Gang Stalking – The sick bitch.

Now I'm That Bitch

Now I'm That Bitch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The bitch that I’ve told you about before, is back upstairs.  Every time I see her, she begins to laugh.  She laughs to make   me think she’s happy.  But I know the miserable bitch is not happy.  How can someone be happy when they’re doing such evil others to someone else?   No one who is happy does these things.  Happy people leave others alone.  They don’t have to spend their time hiding in some apartment like a rat, spraying someone with spray.  If she’s so happy, how come she can’t stick to one man? It seems to me, every time I see her, she’s sleeping with some new man.  She’s back upstairs with the man who told her to get out of the apartment when he found out how many men she’d slept with.  If  you’re happy, you don’t have to sleep with every man you meet.  If you you’re happy, you have respect for yourself.  If you’re happy, you don’t end up in prison.  No matter how much she laughs, I know there’s a miserable human being underneath.  So keep on laughing, you bitch!  Eventually life will get even with you.  I look forward to when that day comes.  And then I’ll do the laughing.  And it will be a real laugh.

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