Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – What do you wish you had 300 of?

In celebration of our 300th topic, here’s a 300 theme suggestion.

What is it you wish you had 300 of?

This will be short and sweet. I wish I had 300 of $100 bills. That would give me $30,000. This money I would invest in stocks, treasury bonds, mutual funds, and some of it I would put in the bank. If my investments earn enough interest, maybe I’ll double or even triple the $30,000 in a few years.  Or maybe I’ll just invest in gold, or silver.  I think they’re worth more money now than is the U.S. dollar.

I read someone else’s post and he said he wish he had 300 boxes of chocolate.  Umm, I love chocolate.  Now I’m undecided.  Chocolate? Or  300, $100 bills?

What would you want 300 of?

Countdown:  107 blogs to write.

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