Gang Stalking -Where has our “empathy gene” gone?

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I just heard this statistic on the radio.  Eighteen veterans a day are taking their lives.  When you consider there are 31 days, that’s a total of 553  (minus 5  for those days that don’t have 31 days)  veterans who take their lives every month.  And yearly, it’s a total of almost 6700 veterans killing themselves. That’s more deaths than the men killed in war. The reason so many veterans take their lives vary.  Some are suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Others can’t find jobs, causing them to go into debt.  Some have lost their family.  Also they come back to a society that doesn’t appreciate what they did during the war.  We take them for granted, as if what they did wasn’t important.  It’s a terrible statistic.  If you meet a veteran, be appreciative of what’s they’ve done for our country.

I also heard on the radio about human trafficking.  This is happening all over the U.S.  and other countries.

An example of this is a ship’s captain who hired Indonesians to work for him on his fishing boat.  The Indonesians worked long, long hours.  The problem, they went months and months without pay. When the Indonesians protested, the Captain threatened to have them all deported back to Indonesia.  The Indonesians decided they weren’t going to work without pay and quit en mass.  And they reported the captain to the New Zealand government.   The New Zealand government, on the advise of the captain, deported all the Indonesians.  Some Indonesians got back pay, something like $500 for working many months.  And the Indonesians only got pay if they signed a document stating that they would not suit the country of New Zealand, or the captain.  If the Indonesians didn’t  want to sign, they got no money and were immediately deported.   One man who did not sign, had police break into his home and threaten his wife and child.  The Indonesian got lucky, because he knew a reporter.  The reporter sent a group of men  to the victim’s home and quietly got him into a safe place.  Now the man is in hiding.

Another example, in the U.S., a  man who ran a children’s home began a children’s choir.  The men solicited money from people, supposedly, to help support the children.  The man was abusing the children, never allowed them to go out, made them work, and the children were given very little to eat.   All the children’s IDs were taken  from them, so it was hard for the children to complain to authorities.   Someone reported  the man to authorities.  An investigation was begun. The authorities found that the children were virtual slaves, and all the children were taken  from him.  A lot of the children got lucky.  Some were adopted by Americans.

Another example, a Chinese man working in a Chinese restaurant lived like a slave.  The people for whom he worked took away his passport and had him work without pay.  Since they took away his passport, he couldn’t prove who he was and had to do whatever the people told him to do.  There are many examples of human trafficking going on in the U.S.  People; people who are treated as slaves by those people for whom they work.

If you’re wondering why I’m writing about this, it’s because all the people above were taken advantage of by bullies.  Basically what was done to the people was bullying.  Bullying is done to people to make them submissive; to make money off them; to just enjoy treating people badly.  What I’m going through is bullying.  Bullying seems to be a disease of the 21st century.  It seems people no longer have  empathy for others.  It seems people have lost their “empathy gene.”

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