Gang Stalking – Fighting back = one less freak on the street.

Stalker (film)

Stalker (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

About A Year Ago... (Stalker Version)

About A Year Ago... (Stalker Version) (Photo credit: K!T) If you notice, everyone is wearing black and blue. A typical gang stalking gimmick. Imitate target.

Stalking Expanded.

Stalking Expanded. (Photo credit: LexnGer) capturing gang stalker.

As I wrote yesterday,  you have every right to protect yourself. You have the right to fight back.  The gang stalkers feel that they can do to targets whatever they want and not suffer the consequences.  I feel I have the right to do to gang stalkers what they do to me.  If they don’t want someone to target them, then they should quit their gang stalking.  I say fight back.  The reason gang stalkers think they can lord it over you, it’s because a lot of targets don’t retaliate.  If targets retaliate, you’ll see that a lot of the gang stalkers will quit doing this kind of work. Nobody. Nobody has the right to abuse you!  Most of the gang stalkers are babies.  Do to them what they do to you and see how they react.  They don’t like it!  I say retaliate.  The number of gang stalkers going after you will decrease. And if targets all retaliate, the gang stalkers will be too scared to go after us.

A few days ago, I was on the bus and I heard the following conversation. It was between a former gang stalker and someone thinking of becoming one:

Former gang stalker:   No, don’t do it.  It really hurts when they hit you.

Newbie:   I need a job.  It sounds like an easy job, and I really need the money.

Former gang stalker:  I’m telling you, don’t do it.  You’re not going to like it.  I couldn’t take it.  I quit.

Newbie:  Yeah, but I think I’ll do all right.  I can take it.

Former gang stalker:  If you do it, you’re going to regret it.  You have to be out there all the time with people hitting you all day.

Newbie:  I think I can take it.

Former gang stalker:  I’m telling you, it really hurts. They hit you back all the time.

Newbie:  Well, I’m going to give it a try.

Former gang stalker: Well, do what you want, but I’m telling you it really hurts. It hurts a lot.  Some of them hit you all the time.

Newbie:  Thanks, but I need a job.

I got off the bus and couldn’t hear the rest of the conversation.  But this conversation shows me that fighting back is the way to go.  We have to fight back to protect ourselves.  As you can read, the former gang stalker quit because targets hit her back. If the targets she was following didn’t retaliate, she’d still be working as a gang stalker.  One less freak on the street.  A word of warning, be very subtle when you retaliate.  Be as sneaky as the gang stalkers.  Protect yourself.  You have every right to defend yourself.  It’s your right!

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16 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Fighting back = one less freak on the street.

  1. I have been stalked and messed with for about four years. The surveillance and harassment really increased during the Spring of 2014. The neighbors upstairs were up to no good so I took their plates and had them run. One car was owned by a retired US Navy Commander Harrison Heublein (google his name, my twitter shows up..ha ha!). It was his son and wife who were doing the harassing and I got their plates, too. Spencer Heublein and Heather Strong. They live in the Riverside, CA area. They scattered like rats when I got their names. Total effing scumbags. The harassment from others hasn’t stopped but reading this from others gets me motivated to screw with them. Thank you!

  2. My friend is being gang-stalked by NY/NJ Port Authority Police Department, the Jersey City Police Dept. and the NYPD and others on the behest of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Psychopaths. The millionaire wannabe-elites that gave the “go-ahead” are Garret Adare FitzGerald, M.D.and Daniel James Rader, M.D. of ITMAT/UPenn. The NY/NJ Police Dept. has taken it up as their game. They are literally having fun on someone they don’t know. This should happen to one of their relatives. Only then they will see how funny it really is. But interestingly enough, NYNJ PAPD seems to be at the center of the harassment. The only connection with UPenn we see for their enthusiastic involvement is the name STEVEN VITALE. When I researched it, Steve Vitale of NYNJ PAPD was some old retired PAPD cop who was killed by an road-raged Asian man. The Steven R. Vitale my friend and I refer to is the computer hacker for Daniel Rader and Garret FitzGerald, who works for UPenn and lives in Collingswood, NJ. Steven R. Vitale is 37 years old young. Perhaps the cop Steven is/was a relative related to Steve’s father Russel Vitale, maybe?

    • To be honest, I’ve never heard of Steven Vitale. But I’m going to look it up. That’s usually how harassment starts. Someone puts someone’s name out to the government as someone to watch and it gets done, especially if they have any kind of power. That’s how a lot of us got on the government “watch list”.

