Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Take off your rose-colored glasses…

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Well, it’s happened again.  Another killing at Virgina Tech.  A solitary, white man shot a police officer who was in his police car.  He went up to him and just shot him.  A girl who was nearby heard the shot and saw the policeman’s face dripping with blood.  Terrible.

If you read my blog, you know I predicted another killing would happen.  And it has.  Again, I think the man was a target.  There is just so much a human being can handle.  People like the killer, like most targets, are never left alone.  I can bet when the man’s identity is found out, his family will say he was crazy.  This is because what is done to us mimics mental illness.  When we complain about being hounded and the things that are happening, no one listens to us.  They’ve been convinced we’re all insane.

The man killed himself, as all targets who shoot someone usually do.  These people have conscience, and they’ve been driven to do something really terrible.  Something they never thought they’d do. They kill themselves because of the guilt they feel.  People who are not targets and shoot someone, rarely kill themselves.

I can predict more killings will occur.   There are more people under the government’s watch list than before.  The people who go after American citizens probably don’t have a conscience and don’t care if someone gets killed.  They just want to win. They win because they can turn around and say that they predicted what the person’s actions would be.  Of course, they win.  They have a bunch of lowlifes driving the person to commit suicide, or to kill someone.

America is not a free place anymore.  Don’t fool yourselves.  Take off the rose-colored glasses and really pay attention to what is happening in the United States.  Once you take off your rose-colored glasses, you’ll see the truth.  You won’t have too far to look.

Countdown:  69 blogs to write.  I’m getting closer to 500 blogs, but I have a way to go.  Will I do it by end of the year?

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