Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – I feel like slapping myself…

Well, let me start again.  My blog was just erased.  I guess they don’t like the part where it says something about the temperature gauge.

I feel like slapping myself.  I spent $5.95 for a piece of pork chop, small one, the size of a small cookie.  Why did I pay so much? Because it has no hormones or chemicals in it.  I don’t know whether it’s true or not that there’s not hormones in it. I didn’t realize that most meat has hormones and chemicals in it. I don’t eat too much meat, because I have to turn my refrigerator off at night.  The freaks have put sensors in my temperature gauge, or whatever it’s called, so they can find me when I’m home (this is the part they didn’t like me writing about). The refrigerator is also electrically charged, so I can be hit at night when I sleep.  So off it goes, spoiling most of the food in the refrigerator.  Well, anyway, that’s the last time I pay $5.95 for a cut of meat that’s the size of a cookie.

I’m glad I have to turn the refrigerator off at night. I’m learning to live without eating too much meat.  Sometimes things turn out in my favor (I have to look for anything positive I can find).  Less meat = the healthier I stay.  I feel I’m on the cusp of becoming a vegan.  Who would have thought?

Countdown:  92 blogs to write.

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