Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – No shortage of idiots in Las Vegas.

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Well, the hackers just erased what I wrote, so I have to start again.

It doesn’t matter where I go, the gang stalkers are always within range.  They’ll come stand right in front of  me looking totally idiotic.  They want to make sure I see them.  Then they’ll put on a stupid idiotic smile that makes them look as if they have absolutely no brains.  I stand and look back at them.  They never look directly at me.  They always stand sideways and stare at me out of the corner of their eye.  Then they’ll fidget with their phone and look up to make sure I’m looking at them. They fidget with their phone to scare me. (Oh, I’m really scared!) You see, they input a code into the phone and the phone draws electricity from nearby.  Then they point the phone in my direction and the electricity hits me.  So they take out their phone to scare me with electricity.  Usually the phone does nothing to me.  I just stare at them to make them think they’re doing something to me.   I like to stare down cowards.  And cowards they are!  And always, there’s the smirky smile they put on, which really makes them look twice as stupid.  I sometimes wonder where  they get all these idiots?  There seems to be no shortage of them around.   And then, there’s that self-important look they have about them.  They look as if what they’re doing is the most important thing in the world.  The government feeds them some garbage about how important they are to keep the world safe from people like me.  And they all fall for it.  They’re all puffed up with their sense of importance:  Oh, God, I’m so important!  The government told me so.  All day long, I have to put with idiots like the ones I just described.  Some day, they will all get their “just deserts”. I really hope I’m there to see them in handcuffs, and a prison uniform.

Countdown:  37 blogs to write.

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