Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – What skill would you most like to learn in 2012?

A skill I would like to learn is computing.  I know how to type on a computer, write a blog, find information, download photos, but what I don’t know too much about is preventing someone from getting into my computer.  I’d like to learn how to prevent hacking.  It is done to me non-stop, and I don’t know how to prevent it.  I’d also like to learn the inner workings of my computer.  I know how a computer works, but the inner working of the computer, totally mystifies me.  I would like to learn the computer in and out, so I can handle hackers, and be able to fix it without having to drag myself to Best Buy and their Geek Squad, who tell me there’s nothing they can do for me.  And maybe if I get good enough, I can even earn a living helping people with their computer.

I’ve looked at courses I can take, but most of them don’t teach what I want.  Most of the programs teach about basic computer use, such as email, writing a blog, etc., but nothing about preventing hackers, etc.  And the programs are very expensive.

Countdown:  96 blogs to write.  Getting closer to writing 500 blogs.  So far I’ve written 404 blogs.

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