Gang Stalking – Imagine a life where you have no freedom…

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Well, I just had a shouting match with the complex manager (I did the shouting).  I was cleaning my door because it was filthy from the stuff sprayed on it.  I began to wonder how long it was going to be before she came around to see what I was doing, or when her husband would wander by. It was about ten minutes when she came walking by.  In a very sweet voice she said, “Well, Gladys, what are you doing?”  I took one look at her and saw “red”.   I replied, “It’s none of your business.  I have a first amendment right to do what I want.  And don’t come around knocking on my door unless you have  a warrant.”  I said this to her as she was walking away, so I had to be loud.  She turned around and put her finger to her lips to shh me.  I put my finger to my lips and  did the same thing.  I yelled even louder and told her not to shh me.

One of the snitches, who had come out of the woodwork, about 10 or more of them, as always, told her about me being outside doing something.  I can do nothing without some snitch reporting me to the sub-humans in the office.  I have to put up with this every single minute of my life. I’m sure the manager went into the office and wrote a report on me.

Imagine a life where every little thing you do is suspect.  You can’t walk down the street, or sit on a park bench, or  go into a restaurant, and not have someone report what you’re doing.  Imagine a life where you have no freedom to do what you want. Imagine you are a prisoner in some prison yard, that’s what my life is like.  In a prison, you have guards that watch everything you do and report back to the man in charge.  Just think about what your life would be like.  Now that’s my life.  It’s as bad as what was was happening in Nazi Germany, only so far I haven’t been put in an oven.

I know that the government of the United States is setting up FEMA camps.  Maybe they’re going to put some of us in there.  It’s just like Nazi Germany.  First, came the spying by other citizens.  The spies were called “citizen spies.”   And then all the citizens became targets.  And then came the camps. After the camps, came the long train rides to the ovens.  It seems those of us who are targets are heading in the same direction.  Of course, no one believed the people to whom it was happening.  And today it is the same.  No one believes that some of us are going through the same thing. But, as God is my witness, it is happening.  And maybe eventually it will happen to all of you.

Go to YouTube and see the postings on Gang Stalking.  There are many videos of citizens in the U.S. and every where in the world telling you what is going on.  From some of the postings, you might think the people who are in the videos are crazy, but everything they say is true.  They’re not making up anything.  You can’t make up the things that are happening to us.

It’s amazing to me that American journalist go all over the world to report human rights abuses in faraway places, but seem to have no interest in reporting what’s going on in their own front yards.  I guess there are no true journalists anymore.  Only people who do what they’re told.

Oh, my hot water was turned off tonight.  I guess the maintenance man, who is the manager’s husband, turned it off to get even.  They’ve done this before.  These are the kind of people I have to deal with all the time.  As I said before, what goes around comes around. And it will definitely come around to them.!

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11 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Imagine a life where you have no freedom…

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  2. Theres nothing wrong with being skeptical as a TI. Any TI knows there are disinfo agents, operatives online, prob more than the number of real TI’s. Ive seen so called TI’s post vids over 10 minutes long that literally show nothing, even to a TI. To say all these vids are all done by real TI’s is pushing credulity. What about being skeptical makes me a gangstalker? I dont harass people, spread disinfo, flood forums etc. Over the years online, Ive encountered a number of fake TI’s who are trying to get info out of you, use scare tactics, psychological harassment tactics like creating a state of ambiguity, as described on the site Others may intentionally try to get your hopes up, of finding someone in a similar situation, and then pull out the rug from underneath you, in hopes of creating hopelessness and damaging self esteem. Bottom line, they would like the TI to suicide or do something that gets them institutionalized.or marginalized. They got me on SSI years ago, and I do take meds for sleep and anxiety. Ive always been a bit of an individualist, and 15 yrs of targeting have made me more eccentric. Maybe thats why im scrutinized and shunned by other TI’s, altho some may not be real.
    On a positive note, I agree with what you wrote in this blog post. In some ways its worse than Nazi Germany because its all covert, and the TI is more isolated. At least in Nazi Germany, the prisoners had each other.

    • Well, I agree that the had each other, and most of them were of the same religion and race. While we T.I.s don’t even know who the other T.I.s are. It makes it difficult to trust anyone. Thanks for response.

    • I knew as soon as I saw that you’d responded to my blog that you’d have something negative to say. I’m beginning to doubt you’re a target. I think you’re a gang stalker.

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