that I am catching them in the act because officer Eric Carlson was on our daughters bed and was acting as a photo double while his partners took photogenic photo’s of him and his dick with our daughter, and they had another female teenager in the bedroom as well, and they killed her!

    They carried the dead female’s body out the window and after that they planted the child porn they just made onto our computer and then my wife Joan Wagar and her lover officer look-a-like sneaked part me thinking I was asleep and they went into the kitchen and they poisoned my coffee cup and coffee pot, you can even hear on the audio recorder my wife pointing out to Eric Carlson which cup was mine, and officer Eric Carlson did the poisoning while Joan Wagar opened the patio shade so officer John Ray could from the outside of the apartment take photogenic photo’s of officer look-a-like poisoning my coffee pot and coffee cup!

    When they got done with that Joan Wagar closed the patio shade and grabbed her purse and officer Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar just stepped out the front door together not caring if the door wakes me up!

    When they got outside they grouped up with they rest of their partners in crime and had a talk for about five minutes about what they just did and about what their going to do next, and my audio recorder caught the whole damn thing because it was in my wife’s purse!

    They admitted they poisoned my coffee pot, they admitted they planted poison in the kitchen, they admitted they had a flyer prepared and made, and they were getting their story’s straight, then they got into their vehicles and they all as a group drove to Clackamas Walmart!

    Officer Eric Carlson was in Joan Wagar’s car while she drove to Walmart, and it was during this drive that Joan Wagar said to officer Eric Carlson “You woke her up!” and officer Eric Carlson responded by saying “Help me out with Jessica!” and during the drive they officer Eric Carlson was fondling Joan Wagar’s breasts, and during this Joan Wagar spoke up and started telling officer Eric Carlson to not break in with the warrant until she gets home, because she wants to be there for it!

    So Joan Wagar is admitting on the drive to Walmart that her f-buddy officer look-a-like has a warrant for my arrest, witch is why they planted poison in the kitchen and why they made child porn using a photo double!

    Once they arrived at the parking lit at Clackamas Walmart they were met by Joan Wagar’s sister Vickie Rosales, and the first thing Vickie Rosales said to them was Joan Wagar’s shrt was unbuttoned, and Joan Wagar in a coy voice full of mirth responded “Well I had to get ready!” and they both laugh!

    As the three of them aproach the front lobby of Clackamas Walmart Joan Wagar was calling her daughter Kayle Wagar on her cellphone and asked her if her father was up yet, and while she was checking to see if I am awake yet Joan Wagar asked officer Eric Carlson “Were you naked for it?” and officer Eric Carlson shushed her, and then said “No,,,no I wasn’t!” and at this point they stepped into the lobby and there were several other people inside the lobby waiting for the front doors to be opened because the store is not open yet, and those several people were officer Eric Carlson’s partners, John Ray was also there, and as they all got together in that lobby they all started laughing and talking about what they just did and it was for Vickie Rosales’s benefit since she took no direct part in it but was aware of their plan.

    So they started talking to Vickie Rosales and explained to her what they just did, the first thing officer Joan Ray said was “We framed Terry as a pedophile!” and then they started talking about “Eric was on her bed!” and they admitted “We got pictures of his dick!” and Joan Wagar told Vickie Rosales that they poisoned my coffee pot and that she helped!

    As they fill Vickie Rosales in as to what they just did officer Eric Carlson and his partners superiors arrived and entered the front lobby and said out loud “So,,,,,you got them for us!?” and officer Eric Carlson’s female partner Erica spoke up and said “Yes,,,,we got em on photogenic!” and then Erica said “We need to take 6:30 off of HER!” and their Superior said “Why?” and Erica said “Because John Ray broke in there!” and John Ray admitted saying “Well,,,,,I couldn’t go through the door!” and it is at this point the front door to Clackamas Walmart was opened and they all headed into Walmart and into the back of the store into the break room!

    The male law officer’s did not head into the back of the store because they still had a body to get rid of, and while they did that Joan Wagar went into the break room and put on a show for her coworkers acting like Eric Carlson hasn’t arrived yet, so she is giving officer Eric Carlson time to get rid of the body and at the same time trying to hide the fact from her coworkers that they all arrived together at Walmart!

