Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Would removing all guns from earth make us more or less safe?

Removing all guns would not make us any safer.  At first thought, you’d think, yes, it will make us safer.  But as you think about it, the more you realize what a false statement this is.  There are some many ways that someone can kill you. There will still be forks, knives, screw drivers, and other things that can be used as a weapon.  Even a nail can be used as a weapon.  An animal can be used as a weapon.  There are so many things left that can replace a gun that we would be no safer.  And if the items we already have aren’t good enough for someone, he can always invent something that’s even more lethal.  So doing away with guns would not do a damn thing to make us safer, only gunless.

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