Gang Stalking – Harassment of citizens by U.S. government.

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On Saturday, I was walking out of my apartment when I saw a girl with blonde hair riding her bike.  She was between the ages of 10-12.  A little chubby.  As I walked by her, she made a u-turn.  I automatically turned my head.  The girl had on a sweater with a v-neck.  She took her v-neck sweater and pulled it down so I was able to see her small breast.  Without thinking, I shouted, “I can’t believe it.  They’re prostituting their grandchild.”  This happens a lot to me with women who are older.  Every time they see me, they pull their sweaters down so I can see their breasts.  It’s part of the harassment I have to put up with.  But to see a little  girl doing the same thing, just shook me!  The little girl is the grandchild of the apartment manager and her husband.  She knew what to do because she was told what to do by her grandparents.  How can people prostitute their grandchildren that way?  The  government tells citizens to involve their children and grandchildren in what they are doing.  To me it is a very sick thing to do.  How can people be so stupid?  How can they go along with a government who tells them to do such disgusting things that involve their own families?  It is sick!

I’m not the only one who has to put with things like this.  They do the same things to men.  A lot of men have to put up with accusations of child molestation or pedophilia.  Men who have done nothing, but have to put up with false accusations. They especially like to do things like this to people who are single and live by themselves.

The people who run the government program of gang stalking are very, very, sick people.

The U.S. government has done things like this before.  It is not their first time.  The U.S. government has a history of secrecy.

In the l940’s, the U.S. government infected with gonorrhea, syphilis, and other sexually transmitted diseases Guatemalan men.  The Guatemalan men though they were getting free health care, but they were just guinea pigs in the U.S. government’s experiments. And the sexually transmitted diseases were passed on to their families.  If you’d like more info on this, Google it.  There’s a lot of information on this experiment.

And then in the rural south, the government infected black men with syphilis. They also thought they were receiving  free health care.  The experiment’s name was Tuskegee syphilis experiment. Over 1500 men were part of this experiment.  A lot of the men got very sick, and some died. And their families also suffered.  The syphilis was passed on to their children and wives.  The experiments went on from l932 – l972.  That’s not too long ago.

The two experiments I cite are only two of the experiments the U.S. has conducted.  There are over hundreds of other experiments done on civilians and soldiers.

And now in the age of terrorists, it is experimenting with American citizens in another way.  Not by infecting us with sexually transmitted diseases, but trying to get us to commit terrorists act,  kill ourselves, or end up in some mental institution.

And citizens who refuse to believe that this is happening to other citizens are also committing crimes by not speaking out. I’ve spoken out, but no one will listen.  What will it take for other citizens to open their minds to the possibility that this is happening?  I just don’t know what to do.

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4 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Harassment of citizens by U.S. government.

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      • 11-5-2013- UP DATED-SANDRA ZUMWALT A TANSWOMAN UNDER SEIGE IN WPB, FL (Open attachment to see my transcripts of 9 college degrees.)


        The latest is that the people behind my harassment have obtained and falsified a DNA Report!. How is DNA falsified? I ordered my DNA taken about six months back, I wanted it for protection from the government quack responsible for all the allegedly criminal acts of mucking up my life on a daily basis for the last four years. I knew that with the illegal GPS on both our cars they were following me every where, and talking to everyone I had come in contact with immediately after I had done some business or even shopped in a store. That is the defamation end of what they do to people. They make it appear your the biggest dirt bag in the world, that you have already committed some serious crime and they just need a little bit of help to finally close the case, problem is they do not realize that the person is actually innocent and they only need help putting that innocent person in jail. So, how can DNA for someone be falsified, easy simply change my swab sample given for DNA results to someone else, just before it is mailed out, or while the mail is in route to the lab! All it takes is a dishonest employee and of cause a rogue government agent. So, my DNA swab was replace with someone else’s, then mailed out to the lab or obtained while with in the mail while in route to said lab and swooped while en route being mailed to the lab. The possibility of the damages this could have on me from them are end less I need to have my DNA verified, but I am afraid they will just do it all over again. Some one help me with this!
        My real DNA would match me with my brother, John B. Zumwalt, 111 who lives on the West Coast of Florida, and is on the net as the former President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of PBSJ a fortune 500 company based in Tampa, or my first cousin Sandra Elmer, her husban was the former President of Coca Cola Bottling Company who last know address was in New Hampshire, her maid name was Sandra Tilton.

