Gang Stalking – Tips for protecting yourself (2)

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Yesterday, I wrote of ways to protect yourself.  I want to expand on what I wrote.

There’s a very good way to find out what’s embedded in your body.  I’m sure most of you use Vaseline, or Petroleum jelly.  Well, Vaseline can help remove things from your body. I use it all the time.  I’m amazed by the crap that comes out of my body. Some of  the things that come out of my skin are things that look like pepper granules, green plastic things that are in the shape of a “v”, and something that’s about the size of a dot that’s translucent.

What I do to remove these things from my body.  Take some Vaseline, rubber it on any spot.  Keep rubbing the Vaseline until it’s dry. When it gets dry, rub, rub some more. This is the point at which you’ll see things come out of your skin.  Things you didn’t know were in it.  You can do this to any part of your body.  All the things embedded  in your skin can be found in your hand,the upper parts of your hand and your palms; your back; your legs; your feet, bottom sole and top.  Everywhere you have skin, you can find the above things.  Also to get these things out of your skin, fill your bathtub with apple cider vinegar (as hot as you can make it) and just sit back in the bathtub for about 20 minutes.  After 20 minutes, get a back scrubber and scrub every part of your body.  The scrubber will remove a lot of what’s in your body.  Sometimes you won’t be have to scrub. When you get out of the bathtub, look to see what’s been removed.  You’ll see all kinds of crap in your bathtub. And you’ll really feel good; put some oil on your skin, vinegar has a tendency to dry skin. You can also use vinegar to soak your feet (vinegar will remove dead skin from your feet).

Yesterday, I wrote about gallon plastic bottles.  I forgot to tell you to carry the plastic bottles in your car, right next to you.  Also put some plastic bottles in the back seat.  If anyone is shooting anything at you, the plastic bottles will take the hit, not you.

In my apartment, the maintenance man has made pock holes all over the floor.  I’ve covered a lot of the holes with tape, but there are so many, I need a new carpet.  I’ve asked the property manager to replace the carpet, but she has done nothing about it.  These holes in the carpet cause electricity to be drawn from underground to you.  Check your carpet to see if there are pock holes in it. It’s easy to find out. When you walk around your apartment, do you feel as if you’re being hit.  If you are, there are holes in the carpet.

Just be aware of what’s going on in your apartment, or house. After a while, you can tell when something’s wrong

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