Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Would you rather slow time, or speed it up? Part 2

Slow (manual)) shutter speed 20 seconds

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Slow speed

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Speed (comics)

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Would you rather have the ability to slow time when you want, or speed it up?

I wouldn’t pick either one.  I want the ability to slow time if I needed time to do something, or I’m some place I really like and am enjoying myself.  Then I’d want to slow time  as much as possible.  If I were in a situation that I didn’t like, I’d speed  time up.  For instance, if I’m somewhere where there were a lot of gang stalkers, I’d make sure time sped up really quickly.  I’d want to be out of the situation pronto.  The minutes would tick by so quickly, it be hard to think.  It might even break time itself.  Or I’m in a situation where I didn’t look forward to doing something, I’d speed up time to make it come quickly and get it over.  If I had a doctor’s appointment, I’d sure want to get the appointment over quickly.

I can’t pick one or the other.  I’d want both slow time and speed it up time.  Both would make life so much easier.

But if I have only one choice, I’d pick slow.  While speeding up time is good, I wouldn’t be able to relax.  I’d wear myself out with all the speed.  At least with slow time, I’d be able to relax.

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