    While Joan Wagar and Vickie Rosales made chitchat with their coworkers in the break room the female officer’s took over the printers in the office at Walmart and started printing out thousands of flyers giving Terry Wagar, me, the blame for the crimes they just did, and they already had a flyer made for this purpose and was simply making thousands of copy’s using Walmart office equipment and supply’s!

    Everyone working at East Port Walmart in April 2005 knew about my wife’s affair with a cop that was a look-a-like to me, so it was already open knowledge at Clackamas Walmart in 2007 also knew about my wife’s affair with a cop that was a look-a-like of me, and everyone in the break room was cracking jokes about this because they already knew I was poisoned by my wife and knew I was being set up by a look-a-like, this was complete and open knowledge at Clackamas Walmart, and everyone was cracking jokes about this unaware that these people just committed a murder of a teenager and that I was being set up for that as well!

    When officer Eric Carlson arrived in the break room he hugged Joan Wagar pretending that he has not seen her in a long time and he was putting on a show of catching me in the act of this or that, but it was just a pretense and it did not last long because everyone in the break room already knew he was acting as a double, and talk switched quickly about how officer Eric Carlson was dressed up like me and everyone in the break room wad laughing about it!

    A Walmart employee asked officer Eric Carlson “What was your name again?” and he and Vickie Rosales said simultaneously “Eric.” and then Joan Wagar chimed in saying “Terry!” and then everyone in the break room broke into a laughing fit at that, and then Vickie Rosales bragged at that moment about how easy it is for Eric Carlson to impersonate me!

    Common people this is what Walmart employees talk about while they smoke cigarettes in their break room, and at this very moment a female black officer was printing thousands of flyers giving me the blame for what officer look-a–like did and this was open knowledge at Clackamas Walmart!

    Anyone going to or from the break room, anyone going to clock in or out, had to pass all those flyers and walk past the printer that was printing all those flyers, so this was the talk of the store and everyone knew I was being set up and did not give a damn!

    By 9:30 am the female officer’s were reporting to a female Superior that they got everyone in the softlines department (Clothing and Shoe department) to lie for them, Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales both worked the softlines department!

    Joan Wagar herself was printing the flyers at 9:30 am when a female officer approached her and as Joan Wagar was putting a stack of those flyers into her locker the female officer said to my wife Joan Wagar “Are you ready to murder your husband now?” and Joan Wagar did not give a verbal answer so I must assume she nodded yes!

    The remainder of the day Joan Wagar and officer Eric Carlson and his partners palled up to Walmart employees and managers and spent the whole day partying and recruiting people to lie for them, they were even asking Walmart employees on suggestions as to how to make me look like a pedophile, one Walmart employee spoke up saying “Why don’t you put phone numbers on Terry’s cellphone to Girls scouts or something like that, so that’s just one example of officer’s in the store asking Walmart employees to help them to set me up, for god’s sake they were taking suggestions from Walmart employees, guess what people they committed a murder, A MURDER! and they spent the whole day laughing about it, printing flyers giving me the blame, and spent the whole day recruiting Walmart employees to back up those flyers FOR THEM SO THEY CAN APPEAR TO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT!

    By around 10:30 officer Eric Carlson was bragging to his female officer that he pedified me behind prison walls by telling prisoners to be on the look out for me and was laughing about this and admitted Terry is not going to survive this! and the female officer responded to that by saying “Can he walk on water!” and she did not say that as a question but as a statement!

    Well I never tried walking on water before but I sure know how to catch a bunch of pedophiles and serial killers bragging on audio recorders!

    Around 10:45 Joan Wagar and officer Eric Carlson went into the coat room behind the lockers and were having sex, and during their sex Joan Wagar was asking officer Eric Carlson which one got to kill her, she was asking him if it was him or was it officer John Ray that got to kill her, he answered her question by being more vigorous in his love making with her!

    Joan Wagar’s purse was in her locker at the time, my audio recorder was in her purse running, and Joan Wagar and officer Eric Carlson were having sex behind the lockers and admitting to a murder!