        Another issue was as follows: First of all only mentally deranged animals engage in such egregious human rights abuses, as I and many other American Citizens have listed below, yet the government, has been caught red handed doing such things to a number of people. Such sick conduct has no legitimate place in any civilized society. It is depraved beyond words and illustrates conduct one would expect from a rogue regime, not a democracy. Many victims of this harassment had been disparaged in the past as the “tinfoil hat” crowd, and passed off as mental cases. Indeed that is one of the goals of the harassment: to target individuals and destroy them socially and economically by making them appear”crazy”, so as to isolate them, take away their income, and nullify their credibility. The old Soviet Union used similar, but more brutal techniques of repression. Indeed many famous dissidents from the past were declared insane and packed off to mental wards,warehoused, and then given powerful anti-psychotic drugs by government paid psychiatrists, in my case I will be killed within the walls of the VA if I cannot not stop them.The above is what they are doing now in Palms West, as well as with anyone else they can influence, trying to get people all over to say
        I am crazy! I have not seen a government psychiatrist at the local VA since 2010, and even when I did none of them ever said or declared me insane, far from it. What is being said in my notes from two doctors at Palms West is that I am being treated at the local VA! My records from them will prove that is a lie, the seeds for me ending back there are being recorded within my records at Palms West by two of your doctors who were allegedly told what to say and what to put into their reports by rogue federal agents. (That I am currently being treated by them! Now way I want anything to do with the local West Palm Beach, VA. The same thing was tried at JFK, except I had that changed those statements via my HIPPA rights to prove that I was not being treated at that VA is the source of all the harrassment!

        It is the oldest trick in the book too declare someone crazy to mask your criminal actions! (Depraved beyond words actions, by an insane rogue quack federal agent(s).

        Senator Bill Nelson has will be taking my case and will present it to the DOJ, IG on my behalf. I need some help from the DOJ, IG, my Civil Liberties have been violated for years….send help! This situation is very real American Citizens are being harassed and even worst, it has been happening to me and might explain some
        things which happened in your hospital, it has happened in two other local hospitals, Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center & JFK…. prior to my short stay at Palms West during October 16 thru 18 ,2013

        Attention Senator Bill Nelson, I would like to thank the Senator for his new legislation supporting the LGBT, Minority American Citizens giving them legal rights for fair employment without the discrimination caused by their sexual orientation.

        10-30-2013, UPDATE
        93 Tide Street
        West Palm Beach, FL 33404

        Email- ,please email me no phone calls
        Phone- I am not accepting any incoming calls, I am allegedly being illegally stalked by a federal agency.

        Some of West Palm Beaches most trusted federal governments protective agencies/ executives/ employees are violating the rights of law-abiding, upstanding, innocent, hardworking United States American citizens (most of them seniors?) in ways that you would not imagine and are down-right criminal.

        It has been happening to me for the last 4 years, all because I am a Transsexual? not really everyone else is included. The local VA worked me over for years and when I stopped going there.. all the following started up, but first read my references, I like many more American Citizens are being criminally harassed right here in our country, using our tax payer money criminally against us by the very law enforcement people hired to protect us! obama-dictatorship-part-ii/ stalking 523631.html
        enabled terms=&s_it=client97_searchbox&q=civil+rights+vioations+va+medical+centers

        As of today, now only 3% of the American Citizens presently know what is happening, if this is not stopped what will happen when the entire nation and the rest of the world finds out! At that point there will not be any more administrational talking will be over this could well cause a revolution within for this issue is very serious because it effects our entire way of life.

        (Note I am 65 years old and do not believe in violence, however the younger generations will not sit still for this kind of treatment.) Some of these same violations include against me personally are as follows:

        {Note: One of the lead suspects of this effort to harassment and incriminate me with bogus VA related charges is about 40, brown hair, medium length, not much to look at, needs some nose work, and other facial feminization, drives a dark blue mid size auto with a dirty cream white top}.

        She is not the leader, that person allegedly is very high up in VA Administration, allegedly uses the local FBI & VA IG for their technology, and is allegedly using the local Sheriff’s for they are even using their marked cars to follow me around everywhere and do not make a secret of their presence. They allegedly are the Goons talking to people after I leave the store, or where ever I am using defamation to turn all I come in contact with against me, in addition I believe the federal quack behind this all makes phone calls to whom ever they feel will best act against me.

        I have seen the brown haired woman four times, once on a failed set-up, the other times she visit her CI right across the street from me, she just pulls up in plain site, sometimes dropping groceries off but never gets out of her car or goes inside last seen on 10-29-2013.}

        The brains or lack of brains behind it all… I think comes from the VA or local FBI, and takes her/his orders straight from Washington, who I believe offers aid and advise, I seems to be their special project.

        Who ever it is that keeps this going has a real homophobic hate for transgendered people, at least the Male to Female Trans women. Not well educated in gender transformation, isolated from what is happening out in the real world, has a lot of tax payer monies to waste, is criminally insane, a sociopath, and narcistic. Has extensive training and experience in record falsification, set-ups, how to put the innocent in jail, and a possible affiliation with the New World Order whose goal is to reduce the planets human population by 90 percent. The local administration of the VA will not even put into place a program mandated by Washington for transsexual veterans, order June 11, 2011, to date no such program is offered at this local VA. I do not know of any but one transsexual still putting up with this local VA (they make him drive to Miami for his hormone pills) who openly spoke down to me on several occasions with one attempted murder of myself within the Miami VA who left me to die on a genie while in the recovery room by shutting off my air and leaving me strapped to the table suffocating until I was almost dead because of restraints I could not pull the air hose out of my month so I could breath, (I had an infected right breast removed) after I suffered someone finally came around to pull the tube from my throat. After that I was truly targeted every where I went as well within the VAMC in West Palm Beach.

