Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Where is God when I need him?

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Here I am sitting on the bus.  I’m just sitting here not bothering anyone.  But soon, I feel a blast of electricity hit me.  I look up. There’s a man’s reflection on the computer monitor on the bus, and he’s watching me.  He looks away when he sees me looking at him.  He’s trying to figure out my location so he can hit me with his weapon.  I look down, and quickly look up again.  I catch him looking at me again.  He’s still trying to get my location.  The bus is full of these jerks trying to make me their target.

I can’t go anywhere without running into these animals.  I just don’t get it.  How can people be so evil?  These people know nothing about me (except for the lies the U.S. government has told them).  They’ve never spoken with me, nor interacted with me.  They don’t know the first thing about me, but, yet, I see such hatred for me in their faces.

How can people be so ignorant?  The U.S. government has told all these people a lot of lies about me.  And they believe every one of the lies.  Why don’t they ask me if the things the government has told them are true.

Do these people think that the U.S. government has never lied about anything?  Throughout history the government has lied and tortured different groups.

It just never stops the harassment.  Not for a minute.  I’m living in hell.  I think I’ve died and ended up in hell,  and the people who harass me are devils.  How else can I explain the evil done to me by these people?

Where is God when I need him?

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9 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Where is God when I need him?

  1. I finally realized that many of the perps KNOW we’re harmless, decent people;We’re not THEM or their scumf–k police/federal bosses but money, drugs, booze, the thrill of control over another human being AND hurting is something people (sick evil f–ks) will NOT turn down.

    I also believe that some of the perps are given the choice to get out of jail or prison early but they have to perp and are also well-paid.

    The way people turn on TIs they were once friendly and decent to can only be attributed to a couple things:

    (1) Most of society’s blind, unquestioning obedience to authority figures, as if putting on a uniform and/or having a title or being on camera wearing a fancy suit makes that person “know what’s best” for everyone which is complete insane bullshit of course.

    (2) Forget Photoshop or whatever software you think is state of the art, these motherf–rks MUST have some kind of way of taking our WORST “private” moments in which we say and do some ugly things and putting that into our smear campaign file they show people to convince them we’re dangerous or whatever.

    For example, I’ve had plenty of private and public moments in which I’ve lost my temper and said some ugly, angry things, usually in “private” and I KNOW these audio video clips have been used to strengthen the ongoing FAKE and ILLEGAL investigation against me and other TIs.

    And one more thing: I am sick as f–k of hearing TIs saying “I’ve never done anything wrong.”
    Even if you did you are either punished for it or it was not as serious an offense as you may have thought and you don’t f–kng investigate people for 3, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20 or more years having loser asshole neighbors and other idiot f–ks watching you reporting to big (scumf–k) brother.

    Added to that MOST of our GD perps by their very behavior and lack of reporting what’s happening ot us ARE criminals as are ALL law enforcement officials and civilians supplying these sadists with our private data;This is a CONSPIRACY on several levels and highly illegal.

    To be blunt, its an open secret in society and the media and well known that those in power get away with shit that most of us (civilians and especially TIs) would be f—ng CRUCIFIED for.

    I’m way past asking why I’m in this program. I’m past giving a shit who likes or hates me.

    As I’ve written so many times, I am genuinely thankful that my mind and actions are nothing like society as a whole;For most of my life I felt like a “weirdo,” an “outsider” because I could never fit in with trends and people’s beliefs and behaviors in general (bar hopping for examples)-All those decades wasted on self-recrimination and now I’m grateful beyond words that I am NOTHING like these empty, lumbering half-asleep drone assholes.

    • Oh, I agree with what you wrote. They know we’re decent people. They only do this to decent people, not criminals. They hire the criminal element to go after us. And also you losing your temper and saying nasty things, I have, too. And I don’t care if it’s on camera. That same info we can use to prove our cases later on. They can’t use info, because it will prove that they’re all criminals. The handler who handles the perps who harass me, sat one day lauging about a video she was supposedly watching of me dancing. I told her, the bitch, I have nothing to be ashamed of. I did what I did in my home. I told her she was the criminal. Told her she should be in jail and insulted the bitch by calling her stupid, and a lot of other names. She just chewed her gum like a floozy and made believe what I said didn’t bother her. It bothered the bitch. And I feel as you do, I don’t give a shit who hates me, because I hate the bastards right back. I think I hate them more than they hate me.

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    • Thank you. This is going on with half million Americans. It is the fault of the Patriot Act. Anyone thought to be too outspoken is considered a danger to U.S. security. It is a human rights abuse issue. Go to YouTube and look under gang stalking. You’ll see how many people are going through the same thing. But no one believes us, especially not the American people. Thank you for looking again. What they do to us is made to mimic mental illness, so when we complain it’s made to seem as if we’re crazy. I’m very sane.There are others on WordPress who also write blogs on gang stalking. Thank you for at least willing to learn about what is going on. It could happen to you, or anyone you know. Or maybe you already know someone who is going through this. There are a lot of us.

      • Dont forget to mention there are alot of disinfo operatives on youtube and other forums claiming to be TI’s and mixing in craziness and disinfo to discredit us in the eyes of the public. One guy on youtube had some pretty good gangstalking vids, then he started making vids that these stalkers are actually repitilian non humans.

        • I agree that there are disinfo operatives on YouTube, but I don’t worry about them. Disinfo operatives are everywhere, and if I spent my time worrying about them, I’d never write anything. I also don’t worry about what the public thinks about me, because I’m telling the truth. If they want to think I’m crazy, let them.

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