    Joan Wagar repeatedly admits in writing she is a poisoner she even admits to hiding poison in other drinks in her diary!

    Click to access Joan%20Wagar%20Poisons%20Using%20Antifreeze%28FILEminimizer%29%28FILEminimizer%29.pdf

    The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s bragged on a audio death threat they are going to kill me they broke into my home and put this audio death threat on my computer in my folder on the desktop!

    Officer Eric Carlson And Joan Wagar Caught On Video Trying To Kill Me They Are Armed With Guns And Recording Devices And Their Caught Hiding In Ambush By My Front Door!

    A couple days later I called the Portland police to report the attempted murder that my wife and her lover are guilty of and they hung up on me, and an hour later I get a death threat via email sent to me via someone’s pre-paid phone, no words in the email, just a picture of someones face smashed in!
    I did not know how to take screen-shots at the time so I printed the photo that was on the email and copied the TO and FROM information on the email!

    Here is an email sent to me via a Multnomah county sheriff officer and he is taunting me on this email so this email demonstrates how authority’s are covering up my calls for help!
    This email shows how I can report felony crimes to local authority’s and instead of contacting me in a formal way they reply to me via their personal Blackberry phones and taunt me and ignore ALL MY COMPLAINTS!

    Proof of Joan Wagar my wife admitting she is a poisoner, proof the OHSU hospital knows I have internal bleeding and is covering up Joan Wagar’s written confessions that she is a poisoner and the OHSU is pretending to not know what’s wrong with me to cover up the poisonings!

    Proof that the Portland police and the OHSU hospital is denying me emergency services and threatening me in writing with arrest if I even go to my hospital!
    Proof my wife’s lover officer Eric Carlson was having an affair with my wife he admits to his affair with my wife in his lover letter and he admits that he calls my wife by the nickname Mrs Dash in his love letter!

    Click to access Joan%2Cohsu%2Csgtwalker%2Cericloveletter.pdf

    Proof that when I contact other law agency’s to report these crimes that other law agency’s refuse to take a complaint and refuse to assign case numbers thus demonstrating how complaints are simply completely ignored and suppressed by authority’s!

    Proof that I am being blocked from contacting law agency’s outside the USA to report these crimes, I am being blocked from contacting INTERPOL!

    I am even blocked from contacting Crimestoppers of Oregon and that is the website that the Portland police tells people to report local crime to the Portland police, it’s their official tip website where people are supposed to report local crimes to the Portland police! and I AM NOT WELCOME TO REPORT ANYTHING!

    Even the Texas Rangers refuse to take complaints and refuse to give a case number and even refuse to give the name of the officer refusing to help me!

    I was a plasma donor when my wife was poisoning me so she is a serial killer and a whore for the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s and my wife is even admitting in her diary she is a poisoner and admits I cannot get help from police or from hospital and admits to her affair with officer Eric Carlson!

    Click to access Joan%20Wagar%20A%2CK%2CA%2C%20Mrs%20Dash%20Admits%20She%20Is%20Poisoner%21%28FILEminimizer%29.pdf

    symptoms of being poisoned by my wife!

    Severe internal bleeding!

    Severe difficulty breathing and had to stay awake night and day just to breath because if I did not consciously breath manually then I would stop breathing because my body would not breath automatically!

    Severe stomach pain!

    Severe head pain!

    Severe ear infection!

    Numbness in face and limbs!

    Severe vertigo!

    Balancing near impossible!

    Tingling sensation in between the eyes and forehead!

    Seeing spots!

    Memory severely impaired!

    Talking greatly impaired!

    Unable to function normally!

    Pain so debilitating that I was either bedridden or in the bathroom!

    Bleeding internally made it very hard to go to the bathroom because of stool hardening!

    Weak from constant blood-loss!

    Unable to think clearly!

    Debilitated to the point where leaving the apartment was impossible for months on end!

