Gang Stalking – I no longer take an “ordinary day” for granted.

Bella Unión. Artigas Español: Hijos de los pel...

The Meeting Place A 30-foot bronze sculpture c...
The Meeting Place A 30-foot bronze sculpture called The Meeting Place by Paul Day featuring two reunited lovers embracing in the newly-refurbished St Pancras station in London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
People Watching at Sculptures

People Watching at Sculptures (Photo credit: Alegrya)

A sight of Marquee Mall's entertainment area t...

A sight of Marquee Mall's entertainment area taken from a balcony in the third floor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The second location of Starbucks in Seattle wa...

The second location of Starbucks in Seattle was opened in 1977. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

people watching

Sometimes I just stand somewhere and watch people.   I watch them as they take a walk; as they get on and off the bus; as they sit on a park bench enjoying a sunny day; as they drink coffee at Starbucks; as lovers embrace; as  children laugh; as the lonely people watch others; as men watch women; as people watch other people.  And I think to myself, do they ever think about how beautiful an ordinary day is? All these things people do on a regular basis, and I bet not one of them thinks how lucky they are to be doing these ordinary things.  I’m sure they don’t.  They take ordinary days for granted, just as I used to.

But I no longer take ordinary days for granted. Now I’m on the outside looking in.  I’m no longer one of them.  I can no longer enjoy an ordinary day. My life is not ordinary; I wish it were.

What I wouldn’t give to just have an ordinary day.  To not have someone follow me everywhere I go.  To not always be watching my back.  To not be shot with chemicals.  To not be thought a thief.  To not be called names.  To not be treated like trash. To be able to trust someone.  To have someone talk to me as if I mattered. To be able to sleep 8 hours a day.  To enjoy a meal at a restaurant without a bunch of freaks staring me down and making fun.  To enjoy a really good laugh with a friend.  To have a friend I could trust.  To just enjoy being.

People take their freedom for granted.  They should live my life for a day, I’m sure freedom would have a different meaning.  It wouldn’t just be a word they hear all the time.  They would truly know what  the word freedom means. And after learning what the word freedom means, I’m sure they wouldn’t be doing to others what they’re doing.  They would cherish the word and what it means.

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4 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I no longer take an “ordinary day” for granted.

  1. We’ll put. If you ever get something that plays DVD ‘s again try the old Michael Caine film “The Whistleblower”. ” they have put out the light of the ordinary world” I seems to me that there is someone insane in charge. Myself, my late husband, my parents and a friend from childhood did not want much from life. We were content and happy just having a “normal” life. Go to work, talk to friends, read, listen to music, pay your bills and mind tour own business. Is that too much to ask? It is like a cancer running wild in society. The cancer cells are vigorous and insatiable extending into every healthy institution in society seeking out the healthy and viable to suck the life and soul out of them.
    I like the music track by Nickleback You Remind Me Who I Really Am. Don’t let them steal your soul.

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