Gang Stalking – Just play it cool.

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Well, the floozy is back.   I told you about her before.  She lived upstairs and she left in January.  I went out to throw away my garbage and  two men were walking in front of me.  One of the men turned around, and it was her.  She’s very mannish looking. I really thought it was a man!  She was, of course, with another  man.  Must be like about the 8th or 9th man she’s been with this year.  I don’t know if she’s living upstairs, or living in another apartment.  But this time, we’ll see who gets the better of whom. This time if she throws me on the ground, I’ll be ready with my camera.  I’ll get her and put her in jail where she belongs.

I wrote yesterday about everything that happens to targets is just third world nonsense.  And it is.  I don’t like to write blogs that are too long because no one will read them.  I know if someone writes a blog that goes on for 5 or 6 paragraphs, I lose interest. So I try to get my ideas across in a blog that’s as concise as I can make it.

As I was writing, everything that’s done to you is third word nonsense.  No satellites or Directed Energy Weapons follow you around.  That job falls to the gang stalkers.  If you live in a house or apartment, the gang stalkers surround your area.  A lot of times, your gang stalker will be someone sitting in a car(s) right near your house.  If you live in an apartment, all the apartments surrounding you become places where gang stalkers hang out.  You’ll never hear them, but they can hear everything you say. (Not only can they hear everything you say, but everything you say is recorded. Just think of all the movies you’ve seen where the FBI is hanging out next door.  The same thing happens to you.) They’re told not to put their t.v. on, talk, take a shower, cook, etc.  Their main purpose is to harass you non-stop and listen to everything you say.  Also, they’re told to watch everything you do and report back to the government jerks. If you leave to go anywhere, they will report that you’ve left your apartment.  And from the minute you leave your apartment till you get home, you will have someone follow and watch everything you do.  A report is kept on everything you do.  If you yell at someone, it’ll be on the report, probably add some nonsense about you being violent.  So when you go out anywhere, play it COOL!  Don’t let the jerks get to you.  It gives them all great pleasure that they’ve annoyed you.  If they discover that something really annoys you, it will continue ad nauseam. Everywhere you go it will happen over and over.

And be careful when you go out, they’ll try to run you over, make you angry, get in line in front of you in the store, restaurants will keep you waiting, give you the wrong food, overcharge you, serve you cold food when it supposed to be hot.  Also when you go into a store, restaurant, etc. the music volume will increase, people will talk very loudly, children will scream, the restaurant help will drop utensils, pots, pans, anything that makes noise to annoy you.  So when you go anywhere, always have your radio on and put on ear plugs. Anything they can do to make your existence a horrible experience, they will do.  When you go out, be ready for anything. Just play it COOL!  Cool.

Until manana (tomorrow).

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