    Terry Wagar

    • I wrote you a reply, but the bastard next to me, at the library computer, erased it all. So I’ll start again. What happened to you is horrible. I can’t give you much hope as to what’s happening ending any time soon. You’ve become a target. A victim of government harassment. You won’t get help from anyone. Not from police, ACLU, lawyers, clergy, etc. Everybody’s involved in our gang stalking. I’ve started my fifth year and my harassment gets worse and worse every day. You’ve been put on a list as citizen who is crazy and very dangerous. So from now, you’ll be watched every where you go. You won’t get any rest. They’ll awaken you at all hours of the night, you’ll get hit with electricity. There’s nowhere you can go without being harassed. Your new life is hell on earth. It will not get better. And a lot of innocent men have been accused of being child molesters. There are a lot of sick Americans out there. And they’re all bastards. Just try to get better. That’s all you can do. This is not going to end any time soon. Keep in touch with me and others who are in the same situation. That’s why I write this blog to help those who don’t know what’s happening to them. It’s to give them a place to vent. Take care of yourself and stay in touch. By the way make copies of all the proof you have and don’t let it out of your sight.

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  7. This is so close to what I continue to endure, I could have written it myself. Yes, family does become involved. And so do so-called “friends.” Neighbors surrounding their prey as the torch is passed – one keeping you sidetracked as the others enter to steal / switch. Photographs are scanned, altered or replaced after the changes are made – as though things were always this way. Serial numbers and documents removed from files; keys copied; combinations copied. Pills switched; food tainted. And “no one saw anything.”

    • Yes, we targets experience the same miserable things every day. But we have a lot of company, because this is happening worldwide, it’s not a U.S. thing only. There’s nothing that the perps won’t do to you, or lie about. Every minute you don’t know what’s going to happen. There’s no such thing as an ordinary day once a target enters the “twilight zone.”

      And “no one saw anything” because they’re all involved in our gang stalking.

  8. God will do Justice! “When you will be persecuted for My sake, rejoice! Because great is your reward in heaven!”This applies to innocent TIs who are persecuted for Jesus sake because they are nice persons, who never do harm to anyone, to help others, who have a big, big heart and who love God,justice, morals and the good.That’s why we are all harrassed.But when the big justice comes, the perps and all those responsible will go directly to hell and burn forever.And we WILL see them, that’s God’s promise.We must keep our faith and endure it till the end of time.God bless all of us!We are warriors!Must be strong!pray all the time to Jesus!

  9. Dear Friend,
    Amen and amen. There will be a timing when everything hidden “will” be revealed.
    May The Lord Jesus bless and keep you and yours in His loving arms both today
    and always.
    In His love and for His glory,
    Peggy Kannaday

  10. Dear Friend,
    My prayer for you and all of the targeted individuals. May all of us be protected, healed, delivered and may you have a new beginning in Jesus’ Name.
    I pray that The Lord will bring justice, judgement, prosecution and repentance to all of the perpetrators. The truth is all being exposed. Hallelujah.
    If the Christians would pray the below prayers; God can expose, stop and prosecute these crimes against the innocent.

    The new crime areas are our own neighborhoods, and local areas that have covert activities going on covertly. These areas are being used to make money, corrupt the people and to destroy our country and our people.
    There are pedophile rings and porn production going on all over our local areas in the homes, the businesses and the buildings. It is all done completely hidden. Crimes include: pedophile rings, human trafficking, kiddy porn production, kiddy snuff films, meth labs, id theft, gang stalking and the list can go on and on.
    These criminals and their handlers use any space that they can control. They love to use areas that seem very normal, and they can have profitable rackets going on (even in the attics, etc.).
    It is all done very secretly and it is very evil because innocent children, adults and animals are used in the most unspeakable ways.

    Dear Father,
    Please expose all of the evil deeds of darkness in our area, our country and even all over the world.
    Please destroy these works of satan, and set these captives free from their greed, sexual addictions and sadism.
    Please protect, heal and deliver the innocent, babies, children, and adults that are captive. Please protect all of the innocent blood from this evil (even the animals that are used).
    Please bring justice for all, and please bring an end to this evil in our area, our country and the world.
    Please bring everything that is being hidden, covered up and white washed out in the open, and please set all of the captives free (both the perpetrators and the victims) in Jesus’ mighty Name. Amen and amen.

