Gang Stalking – New Jersey wants to pass bill to ban citizens from buying ammunition.

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Granny's Got a Gun

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I just heard that New Jersey is going to pass a law to prevent citizens from being able to buy ammo.  If you can’t buy ammo, then the gun you own will be useless.  How can you use your gun without ammo?  I don’t know what’s happening to this country, but more and more of our rights are diminishing.  The U.S. is becoming more like China and Russia.  Pretty soon, we’ll all have to carry identity cards to go anywhere. And if you don’t get an identity card, you’ll probably be arrested.  Our second amendment right is in jeopardy.  If only the military can buy ammo, we’re at the mercy of the government.  And you know what happens when citizens are at the mercy of the government:  a dictatorship!

I don’t own a gun, and I will probably never own one, but I believe in the second amendment.  I feel protected knowing that if ever our country were on the edge of becoming a dictatorship, there will  be people with guns who can defend our country.  Without guns, we lose that protection.

So if you think  the bill being discussed in New Jersey is a dangerous bill, get in touch with New Jersey congress people and let them know what you think.  We don’t want a country where only the military has guns and can get ammo.  And if this bill passes in New Jersey, it will probably have a domino effect.

Read article below to get info on whom to contact and phone numbers.

Contact info:

NRA ALERT: New Jersey Assembly Committee to Consider Ammo Ban More

7 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – New Jersey wants to pass bill to ban citizens from buying ammunition.

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