      I looked up Steven R. Vitale, and I found that HUD/FHA owes him a refund of $80.69. But if you want to find out more info about Steven R. Vitale, you should find out his address and look him up that way. I think that way you get the right person.

  3. I’ve had gang-stalkers harass me in a multitude of ways for years. My last straw was when these stalkers in a car throw a fist full of pennies out of a moving car as I was walking on the side walk! I will be armed from here out unfortunately I live in California where its illegal to carry a firearm…I bought a large 24 ounce of bear spray, a knife & bunch of heavy metal bolts !! I will not sit by idly without taking a defensive posture!! I am with-in my rights to self defense!! Next time they try that shit I will spray their cars with bear spray & send a few bolts & rocks through there windshields!! The bastards rarely come out of their cars if they ever do & try to attack again I will certainly use my knife & what ever means necessary within the confines of the law!! The police won’t do a thing, infact some of them are colluding with them or have orders not to intervene!!! People arm your self’s within the law & defend your person these punks need to realize we won’t take it anymore enough is enough! No more ignoring them & sitting on by while they harass me…I will not tolerate it any longer!!

    • I agree with you. I’ve always believed in fighting back to protect myself. If we’re not bothering them and they try to do something to me, I agree I have a right to protect myself. Just be careful how you do it, because you’ll be the one they’ll put in jail. The cops will let the perps go free. Be careful, but do what you have to.

  4. Ah but the government have access to everything online so if it was down to them they would of put a stop to your blog if they were so bothered about you they would have cut all access to this one joy … they have better things to do if you ask me with all the bombing and terrorists i think yeah you could be paranoid or have a creepy stalker either way have you evan tried going to the police, how do you pay for your internet if you have no money … anyway this subjects creeps me out last blog about the subject.

    • The Police? I’ve gone to them several times and they’ve done absolutely nothing. The police know what is going on and so do a lot of law enforcement agencies. You are creeped out, I don’t blame you. The government has total control of my computer. They haven’t been successful in getting me to stop writing. Well, thanks for responding. I will not write to you again.

  5. If it effects you that badly why not move countries, i no it’s no easy to but still acheiveable if wanted that badly, i agree why should you have to move around so much it must be awfull but staying you are letting it consume who you are, and if it is the goverment at work you are letting them rule your life take a stand of your life.

    • It does not matter where I move. This will follow me. This is happening to people all over the world. I have people from India, Thailand, England, France, Japan, etc. telling me about what’s happening to them in their countries. This seems to be a world order. So moving to another is not going to stop it. I am taking a stand by writing this blog. Because I continue to write my in spite of the government trying to stop me, I am followed 24/7. If I were not writing this blog, I wouldn’t be harassed so much. How much power do you think I have over the government? The government can pay to have hundreds of people follow me around. My finances are limited. But I will continue to write my blog. The government will not stop me.

      This is happening to hundreds of Americans. They also are going through what I’m going through. How can I not be consumed by something that’s happening to me 24/7?

      • What do i no I’m only 17 but i do no we choice who we want to be and how we see things, you can choice it not to consume your life try for one day to not mentally respond, i do feel for you, you make me life seem piece full i had never heard of gang stalking, and hope one day you feel safe because you should be able to live and i agree blogging also helps to express yourself it’s good i feel like people can listen and not judge

  6. I do not no what a gang stalker is and don’t think i was to ;/ call the police ignore them stop letting them consume your life u talk about getting back at them but really all they want is an reaction if u give them no plesure in emotion they are more likely to back of and if hurting them back makes you just as bad u should move, there are loads of places to apply for help, good blog.

    • Have you ever been followed 24/7? Have you ever not been left alone? Have you been sprayed with pesticide 24/7? Have you ever had your food stolen from your refrigerator? Have you ever had all your clothes ripped? Have you ever been awakened every 2 hrs. when you try to sleep? Have you have roaches and ants put into your apartment? This is my life. I wish I go on with my life and be left alone. This is government at work. It is being done to almost more than half a million Americans because of the Patriot Act. Read the Patriot Act.

    • I’ve moved 6 times in one year. How many times do I have to move to be left alone? This is government at work. Remember the Holocaust? It”s sort along the same lines. Only thing, we’re not being put in ovens.

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