Gang Stalking – The man next door.

Chevrolet Tahoe (GMT820)

Image via Wikipedia - Chevy Tahoe

The other day I wrote that a man moved in next door.  I wrote that he seem to belong to the FBI, or some law enforcement agency.  The first day that I saw my next door neighbor, he was wearing a leather coat (real) and leather shoes.  Well, someone must have read my blog and told him to change his look. He’s been changing his look since the first day I saw him.  The second day I saw him, he was wearing jeans and his brown coat.  Now, I barely recognize him.  He looks like one of the gang stalkers.  He’s wearing a blue knit cap, large jeans, a hoodie, and has grown a full beard.  Now he looks like a gang stalker.  I guess he was told to look more “street”.  If I hadn’t seen him the first day, I right off would have thought of him as a gang stalker.  But still, I know he’s law enforcement.  When he was going into his apartment, I took a look.  On the air conditioner he had a box of tissues and a bottle of mouth wash.  I don’t think any  of the gang stalker I’ve seen care about the way they look or smell.  Most of them look like they never comb their hair, or take a shower.  So I know that the man next door is law enforcement, even when he tries to look “street”.  And he still has that Chevy Tahoe car.  And it has “family” written all over it.  Nor does he have any furniture.  Not even one dish.  So he can keep his eyes on me, because I will definitely be keeping my eyes on him.

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