    The church must use the power of prayer and their authority today and before it is too late.
    As we pray the Scriptures and the will and the Word of God; He will hear from heaven, and He will bring His Kingdom into our midst and on this earth as it is in heaven. Hallelujah!

    Margaret (Peggy) Kannaday, B.A., M.ED. Peggy has been the managing editor for “Church Growth International” since 1991. “Church Growth International” is the English outreach of the famous Yoido Full Gospel Church headquartered in Seoul, Korea.

  11. Oh, the jerks are so busy doing such important work. I’m glad you finally received it. I wonder how many messages we’ve sent to each other that we haven’t received.

        • I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s been terrible wherever I’ve gone. It’s bad wherever you go. It doesn’t get worse or better, but it’s pretty bad where I live. It’s constant 24/7 harassment.

      • I’m in Florida and its bad; lots of the big bangs; all corrupt cops/you name it. I’m sick I moved here. I hear its bad all over. I am trying to figure out where I’m going w/my pets if I can sell this house. Thanks. I follow you and now started my own site because of your bravery. PS We’ve been put into 1 of 55k medical experimentations, human programs, weapons and technologies testings. So, heads up. At least we know we’ve done nothing wrong.

        • It doesn’t matter where you live, the same thing will happen. I lived in Florida for 10 years and I used to wonder what all the lights on the cars were about during the day. I was not gang stalked at that time. I moved because of the high rents to Las Vegas. In Las Vegas is where my gang stalking began. I think it was my neighbor who reported me to government as being dangerous. Or it could have been my sister who lives in Florida. She lives in Davie. My sister invited me to Thanksgiving dinner( 2008) in Florida. I went, and shortly thereafter strange things began happening to me. So sometimes I have a sneaking suspicion she’s the one who started my gang stalking. But as I said, I can’t really said who gave my name to the government as someone to watch. I soon learned what the lights on the cars were all about.

          I also started my blog because of someone else who was being targeted. His computer hacking was so bad, he quit his blog. But his videos are on YouTube and his old blog is still on WordPress. The name of the blog http://gangstalking It gives a lot of hints and tells the gang stalking hand signals. Go to Google to get it.

          Thanks for saying I’m brave. And if I’ve encouraged you to write a blog, I feel I’ve accomplished something. I must tell you, starting a blog will make your life more difficult. They will increase your gang stalking, etc.

          Try WordPress to write your blog. I must say, WordPress is the best blogging site, and you get a lot of help.

          Thanks for writing me, and don’t let them beat you down. Eventually this nonsense will end, and maybe they’ll all be put in jail.

          Take care of yourself, and be careful with your dogs. I’ve heard a lot of stories of targets’ dog killed.

      • Have they ever taken over houses around you? Neighbor involvement? Electric Grid/hits 247 Microwave Radiation? These here are psychotic; its all being done to me. And I’m a woman

        • I live in an apartment and all the apartments surrounding me have gang stalkers in them. I’m surrounded by at least 6 apartments. They get paid to report your every move. They never go out unless you go out. They don’t take take baths, use water, the bathroom, etc. They’re very quiet, so you might not even know they’re around. And usually you don’t get to see them. I’ve been lucky I’ve gotten to see all the gang stalkers who harass me and what they look like. Take videos of all of them. The whole damn neighborhood is involved! They do it all to me, spray pesticide, hit me with electricity, etc. They’re more than psychotic! I’m a woman, too. They don’t care what you are, they’re animals.

          Oh, if you move, make sure that the place you move into doesn’t have the property manager living on premise. It’ll be hell. She/he will recruit all the tenants to harass you. You’ll seldom meet nice people. I don’t know where they’ve all gone!

          If you live in a house, maybe it’s a good idea to keep it. At least you don’t have a bunch of tenants surrounding you, and hitting you from below,above and every direction.

          • By the way, did you send me another message? I saw a comment show up, but it was erased. I wonder if it was from you. I don’t want you to think I didn’t answer your question. My computer has been taken over by a guy who lives about 10 doors from and he’s always erasing things from my blog.

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