Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2012 – The American media blackout on gang stalking?

It amazes me that the American media have not discovered gang stalking.  There are  people all over YouTube showing videos of gang stalking and the things they have to suffer on a day-to-day basis.  And there’s a group that I’ve joined on Facebook, where everybody is a targeted person.  And there are people writing blogs galore about gang stalking, but somehow, the media can’t find the information.  Or  the media knows about the gang stalking and is afraid to write about it?  Maybe the government told the media not to write about it.  Maybe the government  convinced the media that all targeted individuals are really crazy, and therefore nothing they say should be taken seriously.  I don’t know what the problem with the media is.  How can half a million people, or more, be gang stalked?   And no one know about it?  Nothing about gang stalking is ever mentioned on television, radio, newspapers, or anywhere else.  It must be a conspiracy, or how else can it be explained about the media blackout?  The media didn’t write about McCarthyism, either.  And the Holocaust was never mentioned, until the killing of  so many people could not be ignored.  The media are not doing their job.  We targets are here, and need someone who will stand up for what is right.  I guess the media is not the place to look for help.  They’re too busy ignoring things right under their noses.

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15 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2012 – The American media blackout on gang stalking?

    • I can’t believe you’re moving! It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. You can still stay in touch. Yes, more than ever I believe the government is behind everything that’s happening to us. Who else has access to libraries, etc. It’s definitely the government. Why Utah? Write back and let me know how you’re doing.

      • Moving to either Ogden, UT or Cedar City UT, we are looking in both places. I want to live with the Mormons. They are kind and generous and have been the only people who have helped me in the 16 years I’ve been Gang Stalked. At this time we plan to spend our summers in Ut and our winters in LV. The Mormons were Gang Stalked and forced to leave the east and the mid-west, there was even a bounty on them, wanted dead or alive.They understand what it is like to be persecuted.

        • Hi, I’m glad that you’ll still be living in LV. I don’t know any Mormons. I wish I did, maybe I could find someone who is a decent human being. All the people I’ve met lately are horrible people. Let me know how it goes in Utah. If it’s a decent place, maybe I’ll move again.

  1. Because the complaints of Targeted Individuals are the same complaints of the parinoid and the Skizoprenic, it’s easy for the Gang Stalkers to condemn the Targeted with lies and gossip of being insane. Truely insidous people. Imagine calling me a trouble maker and unsocial when I’m being threatened and harrassed 24/7??? Quite insidous.

    • Yes, that’s how the government gets away with what it’s doing to us. Any time any of us complain, it refers to the people as mentally ill. And who ever listens to a mentally ill person? We tell the truth and the government lies and gets away with it. The people who run this program are the sick and deranged ones. Not us. We’re all mentally very stable. No one who isn’t could handle the hell we’re going through.

  2. When I was first targeted back in the late 90’s Gang Stalking had no name, there was little written on the Internet, the Internet has really helped people who are victims of this criminal activity.

    • True, there is a lot more information today, but where has it gotten us? The general public doesn’t know anything about gang stalking. I didn’t know anything about gang stalking 15 years ago. It never occurred to me such things happened in the land of the free. The only reason I know about it, is because it’s happening to me. So we have to get this information out to the general public. And that’s the hard part. The media won’t help, and the so-called human rights organizations know what’s going on and do nothing.

  3. i have been targeted for over 25 yrs and its the same never ending story also with charges everywhere with no investigation and never anything said in the media because it seems to be a fbi sponered operation of the nsa in my opinion. targetguy777

    • 25 years! How have you lasted so long? Is your targeting 24/7 like mine? I know everybody is not targeted on the same level. Every level of the government is involved, that’s why nothing is done. They’re all working hand-in-hand.

      • i guess i have lasted this long because i have a pension and a few things to look forward to in life so i dont react to the critisim and bait and attack techineques as when i was younger. Yes it is also 24/7 with me also via a satallite and track on to cell and radio type harassment with character assination and daily rude comments because of this. I have 2 videos on you tube under targeted individuals, starkeep2. targetguy

  4. There are 9-10 targets in your complex alone? And all of these TI’s in hiding, have no online presence?? Have you ever tried to talk to these other targets in your building?
    TI’s seem more likely to be online, as they are harassed and pushed out of real life. But online, you dont really see that much TI’s… definitely less than 1000 worldwide, on facebook. And a good number of online TI’s are operatives, disinfo agents…
    Which begs my original question, where are all the TI’s?
    No way there are half a million, IMHO.

    • A lot of targets don’t know what’s going on. Look at long it took you to find out what’s going on? If you sit in your apartment and don’t investigate what’s going on, you’ll never find out. It took me a few months to find out what was going on in my life. I knew something was going on, but what? So I checked out every site, watched the people who were harassing me, and just generally made it my job to find out what was going on? I didn’t sit in my apartment and hide. I have tried to contact the ones who I’m sure are targets, even left notes in their doors. No response. I never see these people. They never go out. But I can tell they are being harassed by their doors, and the items left in front of their apartment doors.

      I disagree with your estimate of how many TIs there are. Do you think the government would hire all those gang stalkers for just a few people? No! TIs don’t trust anyone, and I can’t blame them, so they could be standing next to you and you wouldn’t know it.

  5. I agree there is a media blackout, however I disagree with your number of TI’s.
    You say “And there’s a group that I’ve joined on Facebook, where everybody is a targeted person.” I was formerly on FB and those TI groups, and there are a number ‘fake TI’ operatives on there. Same with youtube and other forums. Some of the highly visible TI’s are operatives.
    I’d guess there are about 700 people on FB, claming to be long term, full TI’s, from all parts of the world, but mainly N America and Europe. I’d say at least 100 of them are actually operatives, there to manage the real TI’s.
    So if your theory of half a million TI’s is right, where the hell are they??
    I could see maybe 10-20k worldwide, tops. If there were more you’d think there would be more of an online presence, not including disinfo agents.

    • Where are the targets? A lot of them are hiding. I know in the complex in which I live there are 9-10 of them. I never, ever see them. Where did I get the info as to how many targets there are, I wrote about it in my blog. I listed the document number and it shows how many people are being followed by 4 or more people. It seems to be a World Order. Look on YouTube and see the videos there are. There are a lot of blogs being written, also. Just go to Google and put in Gang Stalking, you’ll see what I mean.

      Oh, I know there are a lot of perps on Facebook and everywhere else, but I stand by my number. As a matter of fact, I understated how many TIs there are.

      There used to be a government office seven doors from where I live. You would not believe how many gang stalkers they hired. There must have been over 100. There are 50 states, plus Puerto Rico, where it’s also happening. Why do they need all those people? Assign a gang stalker 2 people each, that’s 200 right there. But I know gang stalkers are assigned numerous TIs, so it’s even more. In the complex where I live, there are so many gang stalkers, I can’t keep track of them.

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