Gang Stalking – The government, dumpster diving.

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Dumpster diving

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It gets me upset that I have put up with  someone next door listening and recording everything I say.  I never thought that in my lifetime I’d be considered dangerous.  I’ve never committed a crime, never been arrested, never hurt anyone.  But, yet, here I am in my apartment being treated worse than a child molester.  I don’t think that child molesters are treated as badly as I’m being treated.

Monday, I bought a head of lettuce.  I took the part that was not eatable and threw it into the garbage bag.  I took the garbage bag, went to the dumpster and dumped everything in the bag into the dumpster.  I also took some other garbage bags in the dumpster and dumped them out of the their bags into the dumpster over my garbage.  This morning, I stepped out of my apartment.  Guess what?  The lettuce I’d thrown away was all over my front door.  Even after I dumped other garbage on top of my garbage, they still managed to find my garbage!  This is the very important work your government is spending your money on.  This is where that money the government can’t find is going.  To do retarded things to citizens.  Your money wasted every day, every minute, every hour on stupid things.  The world is falling apart, but the U.S.  government still has the time to do stuff like this to its citizens.  You should be proud of your government.  How can you not be?  I mean, they found my garbage!  Your world is safer because they went into the dumpster and found my garbage.  They saved your lives. They do this with my garbage all the time.  Most of the time, they just leave it in my apartment. I guess they couldn’t put it into my apartment because I didn’t go out yesterday, thus they left it in front of my door.  Your government is so smart!!!!

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