Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Did you have a secret hiding place as a child?

Do you have one now?

It’s strange. Yesterday I wrote about a secret hiding place I have. Of course, I no longer have it, since the gang stalkers discovered where I hid my diary.

But, anyway, I’ve always had a secret hiding place. With a family of mostly women, nothing was really safe, so I always kept a secret place where I could hide something I didn’t want anyone to see. I’ve hidden things in a couch, in a freezer, outside in the yard, in my shoes. I once hid things way up in a tree. Taped things to the back of my mattress. You’re probably saying to yourself, why is she telling us where she hid her things? Well, I can tell you now, because I will never hide anything in any of these  places again.

Yes, I still have secret places where I hide things.  Things no one will ever find.  Not even the gang stalkers.  I have hidden the things so well, I sometimes forget where I put them.  The gang stalkers can come into my apartment and take the place apart.  They will find nothing.  Just because I wrote I hid something doesn’t mean I’ve left it in my apartment.

Countdown: 109 blogs to write.  Getting closer to writing 500 blogs.  Only 54 days left.


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