Gang Stalking – Tips for protecting yourself (1).

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I want to give you some tips on how to protect yourself. I’ve learned  all these things through experience.

Do you feel a pulsating sensation?  Well, that’s done by something they spray at you, or electricity.  When you get this feeling, push down heavily on the item that’s giving the pulsations. Figure out where the pulsating is coming from and push down heavily.  If you usually feel this sensation in bed, again, figure out where it’s coming from and press down heavily on the bed.  Or put some heavy object on the bed to keep it from pulsating (like a brick).  You will probably still feel it a bit, but you won’t get that pulsating feeling.  They’re doing the pulsating from your apartment, they’ve rigged the refrigerator to attract electricity to where you’re sleeping.  Look behind your refrigerator and see if they’ve done anything to it.  They took out the wires on one side of my compressor and twisted the wires around the electrical cord. They also removed the front and back of the refrigerator to make it easy for the electricity to hit me. Also look behind the oven, they’ve removed the inside parts of the oven which prevents electricity from getting through.  They’ve also covered the cord with some plastic covering. They removed the side of the lower kitchen cabinet (it’s right next to the oven) so electricity can get through to me.  I don’t live in a house, so you have to check everything in your house to find out where the pulsating is coming from.

When you’re home, do you get hit?  Use the gallon size water bottles to protect yourself.  Just place them right next to you.  You  will hear pong when it hits.  The plastic bottle attracts  electricity and you won’t get  hit you. After the gallon of water is empty, refill it with faucet water and have it near you.  Carry a small plastic bottle of water when you go out, it will protect you. The bottle gets hit, not you. Use old cartons to protect yourself. Use anything with a bounce to protect yourself –  balls, umbrellas, bottles, etc.  I find umbrellas are really good at picking up  electricity, but get a really good umbrella.  A good umbrella is worth the price. I must warn you that they will break your umbrellas. They’ve broken every umbrella I’ve bought.  Oh, if you get hit through the window, put some large plastic bottles on the window sill.  You will hear the pinging when it hits the plastic bottles.  And also put plastic bottles on the bottom of the window sill.

Do you feel heat?  My sister used to hit me all the time.  I didn’t know how she did it, but I found out one day when she went out.  She was using a heater that looks like a hair dryer, but it’s twice the size of a normal hair dryer.  So basically what they’re using on you is a big hair dryer.  The hair dryer is very quiet and you can barely hear it.

Also the pulsating, get one of those small  fans you can put on the floor.  Be sure the fan is very steady so that you can also use it on a counter.  Direct the fan toward where the pulsations are coming and it will re-direct the pulsating back to the giver (gang stalker).  Make sure the fan is very sturdy.  If it’s wobbly, you’ll have to worry about the fan’s safety.  I should warn you that they will break your fan.  They’ve broken three of my fans already.  The fan works that why they break it .

As I said before, everything done to you the  gang stalkers do. Why do you think they need so many?  I do not believe that directed energy weapons  or satellites hover over you.  You can outwit them if you stop thinking you’re a victim. Think of all those t.v. shows where someone has become a persona non grata.  What do they usually do?  They fight back.  And fight back is what you should do.  Stop thinking of yourself as a victim.  It makes you an easy target.  And as I’ve stated before, do whatever you do subtly.  Good luck.

The things I’ve let you know  worked for me.  That’s why I’m giving you these tips.  Let me know if these things work for you.  And also let me know if you have other tips someone can use. Thanks.

Oh, I forgot.  One more tip.  You know those safety socket covers for babies, get one for all your sockets.  It prevents electricity from getting into your home.  Of course, a little electricity will get through, but you won’t feel electricity hitting you all the time.  The safety socket covers for babies are very inexpensive, so get one for every socket in your home or apartment.

Another tip. If you have access to a circuit board, turn off as much electricity as you can every night.

Oh, I forgot another one, look out at night.  Is the area around you lit up like a bulb,  and the other  areas  dark?  They’re directing all the electricity toward you.  That’s why you feel all that electricity all the time.

I guess that’s it for today.  Stay safe.


11 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Tips for protecting yourself (1).

  1. Hi Neverending,

    How can I follow your Blog? My stalkers seem
    To be pointing something at my head, would
    You have any idea what that is? How can you
    Protect your eyes?

    I’ve noticed my stalkers are not as smart as they think, it seem they would need a lot of power to do this, what type of devices provide that much power because they carry something very heavy into their apartment every night?

    Thanks again

    • 99% of the time, what they’re pointing at you is electricity. They use their phones to do it. Watch their phones,and watch how they point it at you. Get a pair of big sunglasses and a hat, to protect your eyes and head. Oh, the thing in the apartment, do you hear them filling a water bucket all the time?

      • Every day they fill a bucket with water and they mix it with some chemicals, like pesticide, and then they put this into a machine, a black machine, and it turns into electricity, and that’s what they hit you with. I know about all of this because this is what my relatives used to do to me. Isn’t family nice? So those buckets you hear them filling up all the time is used to hurt you. You do hear the buckets, don’t you?

        P.S. Why aren’t you writing your blog?

  2. Hi Neverending,

    It’s been a while since your last blog and I’m
    hoping this account is still active. I’m going to
    try your suggestions, but can you explain how
    The stalkers are able to follow you while you are in your home?

    Thank You

    • I’m still active. I type a blog almost every day. I think they have two-way mirrors in my apartment. One in my bathroom and one in my bedroom, plus I think they infrared (I’m not sure I spelled this right). It’s that thing the government uses to see through walls. What the American soldiers use when they want to see in the dark. My neighbors are all perps and the government works with them in doing things like this. That pulsating feeling is coming directly from electricity. Look at your arms and you’ll see all kind of marks. Electrical marks. Plus there are sensors all over your apartment. In the refrigerator, floor, walls, bathroom. The perps who live next to you know where you are by the sensors.

      P.S. They also hide cameras in your fan, lights, and anywhere else you can think of.

  3. This is very similar, and exact regarding the refrigerator and electric. Thanks. Safety sockets will save me money ‘they’ve’ already cost me.

    • There are all kinds of things you can use to protect yourself. Just think of the show “McGver”(?). Remember how he used to come up with all sorts of things to protect himself? We have to think along the same lines. Thanks for responding. Hope things are okay.

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