Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – What was the last noble thing you did?

Old Woman Dozing

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I was standing waiting for the red light to turn green.  An elderly woman came along in a wheelchair, looked at me and smiled.  I smiled back and turned away quickly.  When the light turned, I was about to start walking, when the elderly woman said, “Miss, can you push me across the street.  I’ll give you $2.00.”  I said, “Sure.”  While pushing her, the drivers paid no attention to the fact that an elderly woman was trying to get across the street.  More than a few drivers honked their horns in impatience.  We got to the other side, and I asked her if she was all right, and she said she was.  I began to walk away and she said, “Miss, here’s your $2.00.”  And I replied, “Oh, it’s all right.  You can keep it.”  And I was curious about the $2.00, so I asked her, “Do people usually take the $2.00?”  She looked up at me and said, “Always.”  I watched her as she wheeled herself away from me.  I don’t feel what I did was very noble, but it’s the only thing that I can remember doing that would qualify as noble.

It amazes me that people would actually take $2.00 from an elderly woman to push her across the street.  What a world we live in!

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