        If it would help her win her case, and it would certainly help her case if I was not a female transsexual woman full time lady, she would once getting me in jail, or her mental ward
        try to change me back to a male…by mutilation of my body, removing my breasts, destroying my facial appearance, trying to remove tat toes and permanent make up on my face, .that is how crazy this woman is! Additionally going around convincing people to lie for her in court is what she does best! Would she actually do that? That is exactly her style! Allegedly she would falsify any record for anybody! Allegedly she is a criminally insane sociopath. Do you have any idea how that would effect a transsexual woman, that would destroy everything she had worked most of her life to accomplish and at my age it would be impossible for me to ever put myself back. She enjoys destroying human beings totally and seems to have some kind of formal training in just how to do that and get away with it. This all is supported by our present government???? Why are so many people calling President Obarma a dictator on the net?

        (Most important to be investigated (I have all the evidence necessary to get a conviction on many falsification issues)-falsification of national FBI criminal record-falsification of prescription drugs via issuing false medicine substitutes like giving me male hormones instead of female estrogen! on my estrogen scripts, falsified drugs prescribed by goons to harm me, my hormones-this was done four times with four different pharmacies. In the past I have been on hormones for long periods of time before and I know the factors involved, penis shrinkage, mood swings, feelings relating to that of a woman, this was not happening, I was
        not on hormones yet my script said I was!*

        Unlawful Privacy Invasion & Surveillance/

        Controlling people, this is much more than just being homophobic (this woman is like a mad dog and believes her duty in life is to free the world of transsexual people!!

        Many attempts at stopping me from being a transsexual, blocking emails from Bangkok for plastic surgery work, interference with most recent transformation work male to female, mucking up my hormone intake with falsified prescriptions, defamation with doctors to change my status from transsexual to transvestite to increase her chances of making her bogus set up cases against me, changing health and other records to increase her chances to win set bogus charges against me, *What she does is daily continued harassment of her mark, behind the scenes she is falsifying the necessary records so she develops the necessary evidence to win well ahead of arresting the ones she sets-up, no veracity to anything she says, all reports from her agents are no more than bad fictional novels. If the marks beat her by having to much evidence or by knowing much about the operation allegedly these people never live to testify. Everything points to the local VA Administration, the Sheriff’s on the county level and the local FBI combined with each allegedly working together. (Read “FBI Fantasy”, What is being report on me is truly their own “Fantasy”)

        Character & Reputation Defamation

        Intense Police/ Law Enforcement Shadowing, Monitoring,

        Bullying & Harassment

        Illegal Telephone/ Email Hacking

        Illegal Telephone/ Email Blocking, Tampering & Interference/

        Illegal Computer Hacking, Surveillance, Monitoring, Spying, Tampering & Interference and insertion of the FBI virus ruining several lap top computers

        Home Surveillance & Ease-dropping while we are away /Unlawful Automobile Tampering with illegal GPS’s, one found with presently two cars remaining with illegal GPS’s, easy to prove.

        My Private Bank Account Spying-Tampering-and-Interference/

        Neighborhood Community Residents Surveillance, Monitoring, Stalking & Harassment

        Electronic Device Surveillance & Monitoring

        Interference with medical doctors, hospital stays, dental work, lawyers, and other professionals

        Health record falsification

        They even are still trying to steal my two dogs! Possible falsification of their ESA and Service Dog in training records to the Justice Department.

        Sandra Zumwalt, MBA/ /(043-42-0998) actually 9 college degrees

        Former Captain USA and USAR, Military Intelligence with Top Secret Clearance/

        On facebook under site name of “Paula Zumwalt”

        Send me some help please…correction and criminal investigation of the local FBI and VA./

        Disclaimer: The information contained in this electronic transmission, and any documents attached hereto, does contain confidential information that is*_legally privileged and confidential._* The information is intended only for the use of the recipient(s) named above. If you have received this electronic message in error, please notify the sender and delete the electronic message. Any disclosure, copying,distribution or the taking of any action in reliance on thecontents of the information received in error is strictly prohibited.

        • We targets are all under siege for who knows what reason. You don’t have to be transgender to be a target. Its happening to a lot of Americans who haven’t done anything to anyone. And the idiots who join with the harassment all belong in prison. And some day, I think, as the Nazis were, brought to trial for what they’ve done to all of us innocent people. Everybody’s involved in our gang stalking. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t know about us. Thank you.

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